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RUSH: Here’s Jim in Pittsburgh as we head back to the phones, Open Line Friday. Thank you, sir, for calling.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s good to speak to you. Longtime listener. I’ve got a question for you. It goes back to when Clinton was burning up the churches, Charlie Rangel the other day went ranting and raving, even Obama when he was at the United Nations, what he said about Ferguson. Why are they allowed to use all the racial, you know, comments and remarks that they make? Why couldn’t one of the Republicans propose a bill to stop all these people, that if they were in public office like that, that they should not be allowed. Obama says, “Yeah, we got racial tensions in the United States.” Well, I believe that our government’s the biggest part of the whole problem because they’re always making these remarks like Charlie Rangel did. Why can’t somebody come up with something that doesn’t allow them to say what they say?

RUSH: Well, because of the First Amendment. And if you did that, then where would you stop? Because what is irritating to you when somebody charges racism, somebody else might say, “We’ve gotta make ’em shut up about homosexuality next. Then we gotta make ’em shut up about guns. And then we gotta make ’em shut up about abortion.” Now, I know what you’re asking. Charlie Rangel’s out lying. Charlie Rangel is out saying that the Republican Party wants to return to slavery.

You know, it’s outrageously untrue. You know it’s defamatory. You know that it is ruinously untrue and you don’t think he should be saying it. You don’t think he should be allowed to say it. What you want, really, is for the American people to realize he’s an idiot, because you can’t, in politics especially, there isn’t any remedy for that, not in a legal sense. There’s nothing you can do. It’s a frustrating thing. And he’s saying it, furthermore, about public figures. It’s even harder to stop. I say legal remedies, I mean, if the Republican Party wanted to sue the guy, or threaten to sue him, but that opens cans of worms that, you know, people don’t want to go down.

The dangerous thing is that Charlie Rangel has some people that vote for him that believe it. It’s totally irresponsible, and it is a weapon that the Democrat Party uses. They use it on women. They use it on African-Americans. They use it on Hispanics. They use it about every minority that they want to make a giant collective of victims. And your frustration lies in the fact that you don’t know how to stop it, and you don’t know how to convince people that the Democrats are lying. But making it illegal just isn’t going to happen because once that starts, you don’t even want to go there. The remedy is that those people end up being publicly humiliated, losing elections, but that isn’t gonna shut ’em up even. And Rangel doesn’t lose.

This guy has done far worse things than accuse the Republican Party of wishing there were slavery. This guy’s a genuine lawbreaker. He’s broken tax law. He has violated the rules of membership in the House of Representatives, what he can do with official funds and so forth. But, you see, the problem — well, I don’t even want. You know, the problem is he’s allowed to get away with it because everybody feels sorry for him. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. When I say, “Everybody,” I mean the left, the media. But I appreciate the call. I understand your frustration thoroughly.

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