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RUSH: No, no, no. I am not trying to be negative. Folks, can we get a grip here? When I said that I don’t know just to what extent the low-information crowd’s gonna go, “Oh, wow, oh, wow, did you hear what Obama said? Why, why, he said even these guys that don’t want him around, they all support him. Oh, man, I gotta vote.” I’m not trying to be negative about this. I just don’t buy the media trend, or the soap opera storyline every day. And the media soap opera storyline is that Obama stepped in it big with that quote. And maybe he did.

Now, there’s also a reality here. In terms of these elections in November, we don’t need every low-information voter to switch. We don’t need every black voter to either stay home or change their vote. We just need a couple percent in either category. And I know that over the summer, one of the points the Republicans were making, you know, Obama would go out there and try to inoculate the Democrats by saying that he wasn’t on the ballot and so he wasn’t a factor in the election. Don’t hold it against the Democrats; he’s not on the ballot.

Now, the Republicans, a couple of them who are still in the game, had a perfectly good reply. They said, “You may not be on the ballot, but your agenda is, because these are the people that carry your water.” Bingo. That was exactly true this past summer, and it remains true. Now, what Obama did was come along and confirm that. He just confirmed that all of these incumbent Democrats running for reelection are essentially lying in their campaigns. That’s what he’s basically accused them of. He didn’t come close to using words like that, but they’re out there distancing themselves.

They’re telling voters that they disagree on the travel ban. You got all kinds of people flip-flopping on that travel ban from Africa. Yeah, Kay Hagan. She’s doing a flip-flop. Governor Cuomo in New York has flip-flopped on the travel ban. Democrats left and right are flip-flopping on the travel ban from Africa. (interruption) They’re all seeing the polls, exactly right. And so they are distancing themselves in their campaign, specifically from the Obama agenda. He goes on the radio yesterday (paraphrasing), “Hey, these are my henchmen. These are the people who made what I do possible. They voted for all this stuff.” That’s damaging.

Maybe I ought to not share my instinctive reaction all the time, ’cause I’m not trying to say this is a negative, and I’m not trying to deny anybody — if you want to get all excited about it, go do it. It certainly doesn’t help. The only thing I’m saying, I don’t know how really destructive a comment it was, because, after all, we’re dealing with the low-information crowd to begin with here. And we’re dealing with a midterm turnout, as opposed to a presidential year turnout.

Look, the bottom line is, I said earlier this year that I thought this was gonna be a wave election. And I’ll say here again today, if the election were today, I don’t think anybody has any idea how bad it’s gonna be for the Democrats. I don’t think the polls are telling anywhere near the full story about just how many people are dispirited, fed up, angry, no longer buying the Obama magic, however you want to characterize it.

But it’s all gonna depend on how many of those people actually vote and then, we must be honest, you’ve got to keep in mind here that whatever happens in this election, it’s going to be a referendum on Obama. It is going to be a referendum on the Democrat Party. And it’s going to be people showing up to vote, saying they’re tired of it, and they don’t like it, and they don’t want any more of it. That’s what this vote is going to be. Just like 2010 was. I think this has the potential to be just as big. We shall see.


RUSH: Look, folks, I understand, I’m not less than enthusiastic about prospects, fortunes here and so forth. I just got an e-mail, “Rush, even though you think it’s gonna be a big election, you don’t sound like you’re all that hep to it.” Don’t misunderstand, folks, I am excited about all this stuff being rejected. Part of me won’t believe it ’til I see it, naturally. But I am thoroughly, thoroughly intrigued and on the precipice of being happy, ecstatic, if voters actually do reject this stuff.

But I will say that there is something missing in this for me in terms of an opportunity. Maybe I’m asking for too much. But it would really make me feel good if, as well as this stuff being rejected, the people voting against it knew why, rather than just being tired of it, rather than just being exhausted with it, or miserable or unhappy and just thinking we need a change. I would really, really love this to represent a factual, substantive rejection of liberalism, a factual, substantive rejection of Obamaism. Because that would mean that we’re really on the way to turning things around and maybe building on something.

It’s like I mentioned yesterday, I was playing golf Saturday and the guys I’m with, “So, are we gonna win the Senate?” As though that’s it. Winning the Senate is everything. And that, to me, is just a first step. What if we win it with people who are still not interested in fighting for it? But I’m gonna stop there, because I don’t want anybody — like that lady called yesterday and said that I’m raining on her parade. I’m not trying to do that at all. I just see a golden opportunity out there, that’s all. It’s huge.

It is a terrific opportunity for the rejection of the status quo to mean something, something other than, “I just want a change.” Something other than, “We need to give the other guys a try, because these guys, it just isn’t working.” I want voters to vote against it because they know why it isn’t working. I know I’m asking a lot. I would love it if people were rejecting this because they know it can’t work. I would love it if people were gonna reject this because they’ve finally been told, they’ve been taught, they’ve been informed, they’ve learned, what have you, that this is going to fail every time they vote for it. (interruption) Right. I can dream, can’t I? That’s what should be happening here.

But maybe I’m asking for too much. Because winning is the big thing. You have to win elections before you can do anything else. But that oftentimes leads to pitfalls because sometimes just doing what you have to to win is a problem in and of itself. But as I say, I’m gonna stop there because I don’t want any of you to think that I am pessimistic or negative, ’cause I preach against that all the time, and I’m none of that. I’m guarded, because we’re going on polls again, and until we actually have the results in here, it’s wise, I think, to keep an open mind.

At the same time, we can chronicle why this is happening.

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