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RUSH: A lot of conversation now, and even last week, remember the videotape that you could watch if you wanted to, of James Foley being murdered, being beheaded. If you wanted to watch it, you could. Obama comes out and he does an attempt at solemnity and seriousness and commitment. But he just didn’t bring it off. He didn’t bring off the solemn. He didn’t bring off the commitment. He didn’t even bring off that he really cared. It was more like he just appeared he did it because it was called for. And that was given further credence when a mere 10 minutes later a picture is taken of Obama yukking it up and laughing, having a grand old time on the golf course.

Even some Democrats, an increasing number of Democrats, began to wring their hands and say, “This is not good.” And they dragged out some usual suspects in the media to say, “Hey, he’s smarter than all of us, and he’s just letting ISIS know that they don’t bother him. He’s just letting ISIS know that they don’t dictate his day. He’s just letting ’em know that he’s not gonna be captured in the White House like Jimmy Carter was in the Iranian hostage crisis back in 1979.”

But those were lame excuses. And now you’ve heard it, and you can’t get away from it. The media and the Democrats, oh, they’re wringing their hands, oh, my God, what has happened to Obama? Has he checked out? Does he no longer care? Which means, “Does he no longer care about us?”

When all of these leftists lament that Obama appears not to care about the job anymore, what they really mean is, he doesn’t care about them, or he doesn’t care about us, the citizens, because of course we can’t get through the day without our leader, our president, Washington looking out for us. “My God, Obama doesn’t even care, he doesn’t care about us, he doesn’t, oh.” And they’re just beside themselves in pain and sadness and disappointment.

And I still think, folks, and I know that I’m in a minority on this, but I still think that this checked out, appearing uninterested could well be — I will not say definitely — could well be a stratagem that is designed to make Obama look like he doesn’t care, like he’s not engaged, while every aspect of his agenda marches on. We have to admit that’s happening, right?

We’re on the verge of granting amnesty to how many millions of people crossing the border. The leftist agenda is marching on.
The Democrats may get wiped out in this election, but the leftist agenda is marching on. I mean, the IRS is still doing Obama’s work. Take whatever issue you want, Obamacare, it’s falling apart, but it’s still marching on. I mean, his stated objective of transforming the country is still underway, even though he appears — my point is, he has appeared disengaged from the get-go. It’s been part of a strategy, to avoid accountability for anything. You know, the old Limbaugh Theorem argument.

Every appearance Obama makes looks like it’s a campaign appearance. He’s running for office or campaigning against somebody or some issue, and that creates the illusion that, man, he’s fed up with what’s happening, and he’s doing everything he can to stop it, even though what’s happening is the implementation of his policies. So this is just the next phase, Obama’s out playing golf. He’s enabled himself to look like he has nothing to do with what’s going on, while it’s all happening. And I think it’s much easier, if you represent an ideology which is not near the majority thinking in the country, and let’s be honest about something. I don’t care how it looks in the media, and I don’t care what you read and see, liberalism is not the dominant culture. I take it back. It may be the dominant culture, but it is not representative of the majority of thinking.

Most people in this country are not liberals, even in polls asking people to self-identify. Twice as many people say that they are conservative as say they are liberal. More people admit to being conservative than being independent, moderate, or liberal. They are a minority, folks. Just like most people think the gay population is 30, 35%. It’s not, it’s 1.2, 1.3% of the country. The media makes it look otherwise. And that’s the benefit the pop culture has for the left, is that it makes what they believe appear mainstream, as though everybody agrees, when it’s not the case.

So if you represent an ideology that is really extreme — and Obama does — and his ideology is rooted in the fact that he disagrees profoundly with America, disagrees profoundly with the founding, the principles, the concepts, this whole notion of limited government, individual liberty and freedom, totally opposed to all that. If you wanted to transform that, if you wanted to transform America and, say, turn it into a socialist democracy much like in Western Europe, do you think you’d have a better chance of doing it in a stealth way or if you got up and announced every day that’s what you’re trying to do?

Has he ever said beyond, “I want to transform the country,” what he really means by it? It’s always left up to interpretation. You have to know who Obama is to know what he means by that. If you don’t really know who Obama is, you’ll be clueless. But if you know who he is, you’ll know what it means. But has anybody ever heard him stand up and say, other than when he apologizes for the country overseas, has anybody ever heard him stand up and say that his intention is to essentially rewrite the Constitution and get rid of this silly notion of the founding and all this stuff and these founders got it all wrong? Has he ever stood up and said anything like? No way. He wouldn’t have a prayer of succeeding or getting elected.

But the more disengaged and the more aloof — you know, the left always has to camouflage what they do. That’s why they don’t debate and that’s why they want to eliminate opposition. They lose in the arena of ideas, nationally. They really do. More often than not, way more often than not. So they’re always masking themselves. My point is, I’m not altogether sure that Obama’s checked out. Because I don’t think we’re seeing anything new.

I’m sorry for the long, circuitous route here, but all these people wringing their hands, “Oh, no, Obama, does he care? Oh, no, he’s checked out. Oh, no, I can’t believe he’s so tone deaf. Oh, no, does he not know how bad the picture is?” Everybody thinks that we got a new Obama here. And, see, I don’t. I think this is the same guy that’s been running the show since he took office, since before he was elected. He’s the same cold, calculating guy. I don’t think there’s really anything new here. But because the Drive-Bys have invested so much in a myth, and the myth is falling apart and being replaced by a reality that’s always been there that they didn’t see, now they’re panicking.


RUSH: There’s a Politico story. Again, it’s about Obama going to play golf so soon after delivering the fake speech on Jim Foley. And here’s the telltale line. Again, from the perspective that Obama hasn’t checked out, that this is a ruse, that this is a camouflage, Obama is simply appearing detached and checked out to lull everybody to sleep so that they’re not awake enough to see just how much he is doing, and I think, folks, you had better pay attention. I think you better be very suspicious of this premise that Obama’s checked out and is gotten tired and is dejected and is given up and just is not interested anymore.

When is the last — honestly, now. Who is the last committed liberal to give up? They never give up, right? They never stop, and they’re never happy no matter what they get. But, anyway, the telltale line, this Politico story, “Obama’s Long Walks Spoiled.” They’re just so sad that Obama’s not able to be who he really could be and maybe doesn’t want to be who he really could be, but there is a line here in this story that, to me, supports the theory that Obama is using this checked out to play golf thing as a purposeful strategy, and it is this.

The White House is not apologetic. The White House is not trying to make any excuses. And here’s the line: “The White House has been unapologetic about ObamaÂ’s Foley-to-golf pivot.” If this really were Obama checking out, if the people around Obama in the White House, the chief of staff, the press secretary, the Valerie Jarretts of the world, who’s really, I think, the mover and shaker while Obama appears checked out. I mean, while Obama’s on the golf course, somebody’s moving this agenda leftward, and it’s Valerie Jarrett, I think.

But, anyway, if the people closest to Obama in the White House were really worried that he had checked out — now, stop and think of this for a second, folks. When is the last president you can remember reading or hearing about who just gave up, who just lost interest, who just checked out? Now, Eisenhower is a different case. Eisenhower became president after winning World War II.

When Eisenhower discovered he couldn’t shoot Congress, he said, “Well, this is tougher than I thought it was gonna be,” and he went and played golf. But aside from that, can you can you think — Jimmy Carter didn’t check out and give up. Bill Clinton never checked out and gave up. George Bush never checked out, Reagan didn’t. Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, take your pick, Truman. Can you think of any president who just lost interest, about whom it was said, and the White House didn’t push back? See, the White House is not pushing back.

I’m telling you, if they really thought, the people closest to Obama, if they really thought he checked out, they’d be worried, folks, because that would be representative of something out of whack psychologically. There would be profound concern over that. Presidents are not allowed to get depressed. Presidents are not allowed to have down days. You don’t ever hear about that. They don’t give up. You can’t think of one who has. And yet every day we get to see where Obama’s lost interest, the job’s not challenging, or however else they say it, and the White House is not trying to change anybody’s mind about it.

Oh, it’s perfectly fine. He spoke to the family and he went out and played golf, and they give excuses, everybody every president needs a vacation, pressures of the job, come on. Hey, the president, job is always there, Oval Office is wherever the president happens to be.

I’m telling you, if they really thought he had checked out, there’d be a whole different reaction from within the inner circle. All I’m saying is just don’t automatically accept this idea that the first president in your life or our lives in the modern era has just given up and checked out and lost interest, ’cause I’m telling you, there is a political advantage. You could construct a brilliant and successful strategy by appearing to be checked out while all the stuff you believe in continues to happen, except you aren’t attached to it. You’re not held accountable, because none of what’s happening is supported by a majority of the American people.

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