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RUSH: There’s a little headline on Drudge. It’s actually a link to a New York Times story, and here it is. “Obama working to forge sweeping international climate change agreement, but without constitutional requirement for Senate ratification of traditional treaty. Developing.”

Wait a minute. How can this be? I thought Obama checked out. I thought Obama lost interest. I thought Obama didn’t care about being president anymore. I thought Obama was bored. I thought Obama was depressed. I thought Obama was fed up that he couldn’t move his agenda and decided, you know what, just go play golf, like Eisenhower.

That’s what everybody’s been telling me. That’s what the Drive-Bys have all been wringing their hands about. We’ve been talking about it the past week or so, how distressed the left is that their golden boy, their president, “He seems like he doesn’t care about us anymore. He doesn’t seem like he cares about the country anymore. All he wants to do is play golf. He sends Holder to St. Louis. He doesn’t even capitalize on the one thing he was elected to do, end race problems. Oh, my God, he doesn’t even care. Look at him smiling after the terrorist thing. Oh, gee.”

And I told everybody, he’s not checked out. He isn’t bored. He’s not lazy, and he doesn’t not care. This is a structured, calculated political stratagem to appear detached, to appear as though he’s not engaged, so as to lull everybody into a false sense of belief that nothing’s happening, so as to lull everybody into this — almost like a safe zone, that Obama’s given up. He doesn’t even try anymore. It’s so bad, Obama knows he can’t get anything done anymore, he doesn’t care.

I mean, this has been going on for a week now, and I recognized it from the beginning. Well, maybe it took me a couple days to figure it out. It started with all this talk of Obama being on vacation all the time. And my theory, which I think is borne out by reality, don’t even need this New York Times headline. The New York Times headline just proves it, that it’s the Limbaugh Theorem on steroids: appear totally unengaged, disengaged, and appear always opposed to whatever’s going on that you’re causing, that you’re making happen, and the agenda moves forward.

I mean, we’re not stopping with Obamacare, are we? It continues to be implemented. We keep getting news about Obamacare, about how disastrous it is. The cost has now almost tripled from original projections. The cost of HealthCare.gov is twice what they said it was going to be, and it still isn’t working. But it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped implementing it. It doesn’t mean they’re rolling it back. It’s moving on.

We found the IRS e-mails, but we can’t go get ’em ’cause they’re off-site. They’re in an off-site backup and it would be impossible to track ’em down. But the IRS is still doing and still did what it did to the Tea Party. The Obama agenda is moving along at full speed here, while Obama lulls everybody into a sense of belief that it isn’t, by appearing disengaged. And here he is admitting, or the New York Times is admitting that Obama is working behind the scenes to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement.

You know what that’s gonna be? It’s gonna be a brand-new set of taxes, carbon taxes, greenhouse gas emissions limits. It’s going to be punitive. It is going to be disastrous. It is going to be damaging. It is going to raise everybody’s energy bills. It’s going to make energy supplies scarce. It’s going to do the exact opposite of what Obama is promising it will do.

It will not make energy cheaper. It will not save the planet from climate change because we can’t. There’s not even proof that we’re causing it. All of this is based on a series of myths. And here’s Obama working with the UN behind the backs of his own countrymen and his own Congress in order to get it done, outside the treaty process, while he supposedly doesn’t care anymore, while he supposedly is disengaged, while he’s supposedly bored, while he’s supposedly just kind of thrown his hands up in utter despair.

Obama may go on vacation, ladies and gentlemen. The Obama agenda never, ever goes on vacation. The Obama agenda never, ever slows down. The Obama agenda doesn’t even have very much in its way.

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