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RUSH: I want to go back to October the 3rd. We played this for you back then, and I just want you to hear it. This will provide some backup for some of the assertions, not allegations, some of the assertions that I have made today.

This was on CNN, Anderson Cooper, 175. He spoke with the author David Quammen, a well-known leftist writer of great repute. He has a book called “Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus.” Anderson Cooper asks David Quammen, “There are those who say that there should not be flights accepted from Liberia to the United States or even flights that have connected through Europe. That’s not even really possible. First of all, I don’t think there are many flights that directly connect from Monrovia to the US.” There are. There are a bunch of them a day. Cooper is wrong about that. And then he says to David Quammen, the author, “Most of them are connecting flights. It’s virtually impossible, sir, in real time, to track somebody, I would think. Am I right about this?”

QUAMMEN: You can’t isolate neighborhoods. You can’t isolate nations. It doesn’t work. And people talk about, well, we shouldn’t allow any flights in from Liberia. I mean, we in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia, given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery. We have a responsibility to stay connected with them and help them see this through.

RUSH: It’s our fault, see. If it hadn’t been for us and our evil ways back at the country’s founding, why, there might not even be an Ebola wiping out people in Africa. So we have a responsibility, a shared responsibility. It’s our fault. We can’t turn our backs, no. We can’t isolate, no. That would be unfair, blah, blah, blah.

You know what I’ve found? This whole notion of slavery and race relations and so forth, I have concluded that the left of today thinks — how to put this? Let me put it the way I look at it. We founded the country and there was slavery, and it was abhorrent even at the founding. The union was everything. The revolution was everything. In order to get the southern states to go along, they wanted it, it had to be kept in.

The northern states hated it. It was one of the rotten compromises that were made. The Constitution and documents since all allowed for the eventual elimination of it. And eventually we fought a war, the Civil War, in which slavery was a big part. Five hundred thousand people died, in part, to end slavery in this country. That seems to not count for anything. Today, if I didn’t know better, I would think there still is slavery and race relations are worse than ever, and racism is worse than ever, and bigotry is worse than ever, and we have in no way come close to even paying the price for that original sin. That is the attitude I detect everywhere on the left today when race comes up.

It is as though 500,000 people dying in a Civil War to end slavery never happened. It’s worse than ever. In other words, there is nobody on the left that wants to even talk about the premise that maybe we deserve some credit for eliminating it. To them it’s still rampant. Racism is worse than ever and this is something that does not compute with me. Some guy even wrote a piece about it saying this Limbaugh guy, he’s stupid. This Limbaugh guy thinks this country deserves credit for dealing with slavery. I do! We are one of the few countries that fought and actually abolished it and ended it. And that counts for nothing today. To me that’s kind of amazing.

It was a hugely staggering death toll, over 500,000 people, and it doesn’t count. As far as the left today is concerned, it may as well not have happened because nobody really wanted to wipe it out back then. They just had to. It’s like David Koch gives $25 million to a New York hospital and the left says, “We don’t accept it. He doesn’t really mean it.” Really? You’re going to reject $25 million? “Yes, because he’s just trying to cover his bigotry and racism and the fact that he doesn’t like these people.” Okay, fine and dandy. Perverted thinking. Here, have at it.

And I get the impression when I listen to these guys, like the David Quammen guy, we haven’t even begun to pay a price yet for our original sin. Do you get that feeling? It astounds me. Look, it’s not that I want to walk around claiming credit here. That’s not the point. But this country has dealt with it. We have. But to these people, the left of today, the only relevant date is 1964 forward, the Civil Rights Act, and there hasn’t been nearly enough done. We haven’t begun to pay the price for the horrors of the way this country was when it was founded.

And that’s how you get thinking like this, “How dare we turn our backs on Liberia, given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery.” That’s only 200 some odd years ago, but it doesn’t count. If you say that… well. Anyway, that’s the guy. I just wanted you to hear what he had to say and why we can’t ban flights is because we’re culpable and it’s just not right. I mean, we can’t isolate these people. It’s not fair. We’re to blame for this, you see.

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