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RUSH: You talk about brilliance? The light reflecting the brilliance of this person is so blinding, you need to shield your eyes when you are in her presence. Yesterday afternoon on the floor of the House, from Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee…

LEE: This is not amnesty. This is prioritization. This is saving money. This is keeping families together. This is allowing children to not come home to places where the parents have been thrown from their places of work and taken away from them. I’m excited about the courage of this president. I look forward to America finally understanding the gifts that you are given. Let us not be a selfish nation! Let us be a generous nation.

RUSH: Okay, Sheila Jackson Lee. And, by the way, she is saying something there that really does define the way modern liberals look at this country. When she talks about, “Let us not be a selfish nation; let us be a generous nation,” what that means is: “If anybody wants to come here, they ought to be able to.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair that this is the only place on earth where people are free or whatever it is that this place offers to people that is not available anywhere else. It’s just not fair, it’s not right, and we are selfish by having borders. We are selfish for keeping people out. That makes us mean-spirited. That makes us racists. That makes us people that break up families.

“We are responsible for all of the sickness and the evils and the broken families all over the world. If we would just let people come here! But we’re so selfish! We want it all for ourselves. We don’t want to share it.” What Obama’s doing is effectively saying, “Come on in! Take whatever you want, because it isn’t ours. We want to share it with you because we don’t deserve it ourselves.” And do not doubt me.

There’s also the… Look, she’s a leftist. and, as such, thinks the country needs to be cut down to size. I’m not saying that’s not a factor here, either. But do not doubt when she says, “Let us not be selfish; let us be generous,” what she’s really saying is, “It isn’t fair that we are so prosperous. It isn’t fair that we are so abundant. It isn’t fair that we are so advanced, and it isn’t fair that we keep people out. That makes us selfish and we don’t share.

“On that basis alone, we should not turn anyone away, don’t you see? Because this country doesn’t deserve the status that it has. In fact, we wouldn’t be as rich as we are if we hadn’t stolen it from these people in the first place long ago. This is simply us giving back that which wasn’t ours in the first place!” This is how they think, and do not doubt me.


RUSH: I take you back to Sheila Jackson Lee. We played her sound bite earlier in which she, from the floor of the House, said, “We can’t oppose this. Why, we’re generous! We can’t be selfish.” Again, I want to translate this for you. Sheila Jackson Lee was simply verbalizing what many liberals — and these would be your rank-and-file Pajama Boy liberals, your rank-and-file college student liberals, your rank-and-file unemployed liberals.

I’m not talking about elected liberal leaders. They are diabolical. I’m talking about their dupes. They really do believe, it’s just not fair that one country on the planet has so much, ’cause there’s nothing special about us! In fact, not only is there nothing special about us, we’re oppressors.

We’ve got a slave history in our own country and we’re racists and we’re bigots and we’ve been mean to all kinds of minorities ever since this country was founded. We don’t deserve all of this prosperity. And, furthermore, we only have the prosperity because we have looted and stolen from countries all over the world. So this is just payback. This is just what we owe the people of the world. And so we can’t be selfish. If they want to come here, who are we to say they can’t come? We’re here. Why can’t they come here?

That’s the kind of thing a college professor or a high school teacher will teach their kids. They’ll guilt trip them and they’ll use a moral equivalence and this is why they strip away the whole concept of American exceptionalism. It’s why the multicultural curriculum is what it is. Ahhhh, the western Europeans, they actually brought strife, and they brought racism and bigotry, and look what they did to the people when they came here. They didn’t discover anything. They came here and conquered. They imprisoned people. Look what they did to the Indians.

It just never ends. The United States is nothing but a giant country of guilty oppressors. And we have to make amends for that. And so if somebody wants to come here and even get on our welfare state roll, well, by God, we owe them. This is how you get the support of young people and others who become obsessed with the whole fairness thing. It’s epitomized there, verbalized by no less an intellect than Sheila Jackson Lee on the floor of the House.

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