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RUSH: This is Lee in Queens. Lee, you’re next. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking the call. My question is, why are we validating the fact that Obama can do executive amnesty?

RUSH: What do you mean, validating it?

CALLER: I mean, because we’re bracing ourselves and we’re hoping that he doesn’t do it like after the election or in the lame duck or whatever, and the underlying message there is that he can do it.

RUSH: Well, no. I don’t think… (sigh) No. I get your point. The answer to your question is that we, people in this audience are not accepting it. We’ve totally opposed that premise, but we don’t have anybody in Washington that represents us.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Remember, now, up until polling data of recent weeks it has been assumed that the entire Washington establishment, Republican and Democrat, wanted amnesty, and the Republican Party did, because it was the only thing to save them. If they didn’t sign up for amnesty and show the Hispanics they respect them and love them, they would never win the White House again.

So Obama doing executive order amnesty, of course it’s unconstitutional. I don’t accept it, and I don’t validate it, but if there’s nobody in Washington willing to stand up and say, “Hey, don’t. You can’t,” or try to stop him from doing it, then you might get the impression it’s being validity as people discuss it. I only discuss it that way ’cause I don’t see anybody opposed to it.

CALLER: I mean, if an illegal immigrant gets arrested, he stands before the judge. The judge is looking at a rule book. The illegal immigrant just looks at the judge and says, “It’s okay. Obama gave me the nod.” I mean, at that point, why do we even have a courthouse? What is the whole point of courts and laws?

RUSH: Well, bingo! That’s the whole point about the immigration laws that we have today. None of ’em are being… Well, not none. Very few of them are being really enforced. That’s the whole point of this. You know, Arizona passes their own version of the federal immigration laws, and Obama sues them! You know, Arizona wanted to do what it could to enforce laws the federal government wasn’t, and Obama sues them and says, “You don’t have the right! Immigration law is a federal proposition and you can’t get involved in it.” So they sued the state of Arizona.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But that’s the whole thing. Lawlessness doesn’t seem to bother anybody. Extra-constitutionalism, behaving outside the bounds. I mean, you can get away with anything if nobody’s gonna try to stop you. If the cops stopped enforcing murder, you could get away with that.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: If prosecutors stopped prosecuting people for domestic violence, you’d get away with that. It’s all a matter of what kind of spine you’re gonna have enforcing the laws that you’ve got.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And because of the historical aspect of the Obama presidency, we can’t discuss impeachment. Obama would love it. I really think that a large portion of Obama’s taunting and threatening to do amnesty before Labor Day, coupled with a couple of other things he proposed, I think he was desperately trying to get the Republicans to start talking about impeaching him.

Because the Democrats believe that if the Republicans did that, that they would lose every bit of electoral momentum they have for the November midterms. ‘Cause they believe the American people don’t want any part of the first African-American president being impeached or criticized or mistreated or what have you. I think Obama’s been taunting them.

There hadn’t been a single Republican who had even mentioned impeachment, and yet if you look at news media every day and listen to Democrats, that’s all you heard! You heard Obama say (impression), “Every day, you know what? They’re talking about suing me! Every day they’re talking about impeaching me,” and they weren’t. And then the media would repeat it.

“Republicans behind closed doors are considering the prospects of impeaching Obama,” and they weren’t. The Democrats and Obama put it out there anyway trying to goad the Republicans into doing it. The Democrats can’t run for reelection here on anything positive. There is not one thing the Democrat Party can run on for reelection that is premised on, “You want more of this? You like what we’re doing so far? You want to keep us in power?”

There’s none of that. The only hope they have is to scare people away from the Republicans and back to the Democrats. This is actually worth a bit more discussion from a political and scientific perspective, ’cause it’s fascinating to watch how the Democrats and the media are trying to pull this of, and how the Republicans are — you know, I’m looking at the fact — gave rise to this, I’m looking at the fact there still isn’t a whole lot of polling data out there on these November races.

Do you remember all those times when Bush’s approval number fell to the thirties and CNN could not stop reporting it like a hundred times in a five-hour period? I think Obama’s 38% approval in Gallup has yet to be mentioned in the Drive-Bys. The major networks have not mentioned it, not once. They are not talking about the polls they have that show Democrats getting shellacked.

But there’s two different kinds of polls. There are the national polls, but then when you get into individual states, some of these Democrat Senators are actually leading in their polls. One that doesn’t make any sense to a lot of people is Kay Hagan in North Carolina. She’s actually leading in that poll against this guy named Tillis, but other polls that are taken that show national intentions, Republican and Democrat voters, she’s getting shellacked by six to eight points.

So a lot of people don’t know what to make of the polling data and they’re really confused by it, and some are disheartened by it. So the Republicans, as a result — can anybody tell me what they stand for? This is one of the biggest blown opportunities I’ve ever seen. And yet the Republicans believe that the only thing they have to gain by speaking up is losing. They really do. They think the Democrats are committing such suicide that the active theory of standing aside, letting them keep doing it, is the operative strategy right now.

There is no alternative being pitched, mentioned or proposed, in terms of turning around the economy, in terms of immigration. Pick any policy that the Democrats are blowing to smithereens, there isn’t an alternative to it being presented by the Republicans. Maybe in local races, but there’s not a national Republican message. There’s not a national Republican identity right now, other than we’re not Obama, other than our guys do economics better. But even that’s being left to assumption.


RUSH: Now, folks, let me admit something. I know what the Republicans are afraid of, and in a way — well, I don’t want to say I understand the fear. The Republicans are afraid of the War on Women. They’re scared to death about it. It’s silly. It doesn’t make any sense, but for some reason they are convinced that it helped the Democrats and worked for ’em. Now, there’s a poll out there that we had the last couple days, I think it was in Sunday’s papers, and it depressed the Drive-Bys.

The Democrats and Obama have lost a huge chunk of support from women. I mean, they’re way, way down. And everybody’s trying to figure out why, what’s happened? You know, how could that be? The War on Women was so successful.

Here’s how they want women to think of Republicans. Totally anti-abortion, totally anti-contraception, which then means that Republicans don’t want women having sex, because if you’re not going to pay for the contraception, you obviously don’t want them having sex. This is how it works. This is what the Republicans are afraid of. They don’t have a rejoinder for it. They don’t have a response to any of these outrageous, absurd claims.

It’s the same type of thing when it comes to Hispanics. It’s same type of thing when it comes to blacks. The Republicans still believe in slavery. They still support the rich. They don’t want you to have any money. They don’t want you to get a job. They don’t want you to ever pay off your student loan. I mean, Pelosi the other day, Pelosi’s out there saying the election of Republicans would be the end of civilization as we know it. She was dead serious. And of course the media doesn’t portray that as a literally lunatic thing to say. They give it serious acknowledgement. And the reaction to it is, “Well, you know, it does sound a bit out there, but we must examine what it is she really means. Why would a serious politician claim that the election of Republicans means the end of civilization?”

And then they’ll move to the War on Women as a way of analyzing it. And then they’ll say the Republicans think you ought to buy your own birth control. They don’t think that they should be buying your birth control, therefore they don’t want you to have sex. And they don’t want you having any fun, and they don’t want you having any abortions and any of this. All of it is positioned, it’s like the way the Democrats used to do way back a long time ago when it worked. The Democrats, every election cycle, would tell old people that the Republicans wanted to take away their Social Security. They would tell old people that the Republicans wanted to kick them out of their houses. Every election cycle. Every one. It’s absurd. It never has happened.

There have never been any Social Security cuts, number one. And number two, there was never any effort to end it. Republicans have never supported ending Social Security. And yet the Democrats accused the Republicans every election cycle. Why did it work? It worked because if you are a seasoned citizen and that is all you’ve got, you can’t take the chance that the Democrats might be telling you the truth or that they might be lying to you. If somebody that you respect as a politician is telling you that the Republicans want to take away the only thing you’ve got to live on, your Social Security, you’re not gonna take the time to seriously analyze the stupidity and folly of that. You’re just gonna keep voting Democrat ’cause you don’t want to take the risk.

It’s the same approach that they’re using primarily to single women. Single women, minority, unmarried women are who they aim all of these allegations about Republicans to. The Republicans don’t want you to be able to have sex. They don’t want you to be able to have an abortion. They don’t want you to be able to get contraception. That’s why, I forget who did it, a Republican actually suggested making birth control totally over the counter, no prescription, and part of some kind of benefit.

A Republican supported it. And the Democrats panicked, the Democrats got scared, “Oh, my God, if they do that,” and they attempted to come out against it, because it would take away such a huge — what, a Republican suggested over-the-counter birth control as a welfare benefit? It would take the weapon away. But, see, that’s what Republicans have been reduced to doing in an effort to beat this stuff, essentially give the Democrats what they want.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there are at least four Republicans now advocating over-the-counter birth control. Mike McFadden in Minnesota. McFadden is running against Al Franken. Remember the name Mike McFadden. He’s a great candidate, and he’s up against Al Franken. Cory Gardner from Colorado; Thom Tillis, North Carolina; Ed Gillespie, Virginia.

There are four, at least these four who are advocating over-the-counter birth control as a means of taking an issue away from the Democrats and helping to illustrate to women that this whole War on Women thing is silly. But, look, if you’re a woman, and you don’t have much, and it’s the only hope you’ve got if you accidentally get pregnant or whatever and you want to have an abortion, and you think the Republicans are not gonna let you?

And if you think the Republicans are not gonna let you have birth control, and if you think the Republicans really don’t want you having sex, are you gonna take the time to examine it intellectually, or are you just not gonna take the risk? This is the strategy of the Democrats, and the Republicans are worried to death about it. That’s one of the reasons why the policy. Now, you might say, “That’s a brilliant tactical move.”

It is, but at the same time, it advances what Democrats want. Now, even Planned Parenthood came out against it ’cause they don’t want Republicans getting credit for this. Planned Parenthood says, “Hey, wait a minute! It’s part of Obamacare. You guys can’t do that. You can’t do that! You…you…you…you…you…you can’t do that!” They don’t want the Republicans getting credit for this.

But at the same time, on over-the-counter birth control and any number of other things, the way to beat the Democrats in the eyes of many Republicans is beat Democrats to the punch in implementing the Democrat agenda. (chuckles) I’m sure that’s what the Republican thinking on amnesty is. “All right, well, let’s show ’em! Let’s just get there. Let’s be loud, let’s be supportive, let’s claim we love Hispanics, and that’s how we’ll take the issue away from the Democrats.”

But it isn’t beating them on it.

It’s actually accepting the Democrat premise and trying to get out in front of it.

It’s a problematic thing.

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