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ThereÂ’s a post-script to the so-called War on Women campaign theme that Democrats unsuccessfully rolled out for the 2014 elections. More than any other candidate, Texas Democrat Wendy Davis was supposed to personify the noble liberal warrior in her run for governor.

Despite one embarrassing misstep after another, big out-of-state liberal money kept on pouring in on her behalf. She was a fixture in Drive-By Media coverage and right up to Election Day she was treated as a serious challenger.


It wasn’t even close. Republican Greg Abbott won by 20 points. Got almost 60 percent, including 52 percent of women. The bottom line: the entire Wendy Davis story was concocted. This defeat has not turned her into a “has-been.”Politically speaking, Wendy Davis is a “never-was.”

P.S. The Congressional seat that Wendy Davis held prior to her failed gubernatorial run has been picked up by Konni Burton, Republican, who also happens to be a Tea Party activist.

In her victory speech, Burton pulled no punches. She said the district was sick and tired of being represented by a liberal who didn’t reflect their conservative values. She concluded: “Nationally, the American people have rejected the president’s agenda for our nation. In Texas, the people have sent the Democrats packing.”

A further post-script may be on the way. The election of Konni Burton means Republicans in the Texas legislature are closer to a supermajority. It sounds like America and Texas had a war on liberals. And it sounds to me like America won.

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