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RUSH: There was a giant climate march in New York (well, it was all over the country) over the weekend, and it was clear that anti-capitalism was really the objective here. That’s all the military environmental movement is, is a home for displaced communists, once the Berlin Wall fell. It would have been anyway. It’s made to order for deception. It’s made to order for campaigns of deceit.

Environmentalism allows practitioners to claim to have the best interests of everybody at heart. They want to save something — in this case the planet — and they want everybody to be participant in it. It’s been a brilliant campaign. The problem is, most people don’t care about it now, and most people don’t believe it. Most people have come to accept that it’s a hoax. This has only made the climate mob even more intense.

So they showed up, and some of the signs they were carrying yesterday made clear this is an anti-capitalist movement. One sign said, “I care more about my child than money. Do you?” Things like this. When you see a sign bashing the Koch brothers, you get an idea what it’s all about. But they made an absolute junk pile out of the place they were in in New York. They left a trail of trash — and they do that every time they do this.

Every time global warming people get together, any time Occupy… In fact, they’re turning Occupy Wall Street into Occupy the Climate right now, is essentially what’s happening. But anytime they get together, it’s a pigsty when they leave. You talk about pollution and dirt and filth and stinking up the environment? These people are the professionals at it. And, lo and behold, yesterday, Robert Kennedy Jr. showed up.

He was one of the leaders of the People’s Climate March in New York City. PJTV.com correspondent Michelle Fields caught up with him and we have a couple of sound bites. She said, “Mr. Kennedy, this is a pretty large event. Millions of fliers handed out, 400 buses filled with people coming here. Are you concerned about the damage to the environment, something like your event can cause?”

KENNEDY: We need this kind of event to save the environment. What I’m concerned with is the kind of damage that’s been caused by Exxon and the Koch brothers and by the oil wars that we’ve spent $4 trillion on over the last 10 years. The oil companies have subverted our democracy and are running our foreign policy and running our domestic policy is people power. They have the money on their side. We have the people on our side and we need to the people here to show that they don’t want to take it anymore.

RUSH: I didn’t hear much about the environment in there.

I heard a bunch of anti-capitalism and the usual bromides about no blood for oil — and, of course, the inclusion of the Koch brothers. By the way, folks, all of this (once again) is right out of a book made famous by Saul Alinsky called Rules for Radicals. What’s interesting about that is, a bunch of old letters that Hillary Clinton wrote way back when have surfaced back from her days at Wellesley University, Wellesley College, whatever, and her first days working in Oakland and Berkeley as a lawyer.

It turns out that she was sending letters to Alinsky left and right! Now, we know this, and it’s been talked about for years. Saul Alinsky. If you read Rules for Radicals, you will understand why Harry Reid’s doing what he’s doing invoking the Koch brothers name all the time and why RFK Jr. just did it here. But it’s funny, a lot of Drive-By Media people who are supposed to be fascinated about the events they cover, supposed to be curious?

According to some tweets that I’ve seen, the Drive-Bys cannot believe this guy Alinsky came up again. They thought they got rid of him after the first couple/three years of Obama. Now Alinsky is back? They are not the in the slightest curious about the role this guy, and his book Rules for Radicals, has in shaping what is now two prominent people in the Democrat Party, who both — one of them has become president, the other one wants to be.

Rules for Radicals has, in fact, become the manual, the owners manual for the Democrat Party at large. More on that as the program unfolds. I’m still setting the table. Next sound bite: Michelle Fields says to Robert Kennedy Jr., “Well, I don’t understand. You say gotta bring a bunch of buses in, you gotta do all this, gotta cause a lot of pollution in order to make news the event. Shouldn’t you lead by example and not be causing any pollution or mess?”

KENNEDY: I do lead by example.

FIELDS: So are you gonna give up your cell phone?

KENNEDY: No, I’m not gonna give up my cell phone.

FIELDS: Are you gonna give up your car?

KENNEDY: Are you gonna give up yours?

FIELDS: I’m not the one who’s here talking about the environment.

KENNEDY: No, I’m not going to stop using a cell phone, and I’m not gonna stop using… I don’t believe that we have to reduce our quality of life in order to have a rational free market, in order to stop the use of carbon, in order to divorce ourselves from a fuel that is destroying our planet. It’s much more popularity to change your politician than it is to change your lightbulb or your cell phone or your automobile.

RUSH: Whoa! Whoa-oh!

KENNEDY: That’s what you ought to be paying attention to rather than asking trivial and inane questions about whether or not what kind of car somebody drives or whether or not they use cell phones.

RUSH: There it is. There it is. You see, ladies and gentlemen? Typical liberalism. He wants you to change your life but he’s not gonna change his. He’s gonna use his phone. He’s gonna use his car. “Hey, are you gonna get rid of yours?” She says, “I’m not the one telling everybody to get rid of theirs, RFK Jr. You are!” And then he says, “Look, it’s more important to change your politician than to change your light bulb or your cell phone or your automobile.”

That’s gonna come as news to over half the kids who buy into this global warming crap, because he just gave up the ghost there in a moment of being caught.


RUSH: What I was going to say was that that interview — that little street interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. — is an example of what journalism used to be, for those of you who are too young to remember it. So here’s a guy, RFK Jr., telling everybody that they gotta get rid of their cars and they gotta stop using phones and they’ve got to start cleaning up the way they live ’cause they’re polluting the planet and destroying the climate, and we’re all gonna die.

And he’s been saying this for years.

But he drives his own SUV, he uses his own phone, he flies around in private jets, and the reporter said, “Well, are you gonna get rid of your cell phone? Are you gonna stop driving your car?” That doesn’t happen today. When a journalist of the day interviews somebody like Robert Kennedy Jr., they ask the setup question, they let him roll with whatever he wants to say.

They turn back to the camera and smile and say, “There you have it, from the climate march to save the world here in New York City! I’m so-and-so, CBS News,” blah, that’s it. This woman, Michelle Fields, actually asked, “Are you gonna get rid of your phone, sir? Are you gonna get rid of your car?” And he wasn’t used to that. He doesn’t get questions like that because he deals with a fawning media. He didn’t know what to say. He said, “No, I’m not gonna get rid of my cell phone! Are you gonna get rid of yours?”

That was so illustrative of the mind-set.

“No, I’m not gonna get rid of my cell phone. Are you gonna get rid of yours?”

“Sir, you’re the one telling everybody to get rid of theirs. Sir, you’re the one advocating everybody stop driving cars. Sir, you’re the one advocating that everybody forgo any progress or advancement in their life in order to ‘save the planet.’ So all I’m asking, are you gonna show leadership and do the same thing?”

That’s what journalism used to be. Journalists used to find hypocrisy in the powerful and point it out. Today, journalists have identified the powerful and they want to be included in them. They want to be buds. They want to be on the same team, and so they advance the agenda of these neophytes. RFK Jr. is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, and this interview illustrated that.

It’s a lost art.

It doesn’t happen in the Drive-By Media.

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