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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, just asked me down the IFB, “Speaking of sports reporters, is the NFL domestic abuse thing over?”

What makes you think it’s over? They just found… (interruption) Well, they’re not through trying to get Goodell. They lost the first round, I think. I think what happened is there was a story that came out early this week quoting several owners in which it was made clear that Goodell is not even on thin ice unless the Mueller investigation finds him to have been lying about what he knew about that tape inside the elevator.

He has said that he never knew. He never saw that tape, didn’t know what was on it, and that Ray Rice’s explanation was sort of ambiguous. If the Mueller investigation reveals Goodell was lying, the owners are on the record as saying that’d be a problem. But right now the owners are saying, “We have no desire to make a change,” which has kind of shut the first wave of “Get Goodell!” media focus down.

But, Mr. Snerdley, there was a story just last night. There’s a Dallas Cowboys player who’s been accused in the last couple days of domestic abuse. I didn’t even read the details of the story. (interruption) It’s never over. You haven’t read anything about the Redskins name change this week, either, but do you think that’s over? It’s not over. This Sunday is the first Sunday where it’s all pink in the NFL.

This coming Sunday is when pink month starts. You think that’s not gonna gin up a whole bunch of new chatter about this? Believe me, they have not given up on the quest. It would be bad form to talk about “getting a scalp” here, I think, but you get the drift. They haven’t given up on the dream of getting Goodell. Do not think that. That’s not the way they operate. They never say, “Oops! Well, didn’t work that time.”

How many times have they come after me, Mr. Snerdley, when you thought it was over and that they have given it their best shot? They keep coming. So they’re gonna keep going after Goodell, too. You wait. Time will tell. (interruption) Well, some days I’m a fundraising vehicle; other days I pose a real threat. That’s why I think they’d really be worried if they actually did get rid of me ’cause they couldn’t fund-raise off of me.

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