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RUSH: Here is Dana Bash at CNN mere moments ago breathless, excited, can barely contain herself as she announces confirmation that Obama is going to announce amnesty on Thursday night.

BASH: You hear from White House officials and other Democrats who I talk to, and I say, “Look, you know what you’re doing here, right? By signing this executive order, you are, as Mitch McConnell said from day one, waving a red flag in front of a bull.” Not so much because of the Republican leaders but because they have to deal with the Republican rank-and-file conservatives who are in the House, especially from very conservative districts who are very worried about primary challenges. And they are going to be saying to their Republican leaders, “Really, you want me to work with this president on anything, never mind immigration, on anything, after what he just did and I already have a constituency that doesn’t trust him?” So that is the context in which this is happening.

RUSH: What they’re excited about here is they’re excited about the fact it’s gonna make conservatives mad. That is what the people in the media, and many on the Democrat side, the Democrat Party, the left, that’s really what gives them their jollies. As much as advancing their own agenda, they just love ticking you off and us off. They just love it. They get the biggest thrill. That’s one of the reasons why Bill Clinton is so popular, because he was seen as somebody who routinely made fools out of Republicans. And they loved that, and Dana Bash all excited here, too, because, “Why, look at what Obama is doing. He is raising that flag in front of the bull, just gonna make these conservatives so mad.”

What they are forgetting here, it’s not just conservatives who are gonna be upset with this. Forty-eight percent of the country, at least people polled, in an NBC poll, express opposition to this. Wolf Blitzer is a little concerned. Now, this is last night but I want to get back to it. He is talking to the White House Domestic Policy Council director Cecilia Munoz, and he reminds her that Obama at one point said he wasn’t an emperor and he couldn’t do things like that. So why is he all of a sudden gonna do it now when he couldn’t do it then?

MUNOZ: So he was in the process of giving the House of Representatives an opportunity to act. He gave them 16 months, in fact, since the Senate passed a strong bipartisan bill with all kinds of support around the country. He’s made it very, very clear, he’s going to do what he can to fix something thatÂ’s broken. HeÂ’s going to do it within his constraints under the law. But he gave the Congress, the House of Representatives in particular, 16 months after a strong bipartisan bill passed the Senate and it’s time for him to get on with doing what’s right for the American people here.

RUSH: Right. Right. We gotta get on with doing what’s right for the American people. It doesn’t matter he can’t do it, Wolf. It doesn’t matter. It’s too important. He’s gotta do it. The Republicans won’t help. He’s on his own. He’s gotta do this. He’s gotta do this for the American people. The American people need this done. We need to do this for the American people. It’s the only wonderful, beautiful thing to do. We can’t do it if we have to wait for the Republicans. If we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do it.

And Wolf, “Well, wait a minute. He just said just a year ago that he’s not an emperor. A year ago he said he didn’t have the power to do this.” So she gave her answer, and he wasn’t finished. I mean, he’s all for Obama doing it, don’t misunderstand, but he did pretend to be a journalist last night.

BLITZER: He himself repeatedly said over the past several years that he didn’t have the authority to do it. He’s not the emperor of the United States, he’s the president of the United States. But now he believes he does have the authority?

MUNOZ: So he’s asked his team, the secretary of DHS and the Department of Justice, to outline specifically what he has the legal authority to do. What he was responding to, Wolf, was questions from folks in the community who wanted him to stop enforcing the law altogether. That is beyond what he has the authority to do, but he does have the authority to act, and he’s gonna use that authority before the end of the year.

RUSH: What he was responding to, Wolf, was questions from folks in the community who wanted him to stop enforcing the law altogether. That’s beyond what he has the authority to do. This is how they’re massaging things. They’re just making it up as they go, and they don’t care. They don’t care about public opinion. Look, folks, bottom line, if nobody’s gonna stop you, why should you stop yourself? You have a political agenda, you want to remake America, you want to transform it, and the opposition says they’re not gonna stop you, why should you stop?

And the Republicans have signaled, they’re not gonna stop him. You know why? ‘Cause the Republicans think the public would hate them. The Republicans think the media would be mean to ’em, the media would be critical, call ’em racists and whatever else, and the Republicans think that they were sent there to be cooperative and to work with Obama, and so they can’t stop him, they would be hated. So if you’re Obama and you’re watching this, and you don’t care about public opinion anyway, there’s nothing to stop you. You don’t even need to justify it. Just do it.

Here’s Bob in Laramie, Wyoming, as we grab a phone call, first time today. Great to have you, Bob. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. First-time caller. This amnesty thing, doesn’t it look like this is his test run to see what he can do with the Republicans for the next two years, get them on the ropes and then just keep them there?

RUSH: Well, maybe, but I think he already knows that.

CALLER: Well, but they caved so far, so…

RUSH: He’s doing this for a multitude of reasons. The main reason he’s doing this has nothing to do with the Republicans. And he’s not doing this to test them. He’s doing this to transform America. He is doing this to change this country. He’s doing this to punish this country. He is doing this because he believes this country has acted unjustly and immorally for 200 years. Of secondary concern to Barack Obama is what the Republicans do. Of tertiary concern to Barack Obama is what the American people think. He doesn’t care.

The Republicans are already on the ropes, and they put themselves there. He didn’t have to do anything. “Well, no, we’re not going to impeach, no, that would be — oh, no, no, no. We’re not gonna shut down the government. No, no, no. We’re not gonna defund anything. No, no, no.” If you’re Obama, you don’t have any roadblocks. You don’t even have a stop sign in your way.

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