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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I just checked the e-mail during the break. It’s becoming predictable. I love it when it becomes predictable. “Rush, you are falling for the media trick.” What do you think the media trick is? (interruption) Right, right. I’m being distracted by focusing on what’s happening in Canada, which doesn’t affect us at all, and I should be talking about the election.

And, my friends, I don’t get distracted, and I don’t leave anything on the table. And, in fact, I got a whole Stack dealing with election. Mark Begich, senator, Democrat from Alaska, has just called Obama irrelevant. I’m the first guy to call Bill Clinton irrelevant, 1993, and he went on TV (impersonating Clinton), “I’m not irrelevant. The president is still relevant.” But now Begich says, “Yeah, two years to go, he’s irrelevant.”

He’s not irrelevant, folks, not by a long shot. He may be irrelevant as far as these Democrats are concerned getting reelected, but he is not irrelevant, and it would be a mistake for anybody, particularly on our side, to think so.

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