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RUSH: Did you know CNN had hired Jay Carney? See, I knew he wasn’t gonna go to Apple to be the head of PR. They were putting that out there on all the tech blogs. He wasn’t gonna do that.

So CNN has hired Carney. Former TIME magazine and then he goes to work for Biden and does so well there that he goes to the White House to be press secretary, and now back to journalism. You see how easy that is? Yeah, yeah. Now, he’s not a journalist anymore. He’s an analyst, commentator. And I guess last night’s one of his first nights, and they were talking about the speech and the status of forces. And McCain, I mean, you gotta be honest, McCain ate the spokeskid for lunch and dinner.

So I got three sound bites. McCain buried the poor guy. ‘Cause the guy’s from the White House, you know, press secretary, been there lying for Obama enough that he really believes all that crap he had to go out there and say. So he tries stick with it, and McCain just destroyed it. It happened on Anderson Cooper 33, who said, “Senator McCain, you and I spoke just last week. You said President Obama had no goal, no strategy when it came to destroying ISIS. So why do you think he made the speech tonight and what do you think of what you heard?”

MCCAIN: I’m astounded that Mr. Carney should say that the Free Syrian Army is now stronger.

CARNEY: If I could, sir, what I said is that we know a great deal more about — about the opposition.

MCCAIN: Come on, Jay, we knew all about ’em then. You just didn’t choose to know. I was there in Syria. We knew them. Come on, you guys are the ones — your boss is the one that when the entire national security team wanted to arm and train them, that he turned it them down, Mr. Carney, after —

CARNEY: Well, Senator, look, I’m not, I think we have to agree to disagree on this.

MCCAIN: The fact is — no, facts are stubborn things, Mr. Carney, and he made the unilateral decision to turn them down. And the fact that they didn’t leave a residual force in Iraq, overruling all of his military advisors, is the reason why we’re facing ISIS today.

RUSH: There you go. By the way, that is an important point. Every one of Obama’s advisors, even his, even his Looney Toon left-wing advisors told him that he had to leave a residual force in Iraq even while telling his fringe lunatic base he was pulling out of there. He overruled them all, ’cause he knew better. (imitating Obama) “Nope. I’m Barack Obama. I know everything. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Nope, nope, not gonna leave anybody there.” And he didn’t. And McCain is absolutely right about this. After McCain says Obama’s decision not to leave a residual force is why we’re facing ISIS today, Carney and McCain then continued, and Anderson Cooper tried to get in at part of this.

CARNEY: Senator, I can posit with great respect for you that —

MCCAIN: You can’t.

CARNEY: — we disagree on that, and that you — and that you — sir, if I may.

MCCAIN: You don’t have the facts, Mr. Carney. That’s the problem.

CARNEY: Senator, I understand that you present the facts that you believe are true based on the argument that you’ve made for a —

MCCAIN: No. No, not I believe are true. They are true.

CARNEY: — long time, sir, that we should leave troops in Iraq in perpetuity. And that’s just not what this president believes. And that’s, you know, obviously he was elected president to fulfill what he believed was right for our country and right for our national security.

MCCAIN: That didn’t mean it was the right decision. That means it’s a bad decision —

CARNEY: I certainly understand we disagree. (crosstalk)

MCCAIN: — where we are today. It’s not a matter of disagreement; it’s a matter of facts. And you have yours wrong, and you have distorted them.

RUSH: Now, this is new ground for McCain, because normally McCain is the first guy, “Is that what you think? Okay, fine, well, you’re entitled to your opinion, and it’s great to debate you.” McCain normally doesn’t tell somebody they’re wrong ’cause he’s good at crossing the aisle. You never tell people crossing the aisle that shake their hands that they’re wrong, and he’s a great aisle crosser.

He ran for office, if you remember, being better at crossing the aisle than anybody else is. And he just flat-out, “Carney, you’re wrong, you’re wrong. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just wrong.” There’s one more here. Cooper finally says, “Jay, does the president believe at all if a residual force had been left on the ground in Iraq, that we would not be in this situation now?”

CARNEY: The alternative of leaving a permanent massive US force on the ground in Iraq, not for 10 years, not for 20 years, but in perpetuity is simply not sustainable financially, that’s not consistent with what the American people think we should do.

MCCAIN: Again, Mr. Carney misstates the facts. We had it won thanks to the surge. It was won. The victory was there. And, by the way, the Korean War, we left troops behind; Bosnia, we left troops behind. Not to fight, but be for a stabilizing force. The fact that they didn’t leave, that we weren’t there before, is a direct result we are paying a very heavy price for. And it doesn’t mean in perpetuity, but it does mean to keep the situation stable which we could have done.

RUSH: Well, who cares if it does mean in perpetuity? You have to do what you have to do to maintain the victory that you wanted to keep the peace. Who cares if it’s in perpetuity? Whatever happened to doing what’s necessary? You know, it’s like this low-information voter that called me in the last hour. Louis is a nice guy, but when I was telling him he was dead wrong about what he was thinking and, “Louis, whether you know it or not, somebody else is paying your health care.”

“Are you saying I’m not a good person?” No I’m not saying you’re not a good person. Louis, I’m not calling you a victim, you are. But why do you want to be a victim? Go get what you want and be happy that you got it. By that I meant earn it. Well, I don’t want anybody to think go grab what you want.

The point is who cares if it’s in perpetuity? We’re still in Germany, for crying out loud. We still have troops in Germany. We got bases near the Far East. This is just absurd. McCain was right on the money and Carney doesn’t know what he’s talking about, neither does Obama. And this business that we’re not gonna have any boots on the ground. Obama made a big deal last night that there are not gonna be any American boots, no American troops on the ground anywhere. We’re not sending combat troops there, no, no, no, no.

Well, whose boots are they going to be? Because this isn’t gonna be won without boots on the ground. Somebody is gonna have to have their boots on the ground, and if it isn’t us, whose boots are they gonna be, and are those boots occupied by capable people?

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