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RUSH: My friends, I have another See, I Told You So. Three See, I Told You Sos in one day, all three big ones, all three major ones. I was the first… I think I was the first. There might have been somebody that came up with it before I did. Not sure. In explaining the value of Obama as “the first African-American president,” I said it insulated him from any criticism. Remember the early days when so many people who voted for Obama thought doing so would show how non-racist the country finally had become?

And we were once again good people and that so many people had voted for Obama simply because he was African-American would demonstrate that this country is no longer a bunch of racist pigs. Instead what happened was that Obama’s race was used as a giant insulation. He was immune to criticism. Any criticism of Obama as the president or his policies was immediately chalked up to racism, and therefore it was rejected — and it was said to be illegitimate, unwise, unimportant because it was unserious.

It was all rooted in race, and this had one really practical impact. It shut up the Republican Party. The Republican Party just went mute. They didn’t want to be called racist. They didn’t want that out there during reelection campaigns. So they shut up. It worked. So no criticism of Obama was permitted because none of it was considered valid. It was all said to be rooted in racism. You know this as well as I do. Now, I do know that I was first in forecasting this, because during the salad days…

Remember, right after Obama had been elected but before he was inaugurated everybody was thinking that this was one of the most wonderful things that had ever happened, ’cause now the American people had finally proven they no longer were racist and we had shed the original sin of slavery. This one act had done all that, and here I came pouring cold water on everything, telling everybody, “If you think that, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s going to be just the opposite.

“This country — it’s not gonna take very long — is going to be said to be more racist than ever, because here we’ve got the first African-American president, and what’s happening? People are criticizing him. And what does that mean? ‘It proves that the country’s still racist! They can’t tolerate a black man as president. They criticize him left and right,'” and that’s exactly what happened. It was then that I warned everybody that the Democrats maybe had planned this.

But if not, certainly had learned from it, so their next nominee would be a woman, and the same thing! “First female president! No criticism permitted. Any criticism that’s offered is sexist and part of the War on Women.” Then after the first woman serves, then the Democrats will nominate the first Hispanic and repeat the whole thing. “First Hispanic president! No criticism permitted. If you criticize, you’re a bigot.” From the Tea Party News Network: “Last week, Scottie Hughes made an appearance on Fox News’ the O'[Baxter] Factor where she warned that the…” (laughing) Ahem.

Take two in three, two, one. “Last week, Scottie Hughes made an appearance on Fox News’ the OÂ’Reilly Factor where she warned that the progressive mafia, in preparation for Hillary 2016, are starting to establish a narrative that asserts women are under attack and that the sexism danger must confronted.” Scottie is a commentator on Fox, by the way. Scottie Hughes a commentator, and Scottie Hughes out there saying sexism is gonna be the new black, and Hillary is the next protected victim.

Now, congratulations to Scottie Hughes. She’s called it exactly right, and that’s why I’m doing the piece. This is a See, I Told You So, because other people are now beginning to see what’s in store. “The narrative inevitably continues with any legitimate critique of Hillary, when she inevitably runs, is not legitimate because itÂ’s sexist-based. This game was played before or as Mrs. Hughes eloquently put it, ‘This came right out of the election 2008 playbook.'”

So the Tea Party News Network is praising one of its own, but you have heard about this for the past two, maybe four years. This was easily spotted. And as I say, when they get around, if they do succeed nominating Hillary or electing her, then the next — after her whatever number of years, eight, 16, 24, whatever. The next nominee will be Hispanic, and just repeat the same thing. This is how they’re planning on doing it.

It’s the Tea Party News Network is running the story warning everybody, but you, my friends, See, I Told You So, on the cutting edge.


RUSH: This is Vickie in Shawano, Wisconsin. Hello, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, hi, Rush. It is such a pleasure to talk to you, such an honor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Just a quick comment. My husband and I used to live in Honolulu, and we would stay up in the early morning just to watch your TV show ’cause we love Koko the gorilla, and we loved when he did sign language.

RUSH: Was that not funny?

CALLER: Is he still in the West Maui mountains?

RUSH: I just couldn’t contain myself laughing myself silly when we had Koko the gorilla on.

CALLER: It was great. We loved it. Thank you so much for the laughs.

RUSH: Thank you. Koko is now running RushLimbaugh.com, by the way.

CALLER: Oh, great, great! You took him out of the forest preserve to give him a real job. Thank you.

RUSH: (laughing) That’s true.

CALLER: But my question and comment, you were talking earlier about the Democrats wanting to run someone who was gonna be the first woman president, and later on the first Hispanic. Well, what I think the Republicans should do in 2016 is to run Susana Martinez. Contrast to Hillary, it would be a contrast in character, competency, and charisma. And you need to win Ohio, so you run Rob Portman as her vice president. It would be a winning thing. I mean, that would squash the Democrats.

RUSH: Well, you know what would happen. I appreciate your thinking on this, and I know why you’re thinking it. Let me tell you what would happen. Let’s say it’s Julian Castro who the Democrats nominate. Ah, let’s stick with Hillary. Let’s just stick with her. Hillary is gonna be the Democrat nominee in 2016 and they got this grandiose plan that she’s gonna be elected and therefore the first female president can’t be criticized. Republicans decide, okay, we’ll fight fire with fire. Here’s Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico. We’ll put her up there. She’s not only Hispanic. She’s female as well.

What the media would say is she’s not legitimate Hispanic just like Clarence Thomas is not a legitimate African-American. She’s not legitimate Hispanic and they would question how she could possibly be a real woman being in a Republican Party since they’re conducting a War on Women, and they would attack her, they would attack her as unreal and illegitimate and not down for the struggle for women and traitorous and all that. That’s how they would do it. I’m not saying they would succeed, but that’s what their reaction — it would not quiet the critics, is my point.

CALLER: But she’s a tough cookie. I think she’s got more you-know-what than a lot of the men.

RUSH: I know she is. My point is, it doesn’t matter who she is or what she is. If she’s a Republican female Hispanic, she’s the enemy. They’re not gonna reward her toughness. They’re gonna say it’s phony. They’re gonna call her a traitor. They’re gonna do everything they can to discredit her with the people they’re trying to convince to vote for Hillary, because she’s the real woman, if you can believe that.

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