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RUSH: “Neighbors of the Ebola patient in…” Have you heard this? I was wondering how long this was gonna take, and it’s happened. The Reverend Jackson is on his way to Dallas. Grab audio sound bite number 14. Roger Staubach’s daughter is a member of the Dallas City Council. Now, Dallas City Council elections are officially nonpartisan, but the neighbors of the Ebola patient feel discriminated against.

That’s the magic word: Discrimination. They feel discriminated against. That is sending up a flare. It’s the equivalent of sending up a flare to the Monochrome Coalition and a request for the Reverend Jackson to arrive on the scene. They are discriminated against. “Residents in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood of Dallas are living near the epicenter of the Ebola scare in North Texas.

“Now, they say they’re facing a different challenge — discrimination. Thomas Duncan stayed at an apartment in the community before being diagnosed with Ebola and admitted into Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.” Just wait ’til the people living near the Duncan family’s new undisclosed residence find out who their neighbors are. That’s gonna be a whole new set of fireworks.

“Dallas City Council member Jennifer Staubach Gates says that she met with over 30 community leaders on Monday, trying to assess the needs of the residents.” These are all illegal aliens — well, I don’t know about all, but quite a few of them are living on visas that have expired. She said she went there… Well, she’s down there try to assess the needs of these discriminated-against residents.

“Most are concerned about the possible stigma of living near the apartment building.” Thirty community organizers in this one neighborhood. Now, “‘Unfortunately, they are feeling discriminated against,’ said Gates. ‘We still have some that have been turned away from jobs. Some that have been turned away at retail locations. WeÂ’re getting them in touch with legal aid and any resources necessary.'”

This is a press conference. This is, again, is Jennifer Staubach Gates in Dallas yesterday.

GATES: I’m speaking kind of as a voice for the Vickery Meadow neighborhood that I represent. Unfortunately, they are feeling discriminated against. We still have some that have been turned away from jobs, some that have been turned away at retail locations. We’re getting them in touch with legal aid and any resources necessary.

RUSH: Do you believe this, folks? Based on their address, they’re being discriminated against. Based on their address! (interruption) Well, because there was an Ebola patient in there, and now… (interruption) Well, I don’t know how the… (interruption) Oh, you mean how does it actually manifest? Okay, so a resident of Vickery Meadow showed up at, say, Walmart to trying to get a part-time job which Walmart is now not paying health benefits for.

Have you seen that? Walmart eliminating health benefits for part-timers? Did you see that? You didn’t see that? Oh, well, that’s that one of the reasons why they support Obamacare, could it not be? Hello, Costco? How are you gonna deal with this? Anyway, so what happens? Somebody from Vickery Meadow goes to Walmart, say, to buy some bleach, and somebody at Walmart says, “A-ha!

“You’re from Vickery Meadow! We’re not selling you bleach!” How do they know? How do they know where they’re from? But they’re being discriminated against. The translation of this is, community leaders have realized there’s taxpayer money available here because of Mr. Duncan. Discrimination! Here’s some people that recently arrived, or have not been here very long from Liberia, and they already know how it works.

Discriminated against! But forget that. I mean… You know, there’s no win. I mean, I could spell out exactly what this is and I’d be the one who gets the grief if I even get anywhere near it. (laughing) Anyway… (interruption) I don’t know if “there’s a handbook on Shaking Down America 101.” Nah, it’s just the news media. If you can have access to American news, you see how this all works.

But they knew enough to call the Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Jackson’s on his way or else has arrived. Discrimination: The magic word.

Anyway, I… Nah, just let it speak for itself.


RUSH: On the phones we go to Maitland, Florida, this is Alise, and great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Good morning, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: I’m okay. Good to have you here.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much. I know the answer to this, but I think it needs to be asked. I don’t remember reading about this. Who is paying for all the medical bills for the patient in Dallas, the Ebola patient who evidently is not a citizen of the United States? Who’s paying for all that?

RUSH: I always thought that he was.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: Is that not right? I just assumed people paid their own, ’cause he doesn’t have health insurance.

CALLER: Well, I would assume he doesn’t. I mean, he’s not a citizen, so technically he shouldn’t have health insurance here, right?

RUSH: I know he doesn’t have health insurance. He’s a citizen of Liberia. I don’t think Obamacare’s spread there yet. So I just assumed he was paying for it himself.

CALLER: Well, I’m sure you’re right. Probably the people that — in Dallas, too, that need the legal aid, because they’re being discriminated against, they’re probably paying for that themselves, too, right?

RUSH: Well, I don’t understand that. I really don’t. They say they’re being discriminated against. They don’t even live in the same apartment complex that this guy lived in. Let me get this straight now. They live in the Ivy Apartments. That’s where the fiancee of the Ebola patient lived. This is a whole different neighborhood that’s claiming that they’re being discriminated against.

CALLER: Wow. Well, I bet you they’re paying for their own legal bills, though, don’t you think?

RUSH: Right, yeah, that’s what I assumed. I assumed if they didn’t have Obamacare they’d be paying for their — no, I’m being facetious, obviously, folks. It’s gotta be Medicaid. It has to be Medicaid. Medicaid is health care for the poor. It’s got to be, which means that you and I, the taxpayers, will pay for it. The taxpayers are on the hook either way, be it for the legal aid or for the medical treatment for Ebola.

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