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RUSH: Have you seen the picture of the nurse getting on the G3, the military color, the gray G3. The same G3 that went to Africa to get the two missionaries. This is Nurse Vinson, I believe, being flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, and they put her on that same G3. Everybody in this picture is in full hazmat gear except one guy. This one guy, who is right next to her stretcher, is just wearing a shirt and pair of slacks. He doesn’t even have a mask on.

So people saw the picture, “Who is this guy? How the hell did this guy get in this picture? What is this guy doing on this detail? Why doesn’t this guy have the hazmat gear on, if everybody else does?”

Well, it turns out that this guy — you may not have seen the picture, but it’s out there. We’ll have it at RushLimbaugh.com if you haven’t seen it. It turns out that the CDC says that this guy is a protocol supervisor. (laughing) Sorry. I don’t mean to laugh. He’s a protocol supervisor. Do you know what a protocol supervisor does?

“The man observing WednesdayÂ’s transport of the Dallas nurse without a hazmat suit on was a ‘protocol supervisor’ who wasnÂ’t wearing protective gear for a ‘higher level of safety,’ an airline representative said. ‘Our medical professionals in the biohazard suits have limited vision and mobility and it is the protocol supervisorÂ’s job to watch each person carefully and give them verbal directions to ensure no close-contact protocols are violated.'” That the hazmat people don’t bump into something and rip the suit, because their vision and mobility is limited.

So you’ve gotta have a guy who can watch where they’re going and tell ’em if they need to stop and change direction. He’s the protocol supervisor. The protocol supervisor is not outfitted in hazmat gear. A representative of the airline, Phoenix Air is who owns the G3, say there’s absolutely no problem with this, and, in fact, this ensures a higher level of safety for everybody involved.

Again, they challenge our perception of common sense. If everybody but one is in a hazmat suit because of the patient having Ebola, then how come one guy not in hazmat ensures a higher level of safety for everybody involved? I guess they mean except him. It can’t be ensuring a higher level of safety for him. So, what is he, making a sacrifice? Is he rolling the dice that he won’t contract it in order to help the others who are hazmat outfitted, make sure that they don’t stumble?

They’re walking up airline steps, and I can understand in a hazmat suit your movement’s restricted and your vision might be limited. Some of the guys on one end of the stretcher are backing up the stairs, so there has to be somebody there to tell them if they’re about to miss a step or whatever. Except this guy’s at the far end of the group. I mean, he’s as far away from the hazmat people as he can get. But he’s the hazmat protocol supervisor.

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