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RUSH: I want to take you back to me on this program August 19th.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Ferguson, Missouri, is attracting a lot of people who — like Obama and Holder — wish they had been alive during the civil rights movement in the sixties, and that’s another thing that’s going on here. This is a flashback; this is an opportunity. Remember, Obama has wistfully spoken of the sixties. He wasn’t around then, but he says he wishes he had been. Well, here’s a chance to relive some history. Here’s a chance to flash forward. Here’s a Back to the Future moment if there ever was one. The sixties civil rights movement all of a sudden is back in full glory. Some of the Ferguson protesters, like the New Black Panthers, are claiming to be the new civil rights movement, which I guess is only natural. The civil rights era is the only period in our nation’s history that’s glorified in the schools these days, and it is.

RUSH: And this is exactly what’s happening in Ferguson, on the verge now of the grand jury report, decision on indictment or not, on the death of the gentle giant. Folks, it’s uncanny, all these civil rights dinosaurs, they’re heading back to Ferguson. It’s gonna be Selma all over. It’s gonna be Montgomery, Alabama, all over. It’s gonna be Lester Maddox all over again. They’re gonna have so much fun. They’re gonna relive the whole era, and they can’t wait for it.

Here is Emanuel Cleaver. He’s on “With All Due Respect” last night on Bloomberg TV. Question: “Do you expect, as many people do, to see the grand jury come back and not have an indictment in the gentle giant case?”

CLEAVER: What I think we will see is a group of young people who’ve been organizing who’ve actually gone through the kind of training that many of us went through back in the 1960s and 70’s —

RUSH: You hear that?

CLEAVER: — to participate with the —

RUSH: Stop the tape.

CLEAVER: — Southern Christian Leadership conference in nonviolent —

RUSH: Did you hear that? Training. This is Emanuel Cleaver. He’s a member of Congress from St. Louis, Democrat, Missouri. He said we got young people who have been organizing, have gone through the kind of training many of us went through back in the 60’s and 70’s to participate with nonviolent direct action. Okay, here’s the rest of the bite.

CLEAVER: — direct action. Now, having said that, this past summer when we had all of the tumult, we also had an influx of people coming in from Los Angeles —

RUSH: Right.

CLEAVER: — and we had gang members coming in from Chicago. I think that they are committed to doing some damage to Ferguson and to the image of the community and, actually, the entire nation.

RUSH: What? They’ve been undergoing training too? What is it, you have no problem with that? You got Black Panthers coming in. We got influx of people, gang members coming in from Chicago, it’s gonna be a party. We got gang members coming in from Chicago, committed to doing some damage to Ferguson, yeah, got some training going on out there. And here is John Lewis, who was on the bridge in Selma, he was on some show, Roland Martin show, NewsOne yesterday, and the question, “For this generation, Congressman, do these police killings and the social justice issue represent the modern-day Selma?”

LEWIS: Selma was the turning point, and I think what happened in Ferguson will be the turning point. I think people are waiting, they watching, and we gonna see, I think, within the next few days what happens. And there could be massive nonviolent protests all over America. When we were beaten on that bridge in Selma, the people couldn’t take it. When they saw it, when they heard about it, when they read about it, there was a sense of righteous indignation. And if we see a miscarriage of justice in Ferguson, we’re gonna have the same reaction that people had towards Selma.

RUSH: I told you. Snerdley’s in there going, “For heaven’s sake.” I told you. I mean, I’m telling you, they’re gonna relive the 60’s. They can’t wait for this. I’m telling you they’re all excited. It’s not delusion. They’re looking for meaning in their lives, and let’s face it, the civil rights movement hasn’t had a Selma in a long time. You’re gonna be hearing Selma as long as Hillary Clinton is alive and can go there and do her reading. (imitating Hillary) “I ain’t no ways tired.” Remember that? That’s Hillary Clinton at Selma.

And Obama went to Selma, and he said, “Yeah, my dad was affected by Selma. My dad told me about Selma.” And he even put on his Selma dialect when he was talking about it. Oh, Selma, I mean, they just can’t wait. If the grand jury indicts the cop… (interruption) What, that’s not possible? If the grand jury indicts the cop, you’re gonna see — well, I won’t predict it. I’ll just tell you, you’ll be surprised. Actually, no. Whatever they do, there’s gonna be an excuse to cause trouble. Whatever decision comes down the grand jury, they’ll find a way, ’cause they’re too trained for it now, too ready. Ginned up.

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