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RUSH: Here is Joshua in Indianapolis. I’m glad you waited, Josh. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah. Hi. I’m a huge Rush fan.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: My issue is about, I’m in an AP US history class and we’re talking about the beginning of America and stuff, and we started talking about Protestants and just how they treated women and just really downgrading on ’em.

RUSH: You gotta be kidding me.


RUSH: You’re talking about the beginning of America and stuff, you’re being taught about the Protestants and how they treated women?

CALLER: And just how they didn’t have a voice. And every section it seems like they’re talking about blacks, women, and Indians. They keep updated on their status through the early parts of America.

RUSH: Are you in high school? You sound like you’re of high school age.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m a senior.

RUSH: Senior in high school. So you’re being taught about the beginnings of America and stuff, and no doubt they’re equating the Protestants with modern-day Republicans, right?


RUSH: Yeah. The Republicans. They degraded women, and they degraded blacks, and Native Americans. This is it. This is exactly why, Josh, I have begun to write history books for children, with a mission to tell the truth about the beginnings of America and stuff. ‘Cause this is outrageous. The Protestants? Next they’ll be dumping on the Victorians.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m a huge history fan, and it’s kind of discouraging.

RUSH: Well, what do you do when you’re taught this stuff? Do you have to bite your lip and just go along, or do you argue with your teacher about it?

CALLER: I go home to my dad and ask him about it, because he’s a huge conservative, listened to your show for 20-plus years.

RUSH: Good man.

CALLER: And I just ask him about people and stuff and ask him what he thinks about certain people.

RUSH: Is he able to set you straight on —


RUSH: — give you the alternative view?

CALLER: Yeah. He always has a book or something that he can give me.

RUSH: Well, that’s great. That’s a great dad. My dad was that way. My dad could always point me. Sometimes my dad would just tell me what I want. Other times he would make me go find it myself, but he would always tell me where it was, a book or something to read. Your dad’s doing a great thing if he’s that kind of a source for you. You’re lucky you’ve got him. A lot of kids would go to their parents, and they wouldn’t even know what to tell ’em. “Well, son, the teacher’s right. You have to listen to your teachers if that’s what they tell you.” The Protestants. He said downgraded. He meant degraded. Degraded women, degraded blacks, the Protestants.

See, women didn’t have a voice. The religious right. The religious right, the moral majority, you name it, this is how they do it in these beginnings of American stuff classes. The Protestants. I mean, that’s a new one. I haven’t heard this one specifically. (interruption) You have? (interruption) I’m not making fun of anybody. This is outrageous to say this stuff. The Protestants? The Protestants?

You know, folks, I tell you, for some reason this one ticks me off. I mean, I’m familiar with all of the history revisionism and the multiculturalism, but normally what these leftists do is just blame America at large, but now they’re zeroing in on a religious group because they’re trying to make it easy for students here to connect the Protestants with the Christians today. And the Christians today are the Republicans. They know exactly what they’re doing.

This is exactly why there is the Rush Revere Adventure Series. Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. The third book, we just announced it, it’s in pre-order now, Rush Revere and the American Revolution. We live in the greatest country on earth. We have an incredible history. We have a story that doesn’t need to be embellished in order for it to be extraordinary. It doesn’t need to be exaggerated. It is one of the most miraculous stories in human history. The founding of this country, because of what it meant for human beings the world over. Liberty and freedom as the organizing principle.

And the mission in our books is to tell this story of the founding in a very relatable way so that young readers can really get to know the exceptional people that paved the way for all of us. I remember when we first started this series, we talked a lot about how to get younger people to enjoy history in a way, and not even really know it was history, but more so that it was just an incredible adventure that happened to be true, and it happened to be history. I thought that the best plan would be to take them right to the action so they could experience amazing events, the Pilgrims arriving, the Boston Tea Party, Lexington, Concord, Ben Franklin, George Washington, actually time travel with a horse that can talk back to these areas with a substantive teacher who is me, Rush Revere.

And the third book, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, we’re really excited about this one. We can’t wait for this one to hit, because it comes out October 28th, and it is dedicated to the US military. We have combined a modern-day aspect of military life with this foray back to American history. One of the students who time travels with Rush Revere and Liberty, his father is in the military, is deployed to Afghanistan, and this character’s name is Cam. He’s at a loss to understand why his dad has to leave for so long. We put this in because we found out it’s a very common thing with children of military families, why mom and dad are gone so long. They understand, but they don’t, and they’re kids. They think everything’s about them.

They think dad’s off doing something he cares about more than the kid, so we tackle it here in a way. I don’t want to give the story away, but it does center on Cam and his relationship with his father who’s been deployed. Cam is time traveling back to various aspects of various times in American history and it all begins to dawn on him. And if I say so myself, it is beautiful the way we constructed and crafted this, and we did it dedicating it to the US military because we are in such awe and appreciation for what they do.

The story develops, Rush Revere and Liberty and the crew travel back to Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, meet Dr. Joseph Warren, who is crucial to the founding, the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere and George Washington, and Liberty even develops a crush on Paul Revere’s horse. I can’t go any further than that. I will divulge that. Anyway, it’s available now, pre-order at all these places. So when I get a call like this, it just exclamation points the reason why and makes me even happier that we pulled the trigger and decided to do it. The Protestants degraded women and blacks and shut them up, wouldn’t let them speak and held them down, or back.


RUSH: You know what’s really outrageous about this is that the Protestants were at the forefront of fighting slavery and for women’s suffrage. Does the name William Wilberforce mean anything to you? He was the man who fought successfully British slavery, and he was devoutly Christian. Protestants had everything in the world to do with fighting against slavery. That’s what’s so outrageous about what this guy said he’s being taught in Indianapolis.

And the Protestants denied women a voice? Could somebody tell me when ever in American history women have not had a voice? (interruption) How absurd. But that’s what passes these days. That’s the agenda. This is what’s happening. Folks, let me loop back to the beginning of the program. What happens if, in that classroom in Indianapolis, you have somebody not quite put together right, who hears all of this — I mean, what it is, it’s hatred for this country, this unbridled criticism, how rotten and so forth the Protestants are, the Christians. Look at what they did.

You have somebody not well put together, some out-of-balance kids who is inundated and hears this stuff over and over again and may one day crack. I think this is what this undiluted socialist, multicultural crap can end up playing a role in causing. You have some young person that’s not altogether there and hears over and over all day long how rotten maybe his heritage is, let’s say he’s a Christian, his family’s Protestant or whatever, or just maybe doesn’t link himself to it that personally, but just ties it to the country. And the teacher, an authority figure, is up teaching “the truth” just like about science. Starts beating up the country left and right, do not think that stuff can’t have an impact and play a partial role in the anger that effervesces and boils over at some point. I don’t discount it at all. You know Susan Anthony was a Republican? Did you know that? And I happen to know she had a voice as well.

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