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RUSH: Now, I want to explain something at this point to those of you who are new. I try constantly to keep in mind that we have people listening for the first time every day, and those of you who are veterans understand fully that it requires a minimum of six weeks listening to this program in order to have just the basic understanding of what happens here and how it happens and to have a chance at understanding the context in which events happen and comments are made.

Because we don’t start from ground zero every day. The assumption by me is that everybody in the audience has a base level of knowledge that is assumed, and we start from that point. But if you’re new, you don’t have that base of knowledge because you haven’t been here. So I always have to keep that in mind. So in that light, let me make something clear.

Yesterday afternoon on Fox News, Shepard Smith decided to get all preachy and condemn the loud voices on the radio, and the loud voices on TV, and the loud voices in print for unnecessarily spreading panic. There’s no panic, that there’s no spread of Ebola going on.We only got two people in the country that have it. There’s no outbreak. You don’t need to be worried about anything.

And do not fall prey to these loud voices on radio, TV, and print that might benefit with higher ratings because they’re trying to get you to panic. This is the guy who spent how many hours in a row on the air in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina raising panic, cautions, and whatever else about whatever wasn’t happening there? But I want to stress here, all of you, you veterans and of those who are new.

There is no desire here to spread a panic, and I am not secretly harboring a belief that we have a wide outbreak and they’re not telling us. I don’t believe that. Not yet. My concern is what it always is. One thing you can count on. Whether you’re a new listener here or whether you’re a veteran, one thing you can count on from me is consistency.

If there are people who are fearful of a panic out there, or if there are people who think they’re not being told the truth, it’s because we have a level of incompetence I have yet to see in my life prior to this. The point that I’m trying to make with all of these things I highlight is the utter incompetence of the people that you think are trustworthy in these institutions that everybody counts on.

The CDC has automatic credibility and authority. People just believe in it. “It’s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s part of the government!” People have an unquestioning belief in the integrity of the presidency, and in most of government. And when those positions are filled with people that have no business being there because they’re not competent, because they are not qualified, then we’ve got a major problem.

That’s what we are facing today. When I’m simply trying to point out to you in all of this is what you’re hearing is making no sense whatsoever. It is senseless, and the reason for it being senseless, and the reason they can’t tell you the truth… I mean, I’m watching some of the testimony before a congressional committee that’s happening now, and there is a central theme: “In order to stop the spread of Ebola, we must contain it in Africa.”

Everybody in the government is saying that: “We must contain it in Africa.”

And then when you propose ideas how to accomplish that, they reject them.

“Oh, you mean like banning travel from Africa?”

“No, no, no, noooo! We can’t do that! Why, that would spread the disease.”

“How does that spread the disease? If you’re gonna contain it in Africa and then you take steps to keep it in Africa, how does that spread the disease?”

“We just… We just… We just can’t do.”

My point to you is, just like with Obamacare, and just like with a number of other things with this administration, the election coming up in November is crucial, and whatever is really known about this is not going to be shared with us until after that point. But more than that, I’m just trying to alert you to be curious and to question some of these things that you’re hearing, because it’s nonsensical.

I think it’s not too powerful to say it’s tragic that we have such levels of incompetence in positions of leadership that are really important. Now, I know why we have such a high degree of incompetence. It’s because the people that are choosing those to lead these institutions are themselves incompetent and have never really done anything. They’ve not accomplished anything.

They’re a bunch of theoreticians and philosophers who’ve sat around all their lives criticizing everything everybody else has actually done while they haven’t done anything, and they sit around with super egos thinking they could do it better, they’re smarter, they’re brighter, they care more. Now they are the ones in leadership positions, and they’re clueless — and, as such, it’s dangerous.

The things that are being said! They’re dumping on the nurse now. Wait ’til you hear why we can’t allow anybody get on commercial but we can charters, and then wait ’til you hear that Frieden said the nurse from Cleveland to Dallas should have taken a charter! She shouldn’t have flown commercial. She shouldn’t have taken a charter, if she wanted to come back.

Uh, I don’t think your average nurse is even going to contemplate chartering a jet for personal travel. It’s not in their realm of reality or possibility. They wouldn’t know how to do it, because they know they can’t afford it. What do you mean, charter a jet if you’re a nurse and you need to get to Dallas from Cleveland? She should have chartered a jet! Who do these people think they’re dealing with? It may be easy for them to dial up a jet; they’re at the government.


RUSH: Shep Smith was crying so much during his reporting from New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina, his mascara was running. But we need to dial it all back here, radio, TV, and print loud voices — seeking ratings, of course. Who is it that’s always touting their ratings, by the way? Isn’t it Fox?

Anyway, one other thing, folks, about the criticism here. I just want you to understand, the same people who are illustrating their blatant incompetence in all of this, they’re the same people telling you that there is global warming. They are the same people telling you you’re not paying enough in taxes. The same people that promised you shovel-ready jobs and stimulus spending. These are the same people that told you you could keep your doctor. The same people told you you can keep your insurance plan if you liked it, lied to you about that, same people.

The same people that told you you can’t have a 32-ounce soft drink in New York. The same people that told you that you can’t smoke because smoke kills in New York City and elsewhere. The same people that said you shouldn’t eat trans fat ’cause that will kill you. The same people that demand calorie counts on menus at fast food restaurants in New York City.

The same people telling you that, don’t worry, you can’t get Ebola sitting next to somebody on a bus, but if you have Ebola, you shouldn’t get on a bus ’cause you might spread it. The same people telling you that global warming is happening. That’s my only point in all this. I hope that you would at some point see the light about these people and stop granting them this automatic credibility you do.

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