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RUSH: Now, folks, I want to get started here on a popular perception of Obama’s worldview. There’s a lot of people I have run across in the throes of show prep pulling their hair out and wringing their hands trying to figure out why Obama doesn’t do anything, doesn’t really take action to deal with these really bad, evil people and the threats that they pose. I’m not gonna have time to complete this in-depth analysis before the next obscene profit time-out, but let me give you a heads-up.

Let me give you the umbrella under which everything else falls. To understand this and be able to answer this question asked by many in frustration, you have to understand what Obama has always believed. And that is, the United States is the problem in the world. He was raised, educated, and believes in his own self that the United States is the reason the world is the way it is. We are never the solution; we are the problem. Therefore, as he encounters really bad, rotten people — this wasn’t supposed to happen, in his own mind, this was not supposed to happen after he was elected, because the smart people in the world would realize finally somebody who agrees with them about America is leading America.


RUSH: Tune in to any cable news network that you want, read any Drive-By website or newspaper that you want, and you will not have one problem coming across people shocked, surprised, angry, outraged, what have you, that President Obama, A, delivered a passionless, almost rote, because-he-had-to, set of remarks on the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley and then, in 10 minutes, is spotted…

Not in his coat and tie, obviously. He has shed the White House uniform and he’s in golf togs and he’s out there in the driver’s seat of the presidential golf cart, and he is laughing and yukking it up. There are people who are wringing their hands trying to understand this. Some are wringing their hands in futility, some in rage, some in curiosity, but all in frustration. They’re all asking the same question: “How in the hell do you do this?

“Doesn’t he understand the optics of this? Even if he doesn’t care, he’s supposed to act like it. After the speech, you don’t go to the golf course! You go back to work, and the next time people see of you is in the office somewhere with your sleeves rolled up and you’re on the phone or whatever. But it’s not on the golf course!”

This, by the way, is what feeds and fuels the opinion of some that Obama has checked out, that he doesn’t care, that it’s over, that he’s just putting in the time. He really doesn’t care about any of this. So in an effort to explain this — and I’m not gonna justify it. But as one who’s not surprised by it, there are a couple of alternatives. There are a couple of different ways to explain this.

One is what I got started on and was interrupted at the break. Stop and remember now how Obama was raised and how he was educated, and what he believes in his soul anyway. This is a common view held by me on the left. You’ve heard it expressed in a number of different ways. The United States is the problem in the world. The United States is the reason there is anger.

The United States is responsible for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The US is responsible for why there was a Soviet Union and a Russia. The US is responsible for all of this. The US is responsible for Hugo Chavez, because we, as the lone superpower — undeserving of that status because how did we acquire it? We stole from everybody in the in the world, and then we dictated to everybody in the world!

We told people how it was gonna be, and we demanded they do this and that or else we weren’t gonna get anything from us, including military or economic assistance. People on the left view the United States military as the focus of evil in the modern world because it was the military that enabled the US to project all this super power, and they’ve resented it. They don’t like it. They don’t think we’re any better than anybody else.

We got no business telling anybody else what to do or how to do it. We got no business even being concerned about other people. It’s none of our affairs. The fact that we’ve meddled everywhere is the reason — the justified reason — that we are hated and despised. So it boils down to a belief, a deeply held with these people, that the US is the problem in the world. Well, let’s flashback to the campaign of 2008.

If you recall, if you remember, Obama, as part of his campaign is promising that those days will end with the election of himself. With the election of Barack Obama, the world will finally see that the United States has elected a “citizen of the world,” not an American president. The people of the world will realize this.

Obama made his speech in Berlin and he made speeches all over the world before he was elected, that he understands and agrees with all of these despots that the US is the problem. And that because of this newfound commonalty among our enemies with our new president, our enemies would stand down. The enemies would see that we’re no longer a threat and no longer a problem.

Because the United States has just elected somebody who agrees with the world’s despots that we have been the problem and not the solution. Now, given Obama’s narcissism and hubris, I don’t doubt that he really believes all of this. He certainly has been taught this. Every Ivy League student is taught this. He was raised by people in his homes in Hawaii and everywhere else he lived who told him these kinds of things.

They inculcated him with a whole bunch of stuff like this, including on racial matters, economic matters, foreign policy. He got the full dose of all of it, and Obama has believed the United States is guilty of a whole bunch of stuff. Guilty of slavery, guilty of racism, guilty of mean-spiritedness to the Native Americans. We’re just… Folks, I cannot emphasize (and I really can’t say it too often) just how much this is taught to young people in our public school system today.

It certainly was inculcated to Obama.

It was pounded into him.

This is not to say that it had to be. I mean, I think he arrived at school believing these things. It just was rubber-stamped. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a mind of his own, that he has been robotically stamped. I don’t mean that. I think he’s who he is. Okay, so if somebody with this kind of ego and hubris, narcissism, who believes this stuff and is really running for office on the basis…

I mean, when he makes that acceptance speech I think it was in Minneapolis, and said, “The world’s gonna start healing, the planet’s gonna start healing, the sea levels gonna stop rising,” he believes this stuff, to an extent. There’s no doubt in my mind he believes United States is the problem. George Bush? Warmonger, problem! Gave the United States a bad name! All of these presidents like him gave the US a bad name.

We had in business being in Iraq. None whatsoever. We, really, at the end of the day had no business going to Afghanistan because we were responsible for what they did to us because we have been singling them out in our policy with Israel, and we have forced poverty on these poor people by our economic policy, foreign policy. We’ve made people poor. We’ve stolen their resources.

Remember, now, the guiding, dominating emotion or identifying characteristic of the liberal is guilt — mindless, bottomless, endless guilt — and it is guilt over the superpower status, guilty at prosperity, guilt at opportunity, guilt over freedom, guilt at the differences here from everywhere else in the world. “It’s not fair.” It really boils down to something like that.

So you’ve got a guy who has grown up believing this, was elected campaigning to it on it, and (who knows?) may have actually believed that all of what he said was going to happen the moment he was immaculated and began serving his term. I think the case could be made that Obama actually thought the bad guys would stand down, that Al-Qaeda would realize we’re no longer a threat. “This is the twenty-first century!”

Obama brought that up in a speech yesterday. He said (summarized), “You don’t behead people in the twenty-first century. This is not how you do things! I think everybody would agree.” What in the world is that? What is this obsession with, “This is not how you do things in the twenty-first century,” when it clearly is how things are happening in the twenty-first century?

This avoidance of reality has to be rooted in some kind of shock to the system. So just playing with this, what if Obama really believed…? Now, I’m talking really believed, folks. What if he religiously, deeply believed in this nonsense that the US is the problem, has always been the problem, but that his election was finally going to end all of this hatred aimed at the US?

Our enemies and the bad guys would stand down because now they have somebody in the office of the presidency who understands the problems of America and agrees with them about these problems. So, with Obama, we are less of a threat. Just imagine if he really believed that. Can you imagine the shock? Take your favorite guy who thinks he is God’s gift to women and gets rejected by some woman he’s really attracted to.

His world is blown apart, right? Now, that’s a small example. But you blow this up and you put it on the world stage. If Obama really believed that his existence was unique and special — that he had a gift — it could well be. And some of the Drive-Bys are even theorizing this, folks. I can’t claim exclusive credit for this particular analysis. Some of the Drive-Bys are saying it, and they’re doing it in fear.

Oh, my God, what if he is shocked so much he’s paralyzed? What if he just can’t believe that his being president hasn’t changed these guys, bad guys, our enemies? So he’s just checked out. He can’t deal with it. This is rejection beyond any you can imagine. This is rejection that you can’t even pretend to understand. The world was going to once again love Obama, which meant love the United States. And not only have our enemies not gone away, they are ratcheting it up, and they are doing it in ways that embarrass Obama. He says the War on Terror is over. He forbids the use of the phrase “War on Terror.”

We can’t even call what happened at Fort Hood terrorism. No way. That was workplace violence. We cannot call what happened in Benghazi terrorism. That has to be foreign engagement or some such thing. We can’t even identify. And this is all so that we didn’t provoke the bad guys. So things arguably are getting worse and people are worried about all this happening inside our borders. And here’s Obama playing golf, smiling and laughing, acting like he doesn’t take it seriously, couldn’t care less. Not good optics.

Some in the Drive-Bys are speculating — and it may well have some credence — that he’s shocked into paralysis. You see, just his very presence was supposed to be so dynamic that it would end. Because, you see, gotta keep in mind, the US was always the reason for all this trouble. The US was the reason. America was the problem. And even now with Obama as president, it still is. That wasn’t what was expected. Oh, no. Now what do we do? That’s what everybody’s worried about. We got somebody that doesn’t know what to do ’cause he had no clue starting out.

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