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RUSH: Speaking of the golf course, this business of making a really halfhearted statement about the beheading of James Foley and then immediately dashing back to the golf course is causing a great sense of panic among the Drive-By Media. So many of them had such lofty goals. So many of them invested totally in Obama. So many of them thought that they were going to reach utopia!

Nirvana was within our grasp, that Obama finally represented all of the idealism they knew existed out there. Back in 2008, here it was, and an added bonus, he was African-American! “Oh, my God, it’s orgasm time. We’re gonna have utopia, and it’s gonna be brought to us by the historical first African-American president.” They were totally invested, and being totally invested meant believing that there was nobody even close to Obama.

In all of the liberal characteristics that matter and set them apart: Compassion, not being biased, not discriminating, belieeeeving in equality and belieeeeving in fairness and understanding the plight of the disadvantaged and the poor. I mean, it was the whole package! And I think for the, eh, maybe first two years they were still invested, still thinking all this. But I actually believe that it’s longer than just this year that they have been suffering doubts.

I think there has been a lot of unease and a lot of questioning and a lot of loss of confidence in all of this, going on for three years, maybe four. They’ve done everything they could to say, “Oh, this is just, you know, that he’s just so far ahead of us that we can’t possibly interest him. He’s just so intellectually ahead of all of us that the job of president just doesn’t hold any fascination.”

Where most mortals would simply be in awe every day of going to work in the White House and becoming one of the few people in a very exclusive club to be president of the United States, where most people would have such reverence and respect for the office… Like Ronald Reagan, they wouldn’t even take off their suit coat while in the Oval Office. Most people would think that if they were in the White House every day.

They would be in awe. They would be studying it, looking at it, and lost in all of the history. But with Barack Obama, he doesn’t even like going to the office. He doesn’t like even like being in the office, and the White House is more like a prison to him. He doesn’t particularly have any reverence for it at all. That was assigned to his superior intellect.

“Oh, yeah, it’s nothing. It’s not that he doesn’t like it. It’s just not challenging! There’s a world out there, and Obama’s a prisoner in the White House. He’s capable of so much more.” You remember the speeches? Now, folks — this year especially, but I think trending the last two or three years — all of these people who made all these investments, had all of this respect and love, all these high hopes?

Their world is crashing down on them.

Because once again a liberal icon has failed to meet expectations, much less surpass them. The one who we had all been waiting for, the one who was going to make it all come true, finally, after years of bungling by people like Mao, after all of the mistakes made by good people like Fidel! After the close-but-no-cigar efforts of the great leaders of the Soviet Union, finally we had amongst us the man who was going to bring about a socialist utopia worldwide.

There was going to be no more hatred, there wasn’t gonna be anymore racism, there wasn’t going to be any more bigotry — and if there was, we would kill them. There wasn’t going to be any more judging of anybody. The poor were going to become rich. The rich were going to be gotten even with. And finally, everybody was going to have what they wanted! Global warming would be fixed.

We would get rid of the use of oil, and we would all be flying around in solar-powered jets, going to the moon if we wanted to with Richard Branson or one of his Virgin jets. Alas, ladies and gentlemen, the reality has set in. The dream remains aloof. The dream remains illusory. It’s nothing more than a far-off, impossible-to-reach-once-again beautiful place. The one man better qualified, more able — chosen by history and destiny — to take us all to this wonderful utopia, can’t get himself off the damn golf course.

Couldn’t it be anything? Couldn’t it be chess? It has to be golf?

Do you know how much the left hates golf? Do you know why the left hates golf? Global warming! There’s too much empty space out there. Look at all that green! Look at all the water that’s being used to keep that golf. For who? The top 1%! These rich SOBs riding around their golf carts, drinking scotch, smoking cigars, while the rest of the country suffers and starves and sweats. (interruption)

Hmm? They hate…? (interruption) Oh, yeah, plus ladies weren’t allowed for the longest time. (interruption) Well, it’s still true in some courses, yeah, in some places. In New York, in fact, there are some places where women are only allowed to drop their husbands off. They’re not allowed to get out of the car. They’re not allowed to park in the park. They have to drop their husband off and leave.

Now, these places have ladies’ day usually one day a week for couple of hours when it rains. The liberals… (interruption) Oh, yeah, you got a lot of liberals playing it. They’re a bunch of hypocrites. There are not many male courses, but in New York there are still some. I’m not gonna name them. I don’t want to cause them any trouble. They’re beautiful places that they don’t want to see women. They’re not permitted.

It doesn’t matter who they are. They are not permitted. Well, the left hates all, and here’s their guy, and what’s he doing? “Why, he can’t even fake being interested in the job? He can’t even fake caring about it? He can’t wait to get himself back on the golf course?” So now the dream, the dream is falling apart — and they’re beside themselves, folks.

He has let them down.


Okay, here we go, CNBC Squawk Box this morning. The cohost Joe Kernen speaking with the chief economic correspondent for Politico. His name is Ben White. They’re talking about Obama playing golf right after his remarks on the killing of James Foley. Kernen says, “Even the New York Times has decided to start talking about this.” I mean, is it kosher to go out and play golf so soon after the speech?

WHITE: It took a turn for the serious this past week. One minute he’s on TV talking about the beheading of an American journalist. People are scared. People are freaked out about ISIS. They’re certainly scared about what happened to this young man and his family. And then he’s smiling with Alonzo Mourning on the golf course about ten minutes later. The juxtaposition of those images is struggling to people, and not just Republicans who will always criticize him for whatever he does, but for Democrats. There are Democrats on the record quoted in that New York Times story and elsewhere saying this was a bad idea. This was a bad move on his part because it reinforces this narrative and this notion that people have that he’s somewhat checked out from the job right now.

RUSH: Which I believe is a stratagem, but I don’t want to belabor that point. I don’t believe he doesn’t care. I don’t believe that he’s lost interest in transforming the country. I think it’s actually quite brilliant, the way he’s been pulling this off. He’s the one doing all of this. He’s the one making sure it all happens, and yet he’s the guy supposedly not interested. He’s the guy supposedly checked out. I think this, if you want to know the truth, I think he’s just selfish. I don’t think he cares. I don’t think he cares about the problems with Obamacare. I don’t think any of it matters. That’s what’s beneath him. He’s gonna do what he wants to do.

There may be a strain of, there could be a possibility here, like we discussed yesterday, Obama grew up, was educated and fervently believes that America is the problem in the world. The United States is not the solution; it’s the problem. The United States is why there is Al-Qaeda, for example. Our policy with Israel, the fact that they’re poor and we’re rich and that we’ve made them poor and that we laugh at ’em, whatever, they are who they are because of us. But he also believed this silly, ridiculous notion that his election was gonna end all this. That finally the bad guys of the world are gonna realize that America has a president that sees the world like they do.

There would be no need for them to oppose us anymore. No need for them to attack us because we’re not a threat anymore. And it’s now worse than it’s ever been, despite Obama saying the War on Terror is over, then saying we can’t even say it, the War on Terror. And saying Al-Qaeda’s been vanquished, GM’s alive, bin Laden’s dead, all that stuff, it’s just the exact opposite. And so maybe he’s in a state of shock. And it’s possible, narcissistic as he is.


RUSH: It could also be that Obama knows full well his policies are a failure. But it doesn’t matter. In fact, it might even make him more committed. Resentment. He’s an ideologue. He’s gonna keep transforming this country, and he’s gonna maybe even speed it up ’cause people refuse to appreciate just how genius he is. His policies are failing, and you know what happens to libs when that happens.


Just to continue the thought I had to kind of cram in there at the conclusion of the first hour. That sound bite we played here, I don’t want to play it again, but this Ben White, this Politico guy talking about Obama and the golf course, laughing and yukking it up and smiling mere moments after a supposedly serious and sincere comment about the beheading of James Foley.

This guy from Politico, Ben White, was on CNBC. “You know, the juxtaposition of those images, struggling to people, not just Republicans, who will always criticize him for whatever he does, but for Democrats. There are Democrats on the record.” This idea we automatically have to discard anything the Republicans say because they’re always gonna criticize Obama, and therefore anything they say is illegitimate. And the only criticism, therefore, that is relevant and serious is that which comes from Democrats.

And this, I think, encapsulates inside-the-Beltway thinking, not just among Democrats, by the way, but any Republican criticism, specifically conservative criticism, is automatically rejected, because it’s illegitimate. And it’s illegitimate, A, because it comes from conservatives, but, B, because they just criticize everything Obama does and therefore they can’t be right. So they’re either doing it for ratings or they’re doing it for money or they’re doing it to keep their rabid audiences happy or what have you. It can’t be legitimate. But of course that’s all it is. It’s entirely legitimate. It is the Obama leftist defenders who are not to be trusted.

Now, in trying to figure out, the left is all upset about this, finally, and my theory is they have been bothered by Obama for a while, that he’s checking out, that he appears uninterested, that that he’s doing things and not really engaged. Because their image of the maximum leader is somebody that lives and breathes this stuff 24/7 and is on television all the time and is trying to move this agenda forward even in his sleep. That’s how crucial, that’s how important, that’s what they thought Obama was, Mr. Perfect. Just his presence alone was enough.

But, man, if he would just get engaged, oh, wow, there’s no stopping us. And they can’t get him off the damn golf course, and they hate golf courses, and they hate people that play golf. They’re mostly Republican. I mean, you do have some liberal Democrat golfers in the financial world, but for the most part they’re conservatives.

My point that I tried to make in a very few precious seconds before the end of the last hour, you know, I think it’s fun to analyze these guys. You know why? ‘Cause I’m always proven right. I know these leftists. I know them better than they know themselves, because I am honest about them. They cannot be honest about themselves. They live in so many different illusions and they dream so much that they end up thinking it’s all real.

But here’s this guy Obama, and I think raised and educated to believe that America’s the problem, it’s always been the problem, and not just domestically, but particularly foreign policy. It’s bad enough that we’re the lone superpower, but that fact has made the world hate us legitimately so. It’s not fair that we should be so rich, so wealthy, have so much abundance, so powerful. It just not fair. And we did this with the average, ordinary, common guy making it possible, making it happen? That’s not how things are supposed to happen. The elites are supposed to determine success. The elites are determining wealth. The elites are supposed to make all that happen.

This game is rigged! Average, other dunces are not supposed to make this happen. Meaning, the American people. Average, ordinary, common people are just not capable of creating a superpower. And yet, here’s the United States, the lone nation in history founded on the principle that its government is subservient to its people. That just won’t do. That’s totally unacceptable. And so we have a world in disarray. We have a world where there’s horror.

The conditions for the average human being on this planet have never been great. That’s what’s exceptional about the United States. But in their world we’re the problem. We’re the reason there’s all that poverty. We’re the reason there’s all this war. We are the reason that there’s all the illness. We are the reason that there’s so many arguments. We’re the reason that nations can’t get along. We’re the reason. We’re never the solution. And our military is the agent of this evil.

So Obama’s raised believing this, as all Democrats are, and as all leftists are, and buys into this notion that his arrival on the scene is gonna signal to the world it’s a new day, it’s a new America, and finally the American people have come to their senses and elected somebody who also understands that America’s the problem, and therefore we’ve got a guy who’s gonna fix that. So the rest of the world can take comfort, the United States isn’t gonna be causing you problems anymore. We’re not gonna be stealing from you. We’re not gonna be going to war against with you. We’re not gonna be criticizing you. We’re not gonna make things miserable for you, none of that.

And do not doubt me when I tell you that there are a lot of people who believe that. And who knows, Obama might have been one. So we do know he got caught up in this whole messianic business, the fake Greek columns and all that. What I’m getting at here in trying to explain why it appears that Obama’s checked out. I mean, if you believe all this and you think your election is going to bring about utopia, and in six years it’s worse than ever in many ways, it may just shock you into anger and disgust to the point that he may know that his policies are a failure.

He may know that he is a failure. But in the end, as an ideologue, it doesn’t matter, especially now, because he will take this as rejection. And when you reject a leftist, ahem, it can get very messy. Just because he’s been rejected and just because his policies have failed, and just because he has failed, doesn’t mean that what came before him was not illegitimate. It still was. Even though he may have failed, even though his policies have failed, this place is still unjust and still founded immorally and unfairly, still has all of these isms that make this place the problem in the world.

So that alone is enough to justify his continuing transformation, whether people accept it or not, disagree with it or not, approve of it or not. Whether he’s a failure, whether his policies have failed, doesn’t matter. He’s still gonna do what he can do to fix all of this stuff that’s illegitimate that was built by people before he came along.

And, by the way, in an attempt here to comfort those of you at the New York Times and those of you at MSNBC and the other of you who are leftists who may be sad, may be disappointed, may be dejected, that Obama appears to have checked out. He’s playing golf. The job doesn’t interest him, or for whatever reason he’s not acting like you hoped he would. He’s not behaving like you hoped he would. He’s not doing things like you hoped he would. Let me just reassure you.

A president does not have to be fully immersed in policy, does not have to be fully engaged every day to destroy things. Obama can continue to destroy from the golf course. You can do that, as a part time president. You can see to it that the border remains open. You can see to it that Obamacare continues to destroy the greatest health care system in the world. You can do all that from the golf course.

In fact, you may be able to do even more from the golf course. You may be able to be even more destructive if people think you’ve checked out and don’t care. So I would caution you people on the left not to panic. Your guy doesn’t have to be in the Oval Office to continue to destroy what he thinks is illegitimate about the country.

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