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RUSH: Here is Hadley, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Great to have you on the program today. Hello.


RUSH: Hey, how are you?

CALLER: I’m good. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to tell you congratulations on the release of your new book.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: And I also wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate all the artwork that you have in the books, and I started reading the first book with my three-year-old. I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old, and during story time at night we’ve started reading the first book, and she absolutely loves it. And with the pictures we’ll talk about the Pilgrims on the boat and having the layout of the boat. We’ll talk about where they were, and at three, she loves it. So it really is an all-ages kind of book, and I can’t wait to start the second one, which we already have and then move on to the third one.

RUSH: Well, that’s great, and I really appreciate your comment on the artwork and the graphics. As I say, we’re a small, little team. We work very hard in crafting these books. The writing is just one thing. There are illustrations, the free domain, public domain pictures that we try to find. We’re talking about children readers here, and they benefit from pictures.


RUSH: So we’ve created actual characters and given them likenesses and so forth, so the kids can relate to them. I’m really, really proud that you have recognized that.

CALLER: Well, it’s just fantastic because even as a preschooler she’s excited what’s gonna happen in the next chapter. We’ve just barely gotten into the first book so I feel like I’m kind of late to the party, but it’s already amazing.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know what to do. This is music to my ears to hear this because this is exactly what we wanted to achieve, to create everything that you’ve just described here, the sense of excitement, the unpredictability. I wasn’t gonna do this today ’cause I thought it might end up sounding too self-serving, and I never want to sound self-serving, as you, if you’ve been here a long time, know. But this is just another in a long line of reasons why we do these books, why they make sense.

This is a story from Fox News: “School’s Nation of Islam Handout Paints Founding Fathers as Racists.” Get this, now. “The mother of an eight-year-old wants to know why a Tennessee school teacher gave her child a handout from the Nation of Islam that portrayed the presidents on Mount Rushmore as being racists.”

This is Todd Starnes writing at Fox News. “Sommer Bauer tells me her son was given The Nation of Islam handout at Harold McCormick Elementary School in Elizabethton. The handout asked ‘What does it take to be on Mount Rushmore?’ The handout then explains that George Washington hailed from Virginia, a ‘prime breeder of black people.’ Of Theodore Roosevelt, it was alleged he called Africans ‘ape-like.’ There were also disparaging remarks made of Thomas Jefferson … and Abraham Lincoln. She said her jaw dropped when she followed the link to a website that was listed on the handout. Imagine her surprise when up popped the Nation of Islam home page.”

This is Calypso Louie’s group. “‘It raised a number of red flags,’ she said. ‘They are basically saying our Founding Fathers are racists.'” Well, Ms. Bauer, let me tell you, it’s not just in your school. This is taught in many universities. It’s taught in many public schools. Not only were the Founding Fathers racist, the country still is racist. It was founded in racism.

“Sommer told me she reached out to the teacher for an explanation — hoping it was an honest mistake. ‘At first, she did not recall which paper it was,’ she said. ‘Later in the day, she found the paper and told me she didnÂ’t like what it said — and said she must have printed it by mistake.’ The teacher also told Sommer that her son was not supposed to take the Nation of Islam handout home. It was supposed to stay in the classroom.” No doubt!

So they’re passing out Nation of Islam literature as American history, which touts the presidents on Mount Rushmore as being racist and prime breeders of black people. So this is just another in a long stack of reasons why there’s actually a mission behind the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series.

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