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RUSH: Yesterday we had this — we lifted the temporary ban. Well, no, we lifted the permanent ban on PMSNBC temporarily yesterday for an audio sound bite from Tina Brown in which she said that Barack Hussein O, Democrat, first African-American president, is making women feel unsafe. He makes them feel unsafe. His policies are making them feel unsafe, and this is why women are abandoning Obama.

Now, try this coincidence. Obama voted yesterday in Chicago. First day of early voting. So, you know, Obama’s a stud, right? I mean, everybody thinks he’s a stud. Everybody knows this guy is rivaling George Clooney. Women are lined up all around the White House trying to get in with the other guys that get in there illegally. This guy can get in, why can’t I? Maybe I can get to the elevator, if I look good enough I can get all the way to the residence, Michelle home or not. That’s the image.

So Obama shows up to vote early, and there’s a couple also at the polling place, at 43rd and Cottage Grove. And this news comes from CBS Eyewitness News 2 in Chicago. The president cast his ballot. There are all these cameras, the fanfare, but was he standing next to a fellow voter by the name of Aia Cooper. And as he walked past the president’s voting booth, Mike Jones, Aia Cooper’s boyfriend, told Obama, “Don’t touch my girlfriend. I know you’re president, but don’t touch my girlfriend.”

Now, come on, folks. One day after Tina Brown says that Obama is scaring women and making them feel unsafe he’s at the polling place in Chicago to vote, and there’s a couple standing next to him, and the guy, of all the things you could say to the president of the United States, says, “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” That would not cross anybody’s mind to say to the president, unless it was Bill Clinton. Clinton is the only guy that I think some male voter might say that to, but even that would be a stretch.

What a coincidence this is. Yesterday Obama scares women. Today he’s a stud muffin in line to vote in Chicago. This guy’s girlfriend is apparently so much in love with Obama, so intrigued, he could see it on her face, that he tells Obama, “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” And they asked the guy, “Why did you say that?” (paraphrasing) “I don’t know. He’s president. I never expected to see him here. What do you say to the guy? Walking in there to vote, all of a sudden the president of the United States, what do you say?” And the reaction to that, well, the last thing anybody would think of to say would be, “Don’t touch my girlfriend”? And Obama just laughed about it, expressed mock annoyance. He faked being annoyed, like, this is common, this is common. Women want to touch Obama all the time, and he’s well aware of the impact he has. He was behaving with mock annoyance. I mean, that’s just a strange coincidence.

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