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RUSH: The Democrats have concocted a strategy to save the Senate, and that is to have Obama do his executive order on immigration and amnesty-ize five million of ’em, six million of ’em. Luis Gutierrez is now backing off just a little bit on when Obama’s gonna do this and just how extensively Obama’s gonna do it. We have tape. He was on with Cavuto yesterday. He’s backing off just a little. But the Democrats are urging Obama to do this, because they know, they hope that it will goad the Republicans into what?

Shutting down the government. That’s the Democrat strategy. Shut down the government. Get the Republicans to shut down the government. That’s what they tried with impeachment. They were trying to goad the Republicans into actually getting the ball moving on impeaching Obama. That didn’t work. So now that’s the strategy.

I mean, Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic, a Fox website story: “DemsÂ’ Last Ditch Hope: Force a shutdown to save the Senate — Can Democrats troll their way to survival in the coming midterm elections? ItÂ’s what Marc Ambinder calls ‘the last, best hope for Democrats’ to save the Senate. The plan calls for broad executive action by President Obama to legalize illegal immigrants to goad Republicans into a similar fight as last yearÂ’s failed effort to strip funding from Obamacare. The next shutdown deadline comes on Sept. 30 and if the president drops his executive action on immigration on schedule (‘end of the summer’) it would be just in time to chum the water ahead of votes on a short-term budget measure.”

So the strategy here is to pollute the water with executive orders on amnesty and so tick off the Republicans that what they would do is prevent funding for whatever, shut down the government. Ambinder writes, and he’s encouraging Obama here, “Go big on immigration. Wait for the GOP counter-reaction. Quietly pray for the government to get shut down. Use it like a cattle prod to wake voters up just before the midterms.”

Now, what is really going on? You know they are never fully upfront with what they really hope, so what really is behind this? What’s really behind this is to stand by and do nothing and let amnesty happen with no opposition. They’ve got the Republican Party right where they want. Democrats have the Republicans scared to death of saying anything that might even be interpreted as critical of the first African-American president. They have got the Republicans believing that amnesty is the only thing they can do, agreeing with it, to save themselves demographically for their future desire to win the White House.

So now they’re trying to goad the Republicans into a government shutdown. They’re trying to goad the Republicans into shutting down the government by preventing funding for Obama’s amnesty. What they’re really trying to do is pressure the Republicans into standing by and doing nothing and letting it all happen. ‘Cause, after all, what’s the objective? For Obama, what’s the objective? To get amnesty. To get amnesty done and to get as many illegals in this country with amnesty as he can. That’s what he wants. Forget what the Democrat Party wants. This is not about what the Democrat Party wants. That’s ancillary. It’s what Obama wants. This is Obama’s presidency. It’s his agenda and it’s his desires that are going to determine everything.

If you have a little scale here and on one side of the scale is the Democrats holding the Senate and the other side is Obama getting amnesty, which do you think Obama cares about more? Getting amnesty. And if you also understand that the Democrats’ number one effort, number one objective is to eliminate all opposition, not engage the opposition and defeat it in a debate or argument or win an election, it’s to eliminate opposition. It’s to obviate the need for an election. I mean, you can’t wipe out elections, but make them pro forma. Democrats win, by having no opposition.

So by publicly asking for the Republicans to shut down the government… (laughing) You never announce your marketing strategy. You never. You just execute it. Any business, any entity, any slick PR person — you have to admit, folks, I am one of those — any slick PR person knows you never ever. When you’re trying to separate people from their money, for example, and sell ’em something, you deny it. You don’t tell them what you’re gonna do. You don’t explain to John Q. Public how it is that you’re going to separate him from his money. I mean, you don’t reveal the strategy. And that’s what the Democrats are doing here, supposedly.

So I think this is all Jiu-Jitsu. But it’s all based on the fact that they are confident that the Republicans won’t shut gown the government. They’re confident the Republicans are scared to death to. Here, grab a sound bite. Josh Earnest, this is the White House press briefing yesterday, and the CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked the question.

He said, “Republicans, in recent days, have talked about the prospect of continuing resolution vote in the fall being used as leverage to block the president from taking executive action on amnesty. That, of course, raises the prospect of a government shutdown. Do you think a government shutdown might happen this fall?”

EARNEST: It certainly was a shame when Republicans engaged in a strategy to shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act, and there were bad consequences for that government shutdown. It certainly did have a negative impact on our economy. And we would hope that Republicans wouldn’t do the same thing again, to shut down the government over a common-sense, bipartisan effort to try to mitigate at least some of the worst problems that are caused by our broken immigration system. It would be a real shame if Republicans were to engage in an effort to shut down the government over a common-sense solution like that, but they’ve done it before.

RUSH: Right. A common-sense solution. Pretend the Constitution doesn’t exist. Common sense, bipartisan solution. There is no bipartisan solution. If there were any bipartisanship going on, he wouldn’t need an executive order. If there were any bipartisanship or agreement going on, he wouldn’t need executive action. So there is no bipartisanship, and this is not a common-sense resolution. This is bald-faced power grab. This is statism. Folks, it is clear, and so many people have been saying this for so long, and it still doesn’t resonate. The Constitution is an obstacle to these people.

We had a caller that I thought had a very fascinating question. The question was born of a natural, not naivete, but a civics 101 belief in our system. We were discussing the fact that the Democrats look at the Constitution as an obstacle, that it is something that they wish weren’t there and that they treat it as something that can be swept aside whenever they want to. Like Obama on this UN business, on this climate change stuff. You know what he’s saying? “Well, I’ve got to do this. I’ve got a dysfunctional Congress.”

Wait a minute. You can’t do it without Congress. That’s the way it was set up. This government was set up for gridlock by design. The Founders didn’t want an all-powerful government being able to dictate things. They set up roadblocks and obstacles everywhere to all three branches from being able to project power. But Obama, a dysfunctional Congress in his view gives him the right to ignore the Constitution, because he has no reverence for it, no respect for it, it’s an obstacle. And that’s what this view from the press secretary indicates as well.

“We got a common-sense solution here, grant amnesty, Congress won’t help, but we gotta do it anyway.” This caller said, “Well, how have we made it this far, then? Is Obama the first president to really?” And I said, “In sense, yes.” She said, “Has it been the honor system?” And I knew what she meant. Well, yeah, the honor system, respect for the rule of law as the glue that binds all of this together and makes it work, understanding the way the republic is set up, understanding and respecting how it functions.

Well, this bunch doesn’t respect it. They understand it, and they don’t like it. And so the honor system is out the window. In the honor system, if you’re president and you want something and the Congress doesn’t give it to you, you accept the loss and you find ways to get them on your side to get what you want. And it works the other way around, too. If people in Congress want something and the president doesn’t, they work together. What happened to compromise, walking across the aisle and all this stuff? You know, it’s always a one-way street.

The Democrats never have to cross the aisle. If the Democrats don’t get what they want, then the problem is the Republicans and the Constitution and we gotta sweep it out of the way. So I think, just to sum up, I think what’s happening here is that the president and the Democrats and the media are basically attempting to intimidate the Republicans into doing nothing after Obama grants amnesty so that it happens as smooth as it can be.

Now, I don’t disagree, the way they look at things, the Democrats. If the Republicans did shut down the government, I have no doubt the Democrats would love that. Don’t misunderstand. But I don’t think that’s what their objective is. Even if it is, it still has the same end result: Obama gets amnesty, and the American people do not blame him for it. But in the midst of all this, Democrats running for the Senate are still asking him to wait until after the election. And now we’ve learned that Democrats today are also waiting, they’re asking Obama to wait to do anything on his stupid United Nations climate change treaty. Well, it’s not gonna be a treaty. Obama is just gonna enact it, but they are asking him to wait ’til after the elections on that, too.

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