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RUSH: We have been chronicling the tortured existence of the former AP Washington bureau chief Ron Fournier in recent days. The entire Jonathan Gruber story, the discovery that Gruber’s been running around bragging about how they lied to the American people to get Obamacare passed and how they had to rely on the stupidity of the American voter and the economic ignorance of the American voter in order to laughingly, braggadociously get Obamacare passed, Ron Fournier has been tortured over this. He might pronounce his name Fournier. I haven’t heard it pronounced, so I’ll cover myself with both pronunciations.

But it is clear that Ron Fournier is a longtime AP journalist, which means he’s a liberal Democrat, whether he knows it or not. And it’s also clear that he has put blind faith in the decency and goodness and honesty of liberal Democrats, that they’re kind and compassionate and so forth. And he’s really, really having a tough time coming to grips with all of this. From the way he’s writing and speaking, it’s making it sound like he’s really tortured over this sudden realization that the people he respects and loves in politics are a bunch of lying skunks.

So he was on Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox last night, and Bret Baier said, “Ron, does this change the dynamic as we head now to a Republican-held Congress? Does it change the dynamic about the perception of the law?”

FOURNIER: Yeah, it undermines the president’s credibility even further. It undermines the central element of the Democrat Party that a government is honest and transparent and can get things done well. It undermines their faith, frankly, in the media, which to a large degree has been giving this whole issue a pass. I’ve been really struck by the fact that okay, this is a Democratic lie, so we’ll pass on it. It’s like we have blue lies and red lies in this country, and of course white lies. “Honey, that dress doesn’t make you look too fat.” A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. This is not only a lie, but it’s insulting to the American people to say that we’re stupid, and, yes, it’s gonna affect the president’s ability to be able to have any credibility with the public and defend this law.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter! He doesn’t care whether he has credibility with the American people. He wouldn’t have done 90% of what he’s done. He doesn’t care if he has credibility with the public. He doesn’t care what the public wants. But notice, if you will, the premises which underlie this whole thing. “It undermines the central element of the Democrat Party that a government is honest and transparent and can get things done well.” So he’s admitting that’s what the Democrat Party is to him.

The Democrat Party’s honest. The Democrat Party is transparent. The Democrat Party can get things done, well. Well, conversely, what must the Republican Party be if that’s what he thinks about the Democrat Party? And that has shaped the way he’s written his stories and articles over the years, this blind faith belief that all goodness and all decency and all honesty is in the Democrat Party and that they’re the only ones that make government work, and making government work is number one. Making government work is what all of this is all about. And now all of these earth-shattering stories are shocking the very foundation in which he’s placed this blind faith.

“I’ve really been struck by the fact it’s a Democrat lie.”

(imitating Fournier) And, you know what? I’ve finally figured out that Democrats lied, my friends in the media don’t care. If a Republican lied, why, that’s all they talk about. But a Democrat lies, they don’t care. So there are red lies and blue lies.” Bureau chief. AP bureau chief. I’m trying to be nice here, but kind of like when McConnell said he’s surprised that Obama’s not tacking to the center, I don’t understand how intelligent, informed, engaged, everyday people — but we have to understand it ’cause they are.

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