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RUSH: This is Scott in Little Rock in Arkansas. Scott, thank you for waiting. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much for taking my call. Twenty-four year dittos, and I can’t believe after 24 years of listening faithfully I’m calling about the NFL, of all things.

RUSH: (laughing) Maybe in the past you’re one of the stick-to-the-issues people?

CALLER: Yeah, exactly, and yet here I am calling about the NFL. I find it such an interesting juxtaposition.

RUSH: Well, it’s ironic, but it’s sweet justice. Anyway, I’m glad you got through.

CALLER: Well, thank you. I find it such an interesting juxtaposition that with all this going on with the Ray Rices, the Adrian Petersons, and like you mentioned earlier in the past, people like Ray Lewis, with all of those problems that they have, and yet no one on the planet remains more radioactive to an NFL owner than Tim Tebow, someone who is the exact opposite of everything that’s going on, everything he stands for.

RUSH: That is exactly right. But there is — I hate to say this — but there is a difference. But, look, I don’t want to destroy your moment here ’cause it’s a brilliant point. I mean, Tim Tebow is a model citizen. I mean, he is the antithesis of — the NFL wishes it had a league full of Tim Tebows who could play. Tim Tebow is insistent that he’s gonna be a quarterback and nothing else, and the experts, the coaches have determined he just can’t play that position at the NFL level.

He doesn’t want to be a tight end. He doesn’t want to be a linebacker. He wants to be a quarterback. Now, interestingly about Tebow, he’s just been hired at Good Morning America, and everybody loves him. Tim Tebow has been embraced open armed by ABC News at Good Morning America.


RUSH: RGIII, Robert Griffin III was wearing a Jesus T-shirt for the postgame press conference on Sunday in Washington, and they made him turn it inside out. They say it was because it was not a Nike shirt and players have to wear the approved apparel of the league, Nike stuff. That’s what they said.

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