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RUSH: Today, White House press briefing, Josh Earnest, the press secretary, got a question from Jim Acosta at CNN. Now, Acosta is apparently one of the biggest apologists for the Regime that you can find. And here’s his question. Listen to this question, to the White House press secretary. This was just mere moments ago, in the last hour.

“The fact that you came out so quickly and tried to explain what the president had to say suggests that what he said was not what he intended to say, or are you saying that the rest of us took it the wrong way?”

When is the last time you can recall, outside of this administration, a member of the press bending over backwards like this?
Listen to this question again. This is after Obama said (imitating Obama), “Uh, you know what? I was watching the news, and I was watching what some of you people are doing, and we don’t have strategy for that. We don’t have a strategy.”

(imitating Acosta) “Okay, so, Josh, you’re out here so fast after that, answering questions, the fact that you came out so quickly, does it suggest that what he said was not what he intended to say?” Would Sam Donaldson ever say that to a spokesman for Reagan, like Larry Speakes? “Larry, did the president really not mean to say what he said. Did we take it wrong, Larry? Is that what you’re saying, did we take it the wrong way?” And here’s the answer from the press secretary.

EARNEST: The reaction that we had at the White House yesterday was not in response to the president’s comments; it’s in response to the way it was being reported. We didn’t listen to the president’s news conference and go formulate a strategy for responding. We listened to the president’s news conference, watched your reporting, and recognized that if we wanted people to have a very clear understanding of what the president was trying to communicate, that we needed to engage you directly to do that.

RUSH: Meaning, you know, we can’t leave it up to the president to tell you what he means. After he does that, we have to come here the next day and tell you what you meant ’cause you people are obviously not smart enough to keep up with the president. You’re not quick enough. You’re not with it enough. You really can’t keep up with the guy. You don’t know what he’s saying so we have to come out the next day and explain it to you. This is what Earnest was saying based on the question. And what he was really saying here was, you know what? We watched you guys reporting on the president saying we didn’t have a strategy, and we realized that we had to come out here and correct what you guys were saying because you didn’t understand what the president said.

Now, folks, there’s no way to misinterpret “We don’t have a strategy.” There’s no way to misinterpret, “Well, you know, we got the best military in the world. We could put ’em down here. We’re not gonna be able to get rid of ’em. The Iraqis are gonna have to step up.” So the press, so shocked, so dismayed by what they heard, desperate for some word from the White House today that it was them who were wrong and not the president saying something stupid. And that’s what Acosta is begging for. Acosta is basically begging for the press secretary to tell him that the press core just got it wrong. “No, no, no, the president didn’t say anything stupid like that.” And the press is totally willing to accept that they are the idiots, if it means Obama not looking like an idiot.

Jim Avila, ABC, then said, “Is there evidence from the TSA, from the FBI, CIA, NSA, that any of those people with western passports have been on planes or are on their way back to the US or are already in the US?”

EARNEST: The most detailed intelligence assessment that I can offer from here is that there is no evidence or indication right now that ISIL is actively plotting to attack the United States homeland. That’s true right now.

RUSH: Really? So there’s no evidence and no indication right now that ISIL is actively plotting to attack the US homeland? Well, let’s go to back to August 21st, eight days ago in Washington at the Pentagon. The press secretary with Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, and Martin Dempsey, General Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during a Q&A, and Jim Miklaszewski, NBC, says, “Secretary Hagel, is the calculation that ISIL presents a 911 level threat to the US?”

HAGEL: ISIL is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded. Oh, this is beyond anything that that we’ve seen. So we must prepare for everything, and the only way you do that is you take a cold, steely hard look at it and get ready.

RUSH: So the press secretary today said: Nah, nothing to sweat here, no sweat. There’s no ISIL here. There’s no possibility of an ISIL attack. They’re not even plotting one on the homeland.

Chuck Hagel: This is the biggest threat we’ve seen, and we should be getting ready to be attacked.

Utter chaos. Utter, total chaos emanating from command central, the Pentagon and the White House.

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