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RUSH: This is Gus. Welcome, Gus. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Rooshki, I want to bring you back to 1984, one of the classic football games. It’s the Orange Bowl, the National Championship with the Miami Hurricanes against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Cornhuskers are underdogs, and it looks like they’re gonna get blown out. It goes up 17 to nothing fairly quickly. The ‘Huskers cannot throw the ball. They’ve tried and tried; they can’t throw it.

It’s third down, the ‘Huskers have the ball, they’ve got 17 yards to go for a touchdown, and everybody knows this is a running play. The announcers call it; everybody watches it happen. The ball’s hiked, the quarterback hands it off to the running back — or appears to hand it off. Everybody runs right. Both teams are running right. In the meantime, what nobody saw was the quarterback intentionally fumbled when the ball was hiked so the ball is sitting on the ground.

Both teams are running to the right. One of the bruising linemen picks it up for Nebraska, runs left all the way in for a touchdown. That was the birth of one of the greatest plays, the old fumblerooski. I don’t know if you remember the fumblerooski, Rush, but let me tell you: I think our president is the middle of pulling a fumblerooski on us.

He had an immigration law “ball” in his hand ready to shove down our throats. But now it’s sitting on the ground. He intentionally threw it down. And while everybody is looking right, at the midterm elections, at the beheadings by ISIS, that ball is sitting there. And, I can assure you, either himself or one of his henchmen is about to pick that up and run it in.

And we’re going to have one of the worst immigration liabilities we’ve ever had. Down in Houston, our schools are overcrowded right now because we cannot — we don’t have the space for the illegal immigrants that we have to — or the illegal aliens that we have to — house and school here. It is going to be an unbelievable problem, and we’re doing nothing about it.

RUSH: All right, now, I had not remembered the fumblerooski. I know of the Bummerooski, a play popularized by the late Oilers coach Bum Phillips. But the fumblerooski? I have a vague memory of what you’re talking about.

CALLER: Rush —

RUSH: Hang on. Just a question about the game. That was the first touchdown Nebraska scored. Did they come back and win the game?

CALLER: No. They came back and it was one of the greatest games ever. They lose 52-50 by missing a last-second two-point conversion. They don’t score it so the game doesn’t get tied.

RUSH: Right, and it was all because they couldn’t through the ball. They had to run it. They even had to fake a rub right in order score a touchdown on a fumble.

CALLER: And nobody saw it, Rush.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That ball is sitting there be with the announcers didn’t see it. They’re all calling a run for the right.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That lineman picks it up just runs to the left, he’s one of the few guys.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a great trick play. It’s like the Dolphins ran against the Chargers in, uhhhh, Miami 1980 playoffs, the hook and lateral.


RUSH: But, anyway, go back to your main thrust here, that Obama is doing a fumblerooski. While everybody is distracted, all of a sudden out of the blue in the next week, day, whatever, he’s gonna do executive amnesty. My only point in arguing with you on this — and I’m not really arguing. I’m playing devil’s advocate. He doesn’t have to do any trickery. He can do this whenever he wants, up front or not, because the end result — when he does it, however he does it — it’s gonna be the same. There is going to be outrage.

CALLER: My point is —

RUSH: If he does it now, if he does it after the election, whenever he does it, I don’t think it matters how.

CALLER: I don’t think anybody’s expecting it right now. They’re all waiting for the midterm elections.

RUSH: But there’s nothing we can do to stop him anyway, if he wants to do it. If he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it. We can’t stop it. Just because we know he’s gonna do it next Tuesday doesn’t mean we can gear up and stop him doing it next Tuesday.

CALLER: I may not be as smart as the next guy, but I gotta believe there’s something we can put in place to block this. The cost in Houston alone… My kids are in school down here, and their classes are overcrowded specifically because we have so many of the illegal kids that are in these schools. We don’t have housing for ’em. We’re bringing trucks, trailer trucks so the kids can go to school. It’s a travesty.

RUSH: Well, I don’t… All of that is true. I’m just looking here at the practical realities. You’ve got amnesty that he wants to do and said so. Her had everybody thinking he was gonna do it before Labor Day or around Labor Day. Democrats were all excited. He didn’t do it. Question: Why? I think why is because he couldn’t finagle it with Republican fingerprints on it. He knows. Look at his numbers on immigration.

Thirty percent approve, 60% disapprove.

There is no credit to accrue to him whenever he does it. Not that he cares about that, but he could arrange for Republican blame… Nobody’s gonna get any credit. The American people don’t want this. So if he sneaks it in, my point is, the impact is the same. The outrage is the same. Whether he does it in front of our eyes or does it as the result of fakery, the end result is still the same: Executive order amnesty. There is nothing stopping him. My point, Gus, is there’s nothing stopping him now but himself.

CALLER: I hate to think we’re gonna sit back and watch this one go through, but you very well may be right, Rush.

RUSH: Well, I… Now, wait. I’m not predicting one way or the other except to say I never — and I’m on record. I didn’t think he was gonna do this before the election. It’s going to cause damage. Obama may not be on the ballot, but he… (sigh) There’s a number of ways I can go here. Even though he doesn’t care so much about Democrats, I don’t think he wants something that could result in permanent damage to the Democrat Party.

But I also think, on the other hand, that he wouldn’t mind having a Republican-controlled Senate with a Republican controlled House. Because that way he could just blame everything that doesn’t get done on the Republicans and set everybody up for the Democrats sweeping in 2016.

But then on the other side of that, Gus, if he doesn’t have a Democrat Senate, he doesn’t get to put anymore judges on the Supreme Court.
And, believe me, that is a big deal. And he can’t do that with a Republican Senate. He needs the Democrats holding the Senate, ’cause there’s probably gonna be a vacancy or two, at least one, and he wants that. He wants that as much as he wants amnesty.

CALLER: On the plus side, Rush, maybe our government’s investing in some of this Alibaba stock and will have the cash to taken care of all of us.

RUSH: (laughing) Yeah, right. Gus, I love the way you’re thinking. My only disagreement is — and I could be wrong. We’ll let other people weigh in. I just don’t think he needs to fake anybody out, because there’s nothing stopping him now. By definition, if he’s gonna do this by executive order, he doesn’t need public support. He doesn’t need votes in Congress. He doesn’t need anything.

By definition, he is violating the Constitution.

So whenever he does it and however he does it… The only way that I can see him trying something like you suggest is if he really wanted to roll the dice and make it look like it happened and he had nothing to do with it. But how can he do that when it’s gonna happen by virtue of executive action? So I don’t disagree with your thinking that we’re always head faked.

They always attract our attention to something while other things are going on while nobody’s looking, the old magician’s trick. I don’t doubt that at all. It’s just in this case I don’t know why he would need trickery, ’cause he doesn’t need support. He doesn’t have any, and he’s not gonna get it. In fact it was the Democrats, supposedly, who leaned on him and begged him not to do this before the election, ’cause it would hurt them too much. We will see. But I love your analogy.


RUSH: Only one thing argues against my previously expressed theory, and it is this: Republicans never stop Democrat judicial nominees, anyway. So it could well be that Obama won’t care if he has a Republican or Democrat Senate. Now, on paper you would think he wouldn’t want Republicans because they would theoretically stop and object to his judicial nominees.

But the Republicans, they’re agreeing with him on everything to show how cooperative they can be. Oh, yes. So. (interruption) Yeah, the filibuster was wiped out by Harry Reid. It will be put back just in time for the Republicans not to be able to do it.

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