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RUSH: Here is Dan, Tysons Corner, Virginia. Thank you for waiting and welcome to the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I’ve been listening to you for over 20 years, and trying to call you, and I finally hit the right 8 and 2. What do you think of that?

RUSH: I think that it’s our lucky day, and I appreciate your persistence. Twenty years is a long time. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: Over 20.

RUSH: It’s a long time. That’s a big deal. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Right. Some of the facts that the media don’t project is in the fifties when Syria and Egypt were part of the United Arab Republic, Russia has a warm-water port on the Mediterranean, which they still have, and they’re not gonna relinquish that. So that’s a fact. And then number two is that your fact about the Free Syrian Army, the Kurds have been capturing weapons of the Islamics that they’ve been killing and these weapons are ours, and the serial numbers have been welded over. And as everyone knows a lot of Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, have been funneling arms to the Free Syrians. That’s a fact. That was in the Post the other day. The last fact I’d like to give you is an old Islamic proverb that it’s better to deal with the devil that you know than deal with the devil that you don’t know.

RUSH: And that applies to whom in this case?

CALLER: It applies to everyone in the Middle East. Who is who, we don’t know.

RUSH: When you say the Saudis, can I ask you a question about that? People tell me, and I hear from people all the time, “The Saudis are doing this. The Saudis are doing that.” Who are the Saudis? And there’s no wrong answer. I’m just curious who you mean.

CALLER: Well, I will give you a fact that two weeks after 9/11 Winston Churchill’s grandson spoke to the National Press Club, and at that time he said the Saudis were the problem.

RUSH: Yeah, but who? Who are the Saudis?

CALLER: The family, there’s a lot of princes that get —

RUSH: The royal family. So King Abdullah on down?

CALLER: No, no, no.

RUSH: They are the Saudis.

CALLER: A lot of the princes that comprise of the royal family. There’s a lot of princes that get the oil royalty.

RUSH: There’s over 200 of ’em.

CALLER: It’s all blood money as you know. A lot of it went to Osama Bin Laden.

RUSH: Well, wait a minute though. I find this fascinating, because — and I’m not arguing with you. Don’t misunderstand. It was just, let’s see, I get confused by how much time in the past, when I was off a week. I think this happened the week before I left. Might have happened while I was away. No, ’cause I didn’t pay attention to anything. The king, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had a party, a reception at his private residence in Jeddah, which is half the city, I think. I mean, it’s huge. It would take you two days to drive around the thing. I’m joking, but I mean the private residence of the king, it’s huge.

King Abdullah and new ambassadors to Saudi Arabia are the guests. And I think John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, happened to be there. Maybe not at this particular reception, but had been there either soon before or came in later, a day or two later. But the king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, whatever, he told these ambassadors to go back to their home countries or to cable their leaders and warn them about ISIS. He said they are going to be in Europe in a month.

You remember this now? They’re going to be in Europe in a month, and in another month they’re going to be in America. He warned them of this. I’m sitting there and I’m looking at this, Dan, and I’m saying, “You’re the guy sponsoring ’em!” Dan’s right. The Saudi royal family is the Saudis. When you hear the Saudis, they are Wahhabism. They are the ones who fund all the Saudi charities around the world or the Islamic charities. They were not supporters of bin Laden.

As you know, bin Laden didn’t like the Saudi royal family, tried to wipe ’em out, and they themselves are targets of terrorist attacks as well. But even at that they fund a lot of this. The Saudis are really radical Islamists, on the one hand. On the other hand, they’re our partner in oil. It’s one of the strangest things, and I actually conduct a test, I ask everybody who says the Saudis are doing this, “Who do you mean, the Saudis?” And most people say, “Well, you know, all the imams over there.” Hardly anybody ever thinks it’s the Saudi royal family. They are victims, too. But they run that country. They are totally in charge of Saudi Arabia. (interruption) Who are our friends? Well, who are our real friends in that region, the Israelis.

And then, you know, we have a fairly decent allied relationship with Pakistan, ’cause they have nukes, but that’s always dicey. (interruption) Well, it’s Obama, but it’s always been dicey. But when you say “who are our friends?” We don’t really have a whole lot of real friends. The king of Jordan was. Well, the Kurds are cool, but the Kurds have tiddlywinks. (interruption) Mubarak was, yeah, but it wasn’t cool to have Mubarak as a friend. Why do we dump on our real friend? Well, why do we?

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