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RUSH: So we let Allie the Cat roam free — we actually pulled it off — and I had nothing to worry about so far. The cat was uninterested in the ledge or the banister on the second floor. In fact, the cat, it’s an interesting case study. It’s like when the Soviet Union busted apart and Russian citizens had their freedom after the Berlin Wall fell. They didn’t quite know what to do.

Well, she’s not institutionalized, but she keeps going back and forth to the two rooms that we let her live in. That’s her home. She goes back and forth to the bedroom and my office. She’s starting to sniff around, get curious.

This cat’s a lunatic and gravitates toward people.

Punkin was an old soul and a loner and didn’t need anybody except me. But this one’s all over the place. So it went well, everything’s fine. It’s fun to watch. I knew people were gonna be curious and asking. So there’s the answer to that.

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