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RUSH: The Wall Street Journal has some details on the Obama deal with the ChiComs and some of the other outrages here that are taking place. “China and the US agree on a set of greenhouse gas emission targets, with Beijing setting a goal for its emissions to peak ‘around 2030.’

“China and the United States have agreed on a set of ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets, with Beijing setting a goal for its emissions to peak ‘around 2030.’ It is the first time China, the world’s biggest polluter, has set a date for its emissions to stop increasing, and the White House said China would ‘try to peak early.'”

Anyway, this doesn’t quite cover the outrage here. The news stories on this are all over the board. Basically what’s happened here is… Breitbart has a version of the story: “The Obama administration is touting a new deal on greenhouse gas emissions between the US and China, according to which the US will decrease its emissions more rapidly now, and China will stop increasing its emissions around 2030. …

“According to the Wall Street Journal… the US would ‘double the average pace of its carbon-dioxide reductions after 2020, eyeing an overall reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions…'” You know, I don’t even want to go into this. Greenhouse gas? CO2? There is no such thing. It’s not a greenhouse gas! It does not… This is so absurd. All of this is just flat-out patently ridiculous.

Carbon dioxide cannot be cut back! It cannot be eliminated. It’s what we exhale. Our emissions are way down, anyway. You know why? Because we’ve expanded natural gas via fracking — which Obama hates, by the way. So he has gone over there and he “struck a deal.” The ChiComs have never agreed to any emissions reduction because they do not want to slow down their economic growth!

So Obama said, “Okay, well, will you agree to start in 2030 if we start now?”

The ChiComs said (laughing), “Well, hell yeah, dude! We’ll sign that. You’re gonna start reducing your emissions now, and we don’t have to ’til 2030?”

(impression) “Yeah, that’s right.”

And they signed it.

But the whole thing is just so nonsensical. Now, you can sit there and say, “Well, how can he enforce it? I mean, he can sign it, but how can he ratify it? How can he make businesses in this country do what he demands they do? Who’s gonna enforce this?” Well if he’s got an EPA that’s willing to penalize businesses, so what if the Senate hasn’t ratified this? Grab an audio sound bite. Grab sound bite number one. I want to take you back to June 19, 2014, June 19th of this year. I mean, the election was a barely distant light in the future. This is just two days ago before the summer officially began.


RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]his administration is not over. It is just hitting its stride. This Regime is just getting going. These next 2-1/2 years are going to shock people. Obama doesn’t face the electorate anymore. It doesn’t matter what the electorate thinks, therefore. It doesn’t matter.

Some of you might be shouting, “What about the Democrats, though, Rush? His party? They’re gonna have to run.” He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. In fact, there’s a part of me that believes Obama wouldn’t mind having a Republican-led Senate to further blame his opponents for everything going wrong, and justifying why he’s taking all these executive actions.

I mean, if the popular culture believes the Republicans are despicable and hateful and racist and sexist and homophobic and all that, and Obama is faced with a Congress made up totally of people like that, then he’s gonna feel totally justified saying, “I don’t need these guys. We can’t wait for them. We don’t need to let those guys stop us. We can’t let those guys stop us! We got too much progress we gotta make here.”

He’ll then have popular support for ignoring Congress.

That’s his thinking, I believe. The attempt will be to capitalize on the foul, dank image of Republicans that has been constructed out there. So, as far as Obama is concerned, the more the merrier. And if they happen to run the Senate as well as the House and are stopping him every time he wants to do something, he can point fingers of blame at them as public enemy number one and use that opposition to justify all this executive order and extra-constitutional stuff that he’s gonna do.


RUSH: Now, something has happened since then, and it just happened today, and it’s a thought I should have had. I should have had it back then in June and included it in that little monologue. Have you seen Mitch McConnell’s reaction to Obama’s announcement? It’s pretty tepid. Again, I had it in front of me and it scrolled out of view.

I’ve gotta do something about this. But McConnell basically said he didn’t like it or he was outraged by. Well, he didn’t go that far with it. He said he was disappointed or something like that. I think that’s it. McConnell said he was disappointed. He didn’t say he was shocked or whatever it is. I’m thinking. Let’s go back to the last couple lines of what I said here.

“[I]f they happen to run the Senate as well as the House and are stopping him every time he wants to do something, he can point fingers of blame at them as public enemy number one,” accuse them of not being cooperative and trying to oppose his agenda, which is the implementation of great things for America. He’s trying to save the planet here!

He’s simply trying to save the planet, save the climate, and here the Republicans are standing in his way as usual. Republicans are the obstacles standing in his way, which is exactly what they were elected to do. But what if they are afraid to even stridently say they oppose what Obama’s doing because they are expressly afraid of that reaction from Obama?

What if they fear that Obama is gonna malign them and impugn them and call them obstructionists? Their fear of him doing that, what if that actually makes them less public or less willing to state their outrage? McConnell said he was “particularly distressed” by this. But he didn’t say, “It shouldn’t happen.” He didn’t say, “Obama doesn’t have the right to do it.” He didn’t say, “Obama doesn’t have the power.”

He just said he was “particularly distressed” about it.

What if they are so afraid of what Obama will say about them if they come out in direct opposition that they don’t come out in direct opposition? It would not surprise me, especially if… You know, I don’t know what they think the election meant. I haven’t seen enough of their reaction to know. To me, it’s patently obvious: They were elected to stop exactly what happened in China yesterday.

The Republicans won in massive numbers to stop what Obama did in China yesterday with global warming and what he plans to do on amnesty and what he plans to do on net neutrality or any other executive action. He’s got a 39% approval rating in Gallup! They were elected to stop him. What if they are afraid of expressing opposition because they’re afraid of what Obama will say in characterizing them?

What if that means they will not stand up and say anything stronger than, “I’m particularly distressed”? What if that’s it? What if that’s as much as we’re gonna get from ’em? Why isn’t there any outrage over Gruber? Why isn’t somebody outraged other than Trey Gowdy, who’s on Fox last night? Why isn’t the Republican Party standing up in outrage and defending the integrity of the American people by calling Obama and Gruber and everybody on it.

“What do you mean you were lying to the American people?”

There’s easily a statement they could craft here. I don’t know. Only time will tell, I guess. And then you move forward and you find out that they were interested in making a deal with Harry Reid on the budget during this lame-duck session, as we talked about yesterday. I’ve got that coming up in the Stack as well. Stuart Varney had a reaction to this. He was on Fox today, Fox this morning, and he was asked, “What’s your reaction to this, Stuart?” He’s an economics analyst and reporter at Fox. He was asked his opinion on Obama’s deal with the ChiComs on global warming.

VARNEY: This is not a lopsided deal. This is a total cave on the part of President Obama to his Chinese counterpart. We are going to accelerate the cutting of our emissions. We’ve got even bolder targets. China doesn’t have to do anything. They can keep on polluting at this current level, even increase their emissions for another 15 years. All they’ve agreed to do is peak their emissions in the year 2030. We cut; they don’t. And then when you come to the money, we’re gonna pay for this. Our utility bills are going to go up, and it’s gonna cost us jobs. It doesn’t cost the Chinese anything. They pay nothing extra for this so-called agreement. It is totally lopsided.

RUSH: And it’s totally the truth. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why would any president want to implement policies that are going to drastically increase the cost of living? Why would any president do anything that’s gonna raise utility bills?” I would remind you what he said in the campaign about the coal industry. (paraphrasing) “Well, you can do a coal plant if you want, but we’re gonna see to it that you’ll go broke trying.” He has made it plain that he believes the only way to reduce these horrible emissions is to raise taxes on the activity that creates them, as an incentive for people not to engage in this kind of polluting behavior.

But we’re talking about CO2 here. We’re talking about a natural substance that plant life thrives on. I thought these people were all vegetarians anyway. I thought they loved plant life. CO2 emissions have increased every year, as they always do, as nations around the world ramp up productivity, as they modernize. As economies grow, CO2 emissions increase. There hasn’t been any warming in 15 or 18 years. What with all the new CO2? CO2 is a natural substance. We exhale it.

So why would any president purposely, willingly, happily propose policies that would raise people’s utility bills, raise the cost of doing business, raise the cost of the standard of living? Why would anybody do this? It’s a great question, and there’s an answer to it. And it’s the answer that people don’t want to face. The answer is not complicated. We have a price to pay. We’ve been living fat off the hog, too high off the hog for way too many years.

We haven’t deserved all this prosperity. This prosperity has come from cheating other people and discriminating against other people and stealing from other nations. This prosperity of ours has come at the pain and suffering of minorities and who the hell knows whatever else is in his mind. And, as such, it’s payback time. The United States is the problem in the world. The United States is single-handedly destroying the climate. We’re too advanced. But we’re illegitimate. We don’t really deserve all this prosperity ’cause we didn’t build it. And you didn’t build that. And corporations and businesses don’t create jobs. Everybody knows that. And what difference does it make now that the ambassador died in Benghazi?

We’re dealing with somebody who has a big chip on his shoulder about the country. I mean, this is literally a deal that will raise the cost of living and take discretionary dollars out of everybody’s back pockets. Every American family is going to become poorer because the cost of energy is going to purposefully skyrocket under a false premise and a hoax, something called global warming being caused by carbon dioxide, of all things, and other so-called pollutants that we must cut back on.

The ChiComs, the leading polluters of the world, are exempt for another 16 years? They can continue their economic growth. They can continue energy production? And all of this comes at a time when Obama claims we gotta get economy rolling again? This is gonna put the brakes on whatever economic expansion there is, and there isn’t much, if any at all.

This is just — I don’t know a word for it. “Outrageous” doesn’t cover it. We don’t have a word to cover this, what is happening here. But I’ll tell you, being “particularly distressed” about it doesn’t cover it, either.


RUSH: I’ll tell you, folks, this climate deal is suicidal. If this were to really happen, if this were to ever really happen, it’s suicidal. The premise that the United States is destroying the planet and therefore we must penalize ourselves for all the damage that we’ve done? Meanwhile, the number one polluters — you know, if I were the ChiComs, I would have said, “Mr. President, are you sure you want to punish your country this much? I mean, we need your economy growing for ours to grow.”

If I were the ChiComs, I’d say, “Wait a minute, we need Americans to still be able to buy stuff that we make, and you’re fixing it so nobody is gonna be able to afford anything.” (interruption) I don’t care what Hillary Clinton’s gonna say about it. She’s not gonna disagree with it. What does Hillary Clinton have to do with any of this? Hillary Clinton’s not the final word or answer. I don’t frankly care what Hillary Clinton thinks. I know what she thinks about it. She’s gonna agree with it. She’s the same Saul Alinsky radical as this guy is.

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