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RUSH: The NFL story has blossomed and expanded even beyond what it was when we were last here Friday. Over the weekend, or maybe it happened on Friday, a female infobabe on SportsCenter, Kate Fagan, said that the only hope that we have as a society to fix this mass problem of wife abuse…

The only hope we have, is we have to reprogram the way we raise men. I have the audio sound bite on this. I’ve got the story. We’ve got to reprogram the way we raise men. (interruption) That’s exactly right. We’ve already done that, Ms. Fagan. We have already reprogrammed the way men are raised, and we have done that drastically, I think. That’s what I mean when I talk about the chickification of everything.

You can take a look at the enrollment at major institutions of higher learning. It’s 65% female, 35% male. One of the reasons is, men don’t want to go there anymore. But this is a manifestation… Remember our old buddy James Brown who last Thursday on the CBS pregame show, addressing men, said that it’s time to shape up or ship out. He said we have got to stop this business of making fun of men who “throw like girls.”

We’ve gotta dispense with calling guys who are effeminate or who throw like girls “sissies.” You know why? Because that diminishes women, and that can lead to such things as you decking your woman in a hotel elevator in New Jersey with your fist. So if you have ever made… (interruption) Well, that’s what this ESPN babe says. Classic. It’s classic.

We’ve got to stop this making fun of guys. I think part of it’s to protect Obama, because he’s the one that’s well known for that. See, I’m in trouble even pointing this out now. But, I mean, that’s just tip of the iceberg of stuff that’s out there. I mean, it’s juicy, folks. This is gonna be fun today. We have got a lot going on.

There’s more ice than ever at the South Pole. The Antarctic ice sheet has reached record levels in the midst of so-called climate change and global warming. It’s the same thing at the North Pole. Arctic ice sheet levels are at record levels. The North Pole is supposed to have been melted by now, according to Algore.

Remember it was not that long ago a bunch of researchers got on a boat and started chugging for the South Pole to find evidence of the melting glaciers and global warming, and they got stuck in the ice and it took three ice breakers and a helicopter to rescue them. Yet they still carry the day in the pop culture that global warming is happening.

It’s an ongoing, never-ending battle to find a way to have the truth permeate the noise.


RUSH: I want you to grab sound bite number 12. Just sound bite number 12. This is Friday on ESPN SportsCenter. The anchor Kevin Negandhi is speaking with ESPNW columnist Kate Fagan. The Drive-Bys were as upset as they could be on Thursday night that a bunch of female fans for the Ravens wore Ray Rice jerseys. The media is still ticked off about it.

They’re still writing about it today. Sports columnists are still asking, “Why? Women of Baltimore, why would you wear a Ray Rice jersey? Why? Do you know what you’re doing? Why would you do it?” They were talking about it Friday night on SportsCenter, and the anchor asks the ESPNW columnist, Kate Fagan, “How would you change this culture, Kate? ‘Cause clearly we need to change this culture. How would you do it?”

FAGAN: Holding NFL’s feet to the fire should men getting men to throw the kitchen sink at domestic violence, to invest millions of dollars in grassroots organizations, in going into middle schools and high schools and colleges and talking to young men about dealing with anger, about how they treat women. I think that’s where you’re gonna see change. Going into the school systems and the younger spaces and really reprogramming how we raise men.

RUSH: Well, there you have it! It’s as simple as that, folks. Why didn’t we think of this before…? Oh. We have. We have been in the process of reprogramming men and the way they are raised for a long time. Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, I have made mention of something I’ve found incredible a lot of times. I’m gonna remind you of it again. A TIME magazine cover back in the mid-1990s, 19 or 18 years ago.

The cover story on that issue of TIME magazine had the following headline (I’m paraphrasing it, but it’s real close). “Shock: Men and Women are Actually Born Different.” When I saw that the first time, I was astounded. I cite it often, because I need to ask you a question: What must you think, what must you believe if you come across research that tells you men and women are born different?

If that’s a surprise to you, if that is a shock, if that bit of news is worth an entire cover story, what in the world must you have believed first? That men and women are the same? That men and women, boys and girls, are not different? If you believe that — if you’re an editor at TIME magazine or writer at TIME magazine and you are shocked to look at real documented research that says men and women are different — what in the world did you believe beforehand?

And how did that come to be? How did it come to be that you think men and women are the same? Well, there’s a simple answer to the question: Feminism. The modern era of feminism is how you track that at its beginning. It manifested itself in crazy ways. Parents would try raising their daughters in blue rooms with GI Joe and try raising their sons in pink rooms with Barbie to see what would happen, and they were shocked.

The little girls started looking for outfits to redress GI Joe in. The little boys started conducting wars with Barbie and her friends. And the parents were shocked. See, they believed that it was conditioning and not nature that made men the predatory brutes that they are. They really did, and they still do. Modern-era feminists believe that there is no inherent difference in men and women, that it’s all the way they’re raised.

It’s all social. It is all about social cliches and pressures, that if you just leave boys and girls alone they’re gonna grow up and be identical. They’re gonna be the same in the way they look at life, the way they find things interesting. Nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, if it’s worth a cover story that men and women are born different, what in the world must you believe and who got you to believe it?

And I’m telling you: It’s feminism and liberalism and all these things that seek to make everybody the same, to make everybody “equal,” to have equal outcomes, make sure nobody’s offended or humiliated, and to make sure nobody’s really that much better than anybody else ’cause it isn’t fair all these differences.

Okay, so now we come back to Kate Fagan of ESPN who says we need to reprogram the way we’re raising men. You notice we never, ever, nobody ever discusses the possibility that we might need to reprogram the way we raise women. Why? Because that’s already perfect. There isn’t any problem with little girls. And there isn’t any problem with young women or adult women. I mean, they are model citizens. It’s the guys that create all of the problems in our culture. And so it’s the guys that have to be reprogrammed. Not the women.

You ever notice that? I’ve never run across anybody who suggested that women need to be reprogrammed. I don’t think I’ve even come across anybody who wanted to teach a girl how to throw right. They just accept it is what it is. But honestly, folks, it’s always reprogramming men. It’s always men who seem to provide or be at the root of all of these cultural problems. And if we could just make men less like men and more like, I guess, women, then we would be rid of all of these problems.

So this effort to reprogram men has been going on a long time. It’s not something we need to start now. We’re in the middle of it and I think it’s one of the reasons there is such confusion between men and women and the roles they’re supposed to be playing, because they’re at war with nature. They have both been, and men especially, have been told that how they naturally are is bad. Their natural tendencies, natural proclivities, are bad. You gotta rein that in. You gotta dial that back. You need to really raise your conscience level and be aware of how others see you and dial it back, because it’s just too predatory, brutish, what have you.

That’s how you end up with female-male enrollment now at major institutions of higher learning 65% female, 35% male. I have a story here, and it dovetails with this. You won’t believe this. At Ohio State, the Ohio State University, you have to know the rules before you decide to kiss somebody. Both sides have to know the rules. Not kidding.


RUSH: “At Ohio State University, to avoid being guilty of ‘sexual assault’ or ‘sexual violence,’ you and your partner now apparently have to agree on the reason WHY you are making out or having sex. It’s not enough to agree to DO it, you have to agree on WHY: there has to be agreement ‘regarding the who, what, where, when, why, and how this sexual activity will take place.'”

We’ve already begun this business of reprogramming the way we raise men. (laughing) Snerdley thinks that I’m satirizing this. Snerdley thinks I’m doing a brilliant parody. I’m not. This is for real.

“There used to be a joke that women need a reason to have sex, while men only need a place. Does this policy reflect that juvenile mindset? Such a requirement baffles some women in the real world: a female member of the US Commission on Civil Rights told me, ‘I am still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of any two intimates in the world agreeing as to “why.”‘”

This comes from the website College Insurrection, by the way. Oh, yeah. Unless they’re running a great parody. I’ve seen it too many places. Agreeing on the “why” takes all the romance out of everything, takes all the seduction. Seduction used to be an art. Now of course it’s brutish and it’s predatory and it’s bad.

Here’s what consent is at Ohio State. After you and your partner decide that you’re gonna make out or have sex, you agree to do it, then you have to agree on why. “Consent is the act of knowingly, actively and voluntarily agreeing explicitly to engage in sexual activity. Consent must be freely given and can be withdrawn at any time.”

“You have to be sober, not coerced, imaginative, enthusiastic, creative, wanted, informed, mutual, honest, verbal. The absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.’ It must be asked every step of the way. It cannot be implied or assumed, even in the context of a relationship. Circumstances in which a person CANNOT legally give consent: (No matter what he or she might verbalize): The person is severely intoxicated or unconscious as a result of alcohol or drugs. The person is physically or developmentally disabled. The victim is under the age 13 or is elderly. So as long as the girl is thirteen years old, she can give consent for sex, provided it’s creative and enthusiastic.”

“Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of ‘no’ does not mean ‘yes.'” How many of you guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that “no” means “yes” if you know how to spot it? Let me tell you something. In this modern world, that is simply not tolerated. People aren’t even gonna try to understand that one. I mean, it used to be said it was a cliche. It used to be part of the advice young boys were given.

See, that’s what we gotta change. We have got to reprogram the way we raise men. Why do you think permission every step of the way, clearly spelling out “why”… are all of these not lawsuits just waiting to happen if even one of these steps is not taken?


RUSH: I don’t know how men can be held to that Ohio State agreement, policy, anyway, because everybody knows in sex men don’t think with their brains. Not the one in their heads, anyway. It’s just so silly.


RUSH: Here’s David, Detroit, Michigan. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You know, I used to be one of these blue pilled liberals who believed that women were all wonderful, and I wanted to tell you about the thing that really opened my eyes to —

RUSH: Hey, David —

CALLER: — and that’s the fact that I was a victim.

RUSH: David, David, hang on. What is a blue pill liberal?

CALLER: Someone who just accepts the story they’re told, you know, doesn’t ask questions, believes what the media and the mainstream tells them.

RUSH: Oh, you’re off-shooting the matrix, blue pill, red pill. I thought you might meant Viagra.

CALLER: (laughing) No. But, anyways, I had married this girl that I met at church, and a little bit after that found out that she had been cheating on me. I found some texts on her phone, other guys, and when I approached her about this her response was to start hitting me and hitting me in the face. And when she realized, ’cause, you know, I was a good boy, I was just gonna stand there and take it, and she realized it wasn’t doing enough damage. She went and got a knife and I had to pin her on the ground, call 911.

As soon as the police showed up she started claiming that I was raping her. And when I bring this story up to women, the first thing that they say is, “Oh, well, you probably deserved it.” And when I bring up that she started making these claims, they said, “Well, you probably had been raping her and you didn’t even know it.” And it astounds me these double standards that they’ll put on men. Ray Rice was a victim of domestic violence as well, but no one talks about that. So I just want to thank you, Rush.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s interesting you say that. Years ago when I was — ah, it’s still somewhat prevalent. The stories I would hear from men who were going through divorces and in child custody battles, the lies their wives told about them being predators, that they had fondled or abused the children, and these guys didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t true. They had no idea how to combat it. And I said, “A large part of this is modern feminism. You’ve gotta understand it.”

David here, his story, what it illustrates is that the modern era of feminism relies on a lot of accepted premises. The biggest one is that men are predators, that they’re mean. In their natural state they are brutes, bullies, and that women are endangered at the slightest bit of temper or anger. This has been a tenet of feminism. It’s like I asked earlier in the program, we’ve got this infobabe at ESPNW, which is their women’s section of their website, suggesting that we need to reprogram the way we raise men. We need to reprogram men, little boys, as we raise them. Have you noticed that it’s never, ever suggested that we reprogram women?

As far as feminism is concerned be the problem in the world is men, and they, in their natural state, are essentially incompatible. They must be tamed. They must be tempered, ’cause men are naturally brutes. They fight. They sweat. They expel gas. They’re dirty. They get into fights. Ewww! And we’ve got to somehow reprogram all of that out, because otherwise women will be in constant peril. And I am not exaggerating. The modern era of feminism has done such great damage.

This is why, when I talk about the chickification of either the news business or football or anything else, some people think I’m joking or making halfhearted fun, little swipes here at feminism, but some of it’s really serious stuff. You never, ever, ever hear how women are at fault in anything, just like in this abuse business. He said Ray Rice was abused. His wife did hit him.

I’ve been looking at it over the weekend. There is female-on-male spouse abuse. There are women who hit their husbands. But like he said, well, there must have been something that caused that because otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. The man in liberalism is usually going to be at fault. Folks, there’s a reason why at most major universities and colleges the female-male enrollment is so out of whack. Thirty-five percent male versus 65% female. It used to be just the exact opposite. There’s a reason.

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