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RUSH: This is Mary “Little Baby Fat” Landrieu. She’s on the floor of the Senate yesterday. She’s in the runoff down in Louisiana, as you’ll recall. And before the election she was out saying (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, here in Louisiana, here in the South, it’s unfriendly for people like me, for women, and it’s unfriendly for people of color.”

So she implied that one of the reasons she was gonna lose or maybe not win was because of all the racists and bigots who have elected her to two terms or however many she’s been there. It was profoundly embarrassing. She knows she’s gonna lose this thing, all the polling data on tap to lose this runoff, so she has decided to throw Harry Reid and the Democrat Party overboard. She went to the floor of the US Senate yesterday to do it by announcing massive support for the Keystone pipeline.

LANDRIEU: This has been a project that has lingered far too long. I believe that we should take the new majority leader at his word and stop blocking legislation that is broadly supported by the American public and has been for quite some time. I want to say “yes” to majority leader, new majority leader Mitch McConnell.

RUSH: Folks, they’re falling apart. The Democrats are falling apart right before our eyes. Mary Landrieu on the Senate floor pledging her allegiance to Mitch McConnell. And it’s another golden opportunity here that, sadly, I see being squandered. All of this time she couldn’t support the Keystone pipeline ’cause Obama wouldn’t support the Keystone pipeline. By the way, these environmentalists wackos have now got problem because there’s Obama over in China giving them everything they want with this new treaty with the ChiComs on global warming, and then he comes back and it looks like he’s gonna signal that he’s okay with the Keystone pipeline to help Landrieu.

They hate the Keystone pipeline because they hate oil, and oil is what would be in the Keystone pipeline, from Canada down to Louisiana to refineries. So they’re now conflicted. What are the wackos gonna do? On the one hand there’s Obama giving them everything they want with his punitive treaty with the ChiComs. He comes back here and signals that in order to help Landrieu — and what difference is it gonna make? If she wins, she’s not gonna tip the balance. It’s one seat. Her vote, her election’s not needed to keep the Democrat in Senate hands. But they’re still gonna try to keep it. Here’s her second sound bite.

LANDRIEU: We just got word within the last hour-and-a-half that the House of Representatives has introduced the Senate bill, basically in the House, identical to our language. You know, I am very proud of that. And as I said on the floor, and I mean to say this as sincerely as I can, if taking my name off of this bill helps it to pass, go right ahead. This is not about credit, it is not about glory, it is not about politics. It is about getting our work done.

RUSH: See, what happened is the House proposed the bill with Cassidy’s name on it, her opponent. So she came out, again, and said, “I don’t care. I don’t care. Whatever gets it done. Whatever is necessary. I’m not in this for credit. I don’t… I don’t really care.” Here is her opponent, Bill Cassidy, talking about this last night on Fox on Greta Van Susteren’s show.

She said, “So this now becomes, I assume, both the House and the Senate. In the Senate they want to pass it to perhaps politically help Senator Landrieu. The House already made known its position. Then it gets to the White House, the president’s desk. What is the president gonna do with the new Keystone pipeline legislation,” Senator Cassidy, senator-elect Cassidy or soon to be senator-elect Cassidy? What’s he gonna do?

CASSIDY: The president will probably veto it. He and Reid are both hostile to oil and gas. I have to smile when Senator Landrieu says politics are not involved. Clearly Reid did not care about the 40,000 jobs that would be created for families which are struggling, but he does care about Senator Landrieu’s job. So finally he’s gonna take the bill up. I don’t think the president cares about those 40,000 people. He’ll probably veto. But, come January, a conservative Senate and the House of Representatives will pass it once more; then we can override his veto.

RUSH: So basically what he’s saying is that Reid will allow the bill in the Senate to help Landrieu, put Cassidy’s name on it or whatever. So she can run around and tell her constituents that she supported the Keystone pipeline, and that gets her off the hook. That shows her voters that she has her head screwed on right.

She’s doing the right thing. She cares about them. She cares about the state of Louisiana. And then Obama’s gonna veto it, which is out of her control. That’s what Cassidy thinks gonna happen. He’s not gonna sign this thing. He’s gonna stand aside and let it go through the process of getting to him so that that might help Landrieu, but he’s not gonna sign it into law, because it’d be a revolt with the environmentalists. Plus he doesn’t believe it anyway.

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