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RUSH: Now, I asked at the beginning of the program, is it fair to ask, we’re gonna beat George W. Bush up for Katrina. Where does Obama come in for similar treatment when it comes to Ebola? I mean, there’s no comparison. Katrina was one of the smoothest, most efficient operations you can imagine, compared to the way this Ebola circumstance is being dealt with. So this morning on CNN’s New Day, they had a fill in co-host there, John Berman.

He spoke with Van Jones, the former communist — well, current communist but former member of the Regime. The host said to Van Jones, “Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, admittedly no fan of the president, wrote a letter to the FAA and he released a statement that said, ‘Due to the Obama [Regime]’s unclear approach to addressing the threat of the Ebola virus, Americans — particularly the Texans — who possibly have been exposed, deserve specific answers to how the administration is addressing travel to and from the countries impacted by the disease.”

People in Texas, all over this country pretty soon are gonna want to know what is being done to isolate this disease. What is being done to isolate those who have it? What’s being country to prevent it from spreading. Cruz simply released a letter and a statement to the FAA, asking what they are doing, and then the info guy, the reporter at CNN said to Van Jones, “Now, leave aside the travel for a second here. He said, ‘the unclear approach to addressing the threat of Ebola.’ Is that fair, Van Jones? Is that fair to characterize the administration’s behavior here, that it is ‘unclear and is disorganized’? Is that fair?”

JONES: Certainly not fair coming from Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz helped shut America’s government down this time this year, including the CDC. Luckily he wasn’t engaged in those shenanigans this year because it turns out you need the CDC, you need America’s government. I’m very concerned that there’s nothing bad that can happen to America that a certain section of Republicans won’t try to use to attack the president. The good thing about this country right now, three things. We have a military can go over there and respond. We have, um, a CDC that’s strong, funded, and aggressively dealing with this, and, by the way (snickers), we have Obamacare. Now, a lot more people, if they get sick, they can go to a doctor, they can get checked out.

RUSH: There, do you believe this? The reason why we should have no fear whatsoever, the reason why none of us have anything to worry about, is we got Obamacare. We’ve got Obamacare. So now a lot more people can get sick and can go to the doctor and can get checked out because we’ve got Obamacare.

Obamacare is a disaster! Obamacare has not resulted in one thing it was promised to do, but as far as this guy’s concerned, the reality doesn’t matter. All you have to do is say, “Obamacare is gonna cut premiums. Obamacare means, ‘You like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep it.’ Obamacare’s gonna lower costs. Obamacare’s gonna treat you,” and it magically does all that, just because you say it.

I told you yesterday they’d blame the sequester for Ebola, and that’s what he’s doing here, when he starts attacking Ted Cruz for shutting down the CDC, that was the government shutdown with the sequester. Every prediction I make, they see to it that it comes true.

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