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RUSH: Karen Tumulty’s piece in the Washington Post: “Can Democrats Hold the Senate by Running Away from Obama — and Their Own Records?” Now, her point here is that these Democrat senators ought to be ashamed. How dare they. They made Obama’s agenda possible. They voted for it. Her article singles out Colorado Senator Mark Udall who claims he’s the last person the White House wants to see, but he voted with Obama 99% of the time. Mark Begich, Alaska. He claims to be a thorn in Obama’s butt. But he voted for Obama policies 98% of the time.

But the Democrat that is most scorned in Karen Tumulty’s Washington Post piece is Alison Grimes of Kentucky, who still will not admit that she voted for Obama, even though she was a Democrat state delegate in both presidential elections. Here’s the bottom line. This is the condition or the situation in which the Democrats find themselves. They’re all trying to run away from Obama, and they’re trying to hide, but they can’t. Obama wants them and you to know that these Democrats voted with him. He’s out there saying (imitating Obama), “Hey, I understand what they gotta do, but, hey, they all voted for my policies. They voted for me. They’re with me. They’re my buddies.”

He’s throwing ’em overboard. They’re trying to separate themselves from him, and he’s reminding everybody, “No, I mean, what we’ve done here wouldn’t have been possible without these people supporting me.” So the point is all these Democrats running away from Obama, this is the point, they are just as responsible as he is for this mess. They are just as responsible as Obama is for the mess that’s Obamacare, for the job situation, 92 million not working, food stamps out of control, immigration, open borders.

Every damn one of these Democrat incumbents is as responsible as Obama, and he doesn’t appreciate them treating him like he’s yesterday’s garbage. And he’s right about one thing. You vote Democrat, you vote Obama. You voted Democrat, you voted for Obama. And he resents these people trying to run away from him. And I have to admit, he’s got a point.

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