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RUSH: I don’t mind admitting this is the time of year that I end up feeling like I did when I was 10, 11 years old, 8-year-old, at Christmastime. New Apple stuff starts today. By the way, just a quick little bit of advice here. For those of you downloading iOS 8 today, listen to me on this. After you download iOS 8 and you begin the setup process, at some point you’re going to be given the option of signing into iCloud Drive. Don’t do it yet. It’s not meant to work properly until they release the new Mac operating system.

I don’t want to get into a long convoluted explanation. But if you use iCloud to sync documents and other things between your phone and your computer you will lose that sync ability if you activate iCloud Drive today. You can wait on it. October 21st is when Yosemite is coming. You can wait ’til then. It’s no big deal, but you can’t reverse it if you activate it. You can’t turn it off and go back. I mean, I could give you a bunch of tips, but that’s just the biggie.


RUSH: And we’re back, on the cutting edge of societal evolution, your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, chaos, misdirection, brute force, bullying.

Yes, and even iOS 8, which, I’m only gonna say one thing, something I just told the highly trusted and loyal staff. You’re gonna need to find somebody to give you a tutorial on this. This is without question the most comprehensive, detailed upgrade Apple has ever offered to its iPhone, iPad software. It is fabulous. It is fantastic. There are things throughout this that, if you just wait to discover them, could take you six months to go through them all, to find them all, and that’s not even talking about the stuff you’re gonna be able to do if you have a Mac when they update that operating system in October.

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