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RUSH: From The Daily Caller, written by Neil Munro. You remember the name Neil Munro ring a bell? There was a presidential appearance at the White House one day, last couple years. And the president made this announcement. There was supposed to be no questions asked but Neil Munro asked a question. Tsk-tsk! A no-no. Now, normally Sam Donaldson would have done this and it had been Reagan or Nixon? (applause) “Oh, man what a great journalist! What a great guy! This guy, Donaldson, he doesn’t take no for answer! He just bores right in.”

For Neil Munro, the journalists chased the guy down to the Washington Monument. They ran him out of the White House grounds. They were so mad at him for violating protocol. “There are no questions here, you idiot! You’re not supposed to ask questions. Don’t you understand, the president’s protected from people like you?” The press corps just jumped all over Neil Munro. But he’s still out there, still filing stories. This one is about an unreleased poll that shows Democrats are deeply split on amnesty.

Now, it is widely believed that the Democrat Party is 100%, full-bore behind amnesty. This poll says no. “Many Democrats and swing-voters strongly oppose President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, according to previously unreleased information from a poll by George Washington University’s Battleground poll.” You can see why this wouldn’t be released. It might undercut the news media’s lie that everybody’s crying for amnesty, especially for Democrats.

But this one shows there’s a big split in the Democrat Party over amnesty. “The August survey of 1,015 likely voters showed that ObamaÂ’s immigration policy faces lopsided ‘strong’ opposition and ‘somewhat’ opposition, yielding 57% opposition to 38% support.” It’s worse than that now. I think it’s the NBC News/Wall Street Journal, might be ABC/Washington Post, whatever, Gallup. Obama’s 30% approval on amnesty, 60% disapproval.

“One of the polling firms sent the Daily Caller data showing how many demographic groups strongly opposed or supported ObamaÂ’s immigration policies. … The new data showed that 114 ‘conservative Democrats’ split 28% strongly against and 23% strongly for ObamaÂ’s immigration policies.” The bottom line is, without going through all the details here, that there is a big gap between support and disapproval of amnesty even in the Democrat Party. Now, what does that tell you?

It tells me that an anti-amnesty candidate could attract a lot of Democrat votes. But it seems like both parties are all-in for amnesty. And we know why. We’ve talked about it numerous times. I just thought it would be interesting to pass on. Even among Democrat voters, there is a wide gap between approval and disapproval for amnesty. Speaking of which, Obama, the pro-amnesty group that was salivating for Obama to issue his executive order granting amnesty by Labor Day was sorely disappointed.

They were beside themselves, very angry — Luis Gutierrez, Illinois among them. So they been running around crying about it, and the words come out of the White House, “Don’t sweat it! It is gonna happen. Don’t panic. It is gonna happen. It’s gonna happen before the end of the year. Don’t worry about it.” So the Regime is continuing to send signals to the pro-amnesty groups that it is gonna happen. He’s just waiting for the right moment. Now, what is “the right moment to do it”.

When there’s no popular support for it, when there is no credit to accrue for doing it… In other words, whoever does this, whoever signs off on amnesty — be it by executive order or legislation — whoever is seen as making it happen is not gonna be applauded. There isn’t any credit to be had here. It’s only blame and probably some pain at election time. So, under what circumstances would Obama do this, if there’s no credit to be had?

Now, clearly Obama doesn’t care about that. Obama has a much larger agenda, with amnesty, and that is the further transformation of America and anything he can do to take down what have been the traditions and institutions that have defined greatness. But what circumstance would it be? If Labor Day wasn’t right, and if now maybe not even before the election, at what point is it right? Since there’s not popular support for it, what is the occasion, what is the impetus for it?

If nobody’s gonna get credit for it, nobody’s gonna be applauded for it, or if no majority support for it exists, then when and why remain the big questions. I have always maintained that since whoever does this is gonna really get shellacked — I mean, whoever is seen as making this happen is gonna get really ripped — my view is that Obama is still trying to figure out a way to see to it that the Republicans have fingerprints on it — and, if he can do it, see to it that they are the ones who are seen as making it happen.


RUSH: Okay, so Obama originally said that he was gonna grant executive amnesty by Labor Day. Then Labor Day came and went, and nothing. And then they said, “Well, it’s gonna happen before Election Day.” And then they said, “No, it’s not gonna happen. It’s gonna happen after Election Day, but before Thanksgiving.”

They keep putting it off, and again, the reason is, whoever is seen as responsible is not gonna get applauded. It’s not supported. And they keep moving it back. Now the latest is, from the Obama camp — these are people that are being told by sources close to Obama, Democrats that want this, media people that want it — are being told by people close to Obama, it will happen before the end of the year.

All right. What is going on that might make the end of the year relevant? I think that it’s all going to be gauged by what happens to Mary Landrieu. There is a high likelihood, ladies and gentlemen, that Mary Landrieu’s Senate race in Louisiana is gonna go to a runoff in December. Not guaranteed, obviously, but some of the smart thinking suggests that she’s gonna find herself in a runoff. So they had to come off of the Thanksgiving target, Thanksgiving after the election. They had to come off of it.

They can’t do this before the Senate is decided, ’cause it’s gonna destroy any Democrat who is incumbent or otherwise seeking the Senate. Well, it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be a big obstacle. They know it’s gonna be poison. They know that there is no credit that’s gonna be given for this. If they announce that they’re gonna do amnesty before her runoff — and they’re gonna wait. If she finds herself in a runoff, you wait. They’re not gonna announce amnesty until after that runoff election, because she will lose otherwise. If they do amnesty — and they need Landrieu to keep the Senate. Let’s just see if that doesn’t work out.

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