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RUSH: It’s amazing how these cycles repeat themselves. It’s amazing how everybody behaves according to the script. It’s amazing how the formula, once put into place, seems to be followed precisely.

So right now, the Drive-Bys are breathlessly — see, they moved on from Ferguson, they moved on. Even CNN’s back to trying to find the jet. They moved on from Ferguson for a while, and now the Drive-Bys are breathlessly awaiting Obama’s decision on ISIS. What’s Obama gonna do on ISIS? (panting) Is the president gonna do anything on ISIS? (panting) And the graphics on the TV news networks: “Awaiting Decision from White House on Whether to Strike ISIS.” It’s amazing.

Meanwhile, what’s Obama doing? He’s planning a fundraiser. And I just saw that somebody’s out there saying — get this, and the fact that this makes news. “Source Says ISIS Will Outlast Obama Presidency.” Really? Are you telling me that somebody actually thinks that ISIS is going to be dispatched and dealt with? Have we gotten rid of Al-Qaeda? Have we gotten rid of the Muslim Brotherhood? Have the Palestinians and the Hamas and all the Hezbollah, have they been dealt with? What do you mean, ISIS will outlast the Obama presidency?

You know what’s amazing? We’re on the eve of another 911 and I get the sense that people are more frightened than ever. I mean, the Drive-Bys, the inside-the-Beltway mind-set, they’re more frightened than ever. It’s amazing to me. I watch this stuff, maybe I’m getting too cynical. After all, ladies and gentlemen, I have been hosting this program almost 30 years. If you count the four years I was in Sacramento I’ve essentially been doing this program 30 years, plus the years prior. Let’s just stick with those 30. I’m seeing so much start to repeat itself now. It doesn’t mean I’m tuning out, don’t misunderstand. I just marvel at how the cycle repeats and everybody falls for it, everybody falls in line, and everybody plays their role in the daily soap opera script. It’s just amazing to me.

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