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RUSH: Jim in Parachute, Colorado. Great to have you on the program. Thanks for jumping in here.

CALLER: Proud to be part of the fastest three hours on radio. I called you, Rush, to let you know why people do not get tired of listening to you. I heard a guy the other day tell you that. And I was thinking why that is, because I listen to other people and I find myself turning them a lot of the time. Number one, you’re informative like everybody else. But you also do not sound like you’re complaining.

RUSH: That’s key. Well, thank you for that. Appreciate that.

CALLER: Another thing, too, I find that you’re not repetitive. You make your point and you move on to another interesting point.

RUSH: That’s another interesting thing you say, because sometimes I worry I repeat things too many times. I’ve evolved that purposely because I found it takes that sometimes in order for a point to actually get made. You have to say it over and over again. I’m glad to hear you say that this program doesn’t seem repetitive. That’s great. Appreciate that.

CALLER: You don’t repeat the same talking points over and over is what I mean. You always have a different way of getting your point across.

RUSH: Oh, yes. I get it. That’s true. That’s something I’ve strived for.

CALLER: When you have to listen to the same phrase over and over, you just want to turn the channel. You’re very perceptive, sir, shrewd and perceptive. I appreciate it. Like I appreciated that guy that day who said that he never gets tired of listening to me. That’s very meaningful to me. I really appreciate you saying that.

CALLER: I wish you were still on Monday Night Football, too.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, I never was. But it would have been unlike ever it had been had I been. That’s one of those things. But given everything that’s happened since, it wouldn’t have lasted long. It wouldn’t have had a lifespan, but boy it would have been unforgettable. No question.

Speaking of the Redskins, did you see Daniel Snyder at a game against the Arizona Cardinals he’s got the chief of the Navajo nation sitting next to him in his box. I mean, that’s in your face. And he’s wearing a Redskins hat. The chief of the Navajo nation proudly wearing a Redskins hat next to Dan Snyder, the owner of the team. And I read a Drive-By sports report and the guy asked, “Does this actually mean that the Navajo nation is not offended by this?” And they were totally, totally perplexed by this. Anyway, Jim, thank you very much for the phone call. Appreciate it.

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