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RUSH: Open Line Friday and we head back to the phones. Great to have you, Rush Limbaugh to New Haven, Connecticut. This is Katie, and I’m glad you called. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hi. It’s a real thrill to talk to you.

CALLER: Thank you.

You’ve been part of my family since 1991. I call you my uncle.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I called you because I’ve been on college campuses for about 10 years now, and I’ve been watching trends, you know, sidewalk talk and bumper stickers.

RUSH: Hang on just. You’ve been on college campi for 10 years, as a student, as a researcher, as a teacher, what?

CALLER: For six years I was student. I did my master’s degree on violins, and then I worked, and then I moved back to a college town for no reason. And now I’m at Yale with my husband who’s finishing his PhD.

RUSH: Oh, cool. You got a master’s degree in violence?

CALLER: (laughing) I’m kind of glad you heard that. I like it when people do. “Violin,” the instrument.

RUSH: Oh, violins. Okay. Strings.

CALLER: I always like it when people think I say violence.

RUSH: You know, I’m deaf and it sounded very close. I was gonna ask you, are you an expert in handing it out, or studying it?

CALLER: (laughing) Hmm. Well, ask my brother.

RUSH: (laughing) Wait a minute. That would be abuse within the family, and you’re joking about it, Katie. Ah, ah, ah.

CALLER: Oh, no, I know, I’m terrible.

RUSH: I hope James Brown of CBS is not listening.

CALLER: Me, too. Me, too. I’m about to horrify him. So I’ve been seeing these bumper stickers. I saw the ones that were anti-Bush in 2004. I saw the handwriting on the wall when Obama was first gonna win and how funny the font size was on the next bumper sticker. It was a tiny little font like, “Please don’t hurt me, I’m still voting for Obama,” type font. But I’m seeing a new one now, and it confuses me, and I don’t really know what to think about it, so I called for your opinion. I’m seeing the “I’m ready for Hillary” bumper stickers. I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what they think is going to change. But they’re done with Obama. So I want to know what you think about that.

RUSH: Well, quite a few things, actually, and in light of that I wasn’t gonna use these, but stand by audio sound bites two and three. And, yep, maybe four. The only reason they’re through with Obama is he’s through. I mean, he’s lame-duck. He’s in his last two years. They can’t vote for him again. There’s another factor. Obama is quickly becoming the latest failed utopian-promising liberal.

Now, one of the psychological characteristics of liberals is that the world is replete with socialism failures. It has never worked. It has never succeeded. Socialism, liberalism, communism, it has never worked, it has never created a utopia. That doesn’t tell them anything. All it does is make them eagerly anticipate the next effort. And so Hillary embodies the next chance to finally get it right and to show it can work. Now, Hillary is chosen specifically for a whole host of reasons. A, she was denied in 2008 in an unfair sort of backhanded way out of the blue.

It was hers. She was to be coronated, and it ended up, so now it’s her turn. Then there’s a second facet of this. I’m convinced that the Democrats want to nominate the first female president and then after that the first Hispanic so they can capitalize on no president being criticized without being called either a sexist or racist or bigot. They’ve learned that with the first black president no criticism is permitted. The critics are called racists and so the critics shut up. They’re angling for the same thing with Mrs. Clinton, first female president, can’t criticize her, you’re a sexist if you do. A caller called C-SPAN today. Mike Barone was a guest. A caller called C-SPAN and asked him this question.

C-SPAN CALLER: Rush Limbaugh stated on his program earlier this week something about the Democrats are gonna run Hillary and then they’re gonna run a Hispanic in 2020. Well, we need to trump that and say, “We got excellent Hispanics and our party that want to do this.”

RUSH: Here’s Michael Barone’s answer, first of two sound bites.

BARONE: One of the things that helped Barack Obama win the presidency in 2008 and win reelection in 2012, in my judgment, was there’s a widespread feeling in the country, including a majority of Americans I think, including many who didn’t vote for him, that is the general proposition it would be a good thing for the country to elect a black president. My judgment is that that worked in President Obama’s favor.

RUSH: Really?

BARONE: I’m not sure it’s gonna work as much for, quote, somebody that would be, quote, the first woman. I’m not sure that it would work so much for somebody that would be the first, quote, Hispanic.

RUSH: And Barone continued.

BARONE: It’s a mistake to say, as some Republican and conservative analysts do, that Hispanics are natural conservatives. People from Mexican or Puerto Rican backgrounds are not necessarily gonna be attracted by somebody like Senator Cruz or Senator Rubio, both of whom come from Cuban backgrounds and have families with quite a different history of involvement in the United States and immigration there, too, so I don’t think nominating a Hispanic candidate is as much of a cure-all for Republicans as the caller suggests.

RUSH: Well, on that point, “I don’t think conservative Hispanics are natural conservatives” as the Republican Party has been — the reason they tell us that is so we’ll go along with amnesty, but I don’t believe it. I think he’s exactly right about that. But I think he is dangerously incorrect in not correctly assessing why identity politics matters so much to the Democrats. I think Hillary, as the first female immune to any criticism, the historic nature, is something that they want to parlay and then they want to get a Hispanic. There’s no question. I don’t think there’s any question at all about that.

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