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RUSH: This comes on the heels of the story we had yesterday from the New York Times: “Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats to Hold Senate — The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted ‘crushing Democratic losses across the country’ if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls.”

And then of course Tina Brown throwing Obama under the feminist bus by claiming women are abandoning the Democrat Party because Obama makes them feel unsafe. The black vote. Many people in the Regime are counting on the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, to provide energy and impetus to the black vote. However, that doesn’t seem to be working out. And, in fact, for this we need to go to the audio sound bites. Apparently we’ve had some leaks from the grand jury. And the leaks have indicated that, in the first place, the gentle giant’s hands were not up. He was not surrendering.

The second thing, they found blood from the gentle giant inside the cop car. They have heard evidence that the gentle giant did move against the officer in the police car, and it is beginning to look more and more like — there are quotes here from the federal agents, from the DOJ that are on scene saying it looks increasingly unlikely we’re gonna have anywhere near enough for civil rights violations charges. Well, now, it would be most unfortunate, it could fire up, it could be seen as another example of injustice, another example of how the black community’s getting the short end of the stick, and it could fire up Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson out there.

Facts and the truth don’t matter. Another gentle giant gunned down in total innocence and a white power structure getting away with it. They may try to gin up the black vote using that. Let’s go to the audio sound bites because CNN, of course, this was second only to the missing Malaysian airliner, in terms of the attention this story got on CNN. Last night, Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer speaking with former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes about new forensic information on the shooting victim, the gentle giant and his encounter with the police officer, Darren Wilson. Blitzer says, “You believe that video from the convenience store where Michael Brown,” the gentle giant, “was allegedly in there with his friend stealing some cigars, that could be pretty significant?”

FUENTES: We heard the narrative for several days after the shooting that Michael Brown was a gentle giant. He’s not aggressive. He wouldn’t hurt anybody. In the video you see him take on a store clerk that’s about half his size after stealing the cigars. It’s not shoplifting, he’s confronted, he shoves that guy violently into the rack, that incident occurs about 10 minutes before the encounter. So he could have, in his own mind, thought that Officer Wilson was going to arrest him for the incident at the store.

RUSH: See, the truth that we all deduced at the time is now beginning to trickle out. Again, that’s Tom Fuentes, former FBI assistant director on CNN. Wolf Blitzer spoke with Don Lemon. Remember Don Lemon. Don Lemon, who famously asked if a black hole could have swallowed up the Malaysian flight, but he did something else in Ferguson, some similar kind of observation or question that was out there. But, anyway, he’s back and it looks like he’s having trouble with the original narrative. Wolf Blitzer says to Don Lemon, who’s part of the panel, he just heard the former FBI guy give that answer you just heard, and Blitzer says, “Hey, Don, what do you make of that, now?”

LEMON: It goes to state of mind. I think he’s exactly right. I don’t think any police officer would want to pull a suspect in a car with him because he’s then trapped inside of the car. So the grand jury’s gonna look at that. They’re gonna say logically the officer would want to push the suspect off of him, get out of the car, and fight him, in an open place where he has access to his gun and weapons, not pull him into the car where the officer is trapped.

RUSH: So now even Don Lemon is agreeing it doesn’t make much sense for a police officer to pull a suspect like the gentle giant in a car. They found evidence the gentle giant was in the car, he wasn’t surrendering, is changing a lot of people’s perspective on this. But just keep a sharp eye, because if this goes down with no indictment of the officer, you are going to see, because of the election in November and this poll showing the black turnout being down could kill the Democrats’ chances, you’re gonna see a major, major civil rights violations effort going on.

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