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RUSH: You remember last week we had some laughs and some yuks because Biden was down in Central America, El Salvador or somewhere? Everybody thought that he committed a huge gaffe. He didn’t, but they thought he did. He was making a speech in public with a bunch of Central American leaders, and he basically promises parents and kids that we’re gonna make the trip to America safer for you from now on.

No more 45 days on a train. We’re gonna fly you to America.

Everybody said, “What the hell is that? What an idiot! My God, he’s letting the cat out of the bag. Here’s Joe Biden, once again blowing it.” No, he didn’t. He was just a week ahead of the official announcement, which I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. (shuffling paper) Right here it is, ladies and gentlemen, from the United States Department of State and the US Department of Homeland Security, I read verbatim.

“The United States is establishing an in-country refugee/parole program in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to provide a safe, legal, and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are currently undertaking to the United States. This program will allow certain parents who are lawfully present in the United States to request access to the US Refugee Admissions Program for their children still in” El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras.

So the State Department, in a press release, has announced what Biden said last week. And, by the way, it’s gonna work both ways. The children who came here all this past year, if their parents can be found and identified, they, too, will be flown north and reunited in the United States, which explains what this whole minor migration was all about. It explains what it was all about!

You get the kids here. “We can’t be responsible for breaking up families! So if the children are here, and if we can find their parents, we’ll bring ’em here.” Now we know why the parents let them go. We’re all asking this past year, “What kind of parent would let her 8-year-old get on a train with a whole bunch of strangers? What kind of characters are they gonna find on there? Hobos, rapists, muggers, purse snatchers, whatever?

“Why would you let your 8-year-old get on a train for 45 days to the United States, even if the economy in your own country is in bad shape? What parent would do that?” The answer is: “A parent who will use the child getting to America as the ticket for them to get there to join the child.” So what Obama’s gonna announce Thursday, folks, is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re gonna grant amnesty, i.e., we’re not gonna deport whatever, five million. We’re not deporting anybody anyway, not in great numbers. In addition to that, we’re not gonna shut down the border. We’re not gonna make one more move on border security whatsoever. We’re gonna start flying people from Central America up here, and these are three countries, remember, that are not Mexico.

There’s a quirk in the immigration law which says that children arriving in the United States from countries other than Mexico cannot be sent back. All of a sudden we’ve got tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of them storming the border, and everybody’s scratching their head saying, “Why? What’s causing this?” It’s all been a plan.


RUSH: By the way, the program that I just announced — well, I didn’t announce it, the program that I just informed you the State Department announced where the children of parents, Central America, flown here, that starts next month. That starts in December. That’s not even underway yet. These are free flights they’re gonna put these people on. The flights are for the children of people who are lawfully present in the US. Tomorrow, Obama is gonna make a few million more people lawfully present in the US, which means all of their kids are going to be flown up to the US for free.

The program that the State Department has announced says that the flights bringing them here are for the children of people who are lawfully present in the US. You hear about the illegals, they come here and they work, but they send money back home for the family. Not gonna have to send the money home anymore. They’re going to be able to bring the family here and the US State Department is going to pay for the airline flights to make it happen.

President Obama has cut his own promo for his speech tomorrow night.

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