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RUSH: I do have time to tell you one thing about our new book, ’cause when I was asked earlier in the last hour, “Rush, what are you reading now?” you know, I could have taken that occasion to plug my new Rush Revere book, but I didn’t.

But there’s something else that we’ve done. We are really building up the Adventures of Rush Revere as a brand, as an event, and what we’ve done now, folks, we have created a Web page, a Facebook page for the Adventures of Rush Revere. And we’re gonna make big use of this. We’re gonna be posting awesome letters and photos that come in to us, that people are sending us.

The horse, Liberty, is getting e-mails. People send various e-mails to the characters. They send us pictures of their family sitting around reading. They send us videos. We’re gonna use this Facebook page to show you some of these things. Besides, the horse, Liberty, has pretty much been pushing for this and of course he wants tons and tons of “likes” on the Facebook page.

The address is www.Facebook.com/RushRevere.

We’ve got this new website that we built, RushRevere.com.

And we’ve got this great video trailer, if you will, of the new book that’s available pre-order announced this week, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, which is dedicated to the US military. The story is about a guy who deploys to Afghanistan and his son doesn’t understand it and via time-travel back to events in American history, it all becomes clear to him. He ends up loving his dad, respecting his dad like never before, it’s so great.

We’re dedicating this to the military because it goes on sale the end of this month, perfectly timed for Veterans Day. So I wanted to make sure before the broadcast ended this week that I mentioned the Facebook page ’cause it’s something new, so is the website. We’re so proud of this. And you guys have made this, you’ve put it at number one, number two on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the pre-orders.

It blows us away. We never, ever take this stuff for granted, constantly in gratitude for it. We’re trying to share as much of it, and share with you as much as we’re getting from people who read the books and like them, and that’s what the Facebook page is about. So again, it’s www.Facebook.com/RushRevere.


RUSH: Phil in Newburgh, Indiana. Seven years old? We have a seven-year-old on the phone. Hi, Phillip. Great to have you on the program. How are you?


RUSH: Well, I’m glad you called. What’s up? What’s shaking?

CALLER: Rush Revere dittos!

RUSH: Oh, thank you very much.

CALLER: You’re welcome.

RUSH: Is there anything else, Phillip?


RUSH: What is it?

CALLER: Are you going to write more books?

RUSH: I am definitely gonna write more books. Definitely. In fact, there’s a new one, we just announced this week that’ll be out at the end of this month.


RUSH: Would you like a copy of it?


RUSH: Well, I’ll send you one, Phillip. I’ll tell you what: When we finish talking here, do not hang up your phone, and the man who answered will get your address, if your parents will let me. It’s totally up to them, and if your parents will let us, we’ll send you a copy of the new book when it comes out. It’s Rush Revere and the American Revolution.


RUSH: You bet. If you liked the first two, you will love this one. I guarantee it.

CALLER: Are you going to write about the Alamo?

RUSH: Well, you never know. I mean, the Alamo is definitely part of American history, and that’s the great thing here, Phillip. The subject matter, the things that we can write about are endless. So I can’t say for sure that that we’re gonna write about the Alamo, but my hope is that this adventure series — ’cause we try to take things to some semblance of the order in which they happened in history. So we wouldn’t we wouldn’t go from, say, the battle of Bunker Hill to the Alamo. We would go in what’s called chronological order. We would get there as these events happened in history. I hope that we’re writing these books long enough to get to the Alamo, and I guarantee you this, Phillip: If we do you can count on the fact that it’s going to be the real story.


RUSH: All right? Now, don’t hang up here, Phillip.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley can get your address. Mr. Snerdley, see if you can get a parent’s permission here for the address to send the new book when it comes out. Rush Revere and the American Revolution. This one… I mean, I like ’em all, but you get better as you go, and this is not to slight the first two. We’ve got this really tight team that puts these books together, and work really hard on ’em. You need an iron butt to do this, and there’s a great sense of achievement when it’s all done. We use George Toma’s own philosophy that you’re never really finished. Because after you do everything, you have to then do a little bit more, and that’s the way we approach it. That’s why we announced this Facebook page today, to bring it even more visibility. It’s Facebook.com/RushRevere.

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