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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, your beloved host has once again hijacked the debate on this issue in the United States Senate this afternoon. We take you — via the miracle of solid-state hard drive disk — to the Senate floor just moments ago and Senator Chuck-U Schumer from New York.

SCHUMER: The other side says it’s amnesty. They’re listening to Rush Limbaugh. Amnesty, amnesty, amnesty! Amnesty means you get away with it without paying a price. Here’s the price you gotta pay if you across the border illegally: 1) You gotta pay all your back taxes. 2) You gotta keep working. 3) You have to admit wrongdoing. 4) You have to pay a fine. 5) You have to learn English. 6) (dramatic pause) You have to go to the back of the line.

RUSH: On whose plan? Is this what Obama’s gonna announce? They don’t have the ability to make any of that happen! Whose plan is this? This is not what Obama’s gonna announce tomorrow night! Back of the line? Pay a fine? (interruption) There was a plan that did this, and it was Chuck-U’s. You know, Chuck-U and the Gang of Eight had this plan, but this is not what Obama’s gonna do. What did I have to do with any of this now? What Obama’s doing is not the Gang of Eight plan!

There’s one more sound bite here.

SCHUMER: I’d say to my colleagues: “Don’t be afraid of the Tea Party!” They’re afraid of the word “amnesty” even though the bill is not amnesty at all, as I mentioned. But Rush Limbaugh says “amnesty” incessantly, and I know my Republican colleagues. I’m a political guy, in some ways.

RUSH: (chuckling) “In some way”?

SCHUMER: They’re afraid primary voters that skew far right believe it’s amnesty.

RUSH: (chuckling) “In some ways” he’s a political guy!

SCHUMER: The Tea Party may be a sliver of the American public, but they’re a huge percentage of primary voters in too many Republican districts.

RUSH: (laughing)

SCHUMER: And that’s what they’re afraid of.

RUSH: What is he talking about here? Is Obama gonna announce a Gang of Eight plan tomorrow night? Obama’s gonna simply suspend deportations, basically granting these people amnesty and he’s gonna allow their kids to come in here. What is this move to the back of the line, learn English, pay your back taxes? Come on! Give me a break. None of that’s gonna happen here.

I’ll tell you what’s going on here. This is a separate debate in the Senate where they’re trying to get Republicans to join the Democrats in a comprehensive thing that will follow whatever Obama’s gonna do tomorrow. So they’re doubling down on the pressure on the Republicans. “Hey, you’re upset that Obama’s gonna leave you out tomorrow night? Well, here’s how you can get your skin in the game.

“Here’s how you can get some credit for this: Join us and ignore Rush Limbaugh, who says ‘amnesty, amnesty, amnesty, amnesty.’ It’s not amnesty! You gotta go to the back of the line and all this rigmarole.” That’s what it is. They’re still trying to cajole the Republicans into signing on board to something above and beyond whatever Obama’s gonna do. That has to be what it is. Unless… I mean, we’re assuming what we know Obama’s gonna say tomorrow night. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, your is host hijacking, once again, the United States Senate.


RUSH: I apologize, people on the phones, for not getting to you today. The Chuck-U Schumer sound bites came in and it kind of superseded what I intended to do. I had some sound bites here on the sports media. Oh, I gotta do Uber. I gotta do Uber tomorrow and what’s happening with the NFL and these suspensions, ’cause the sports Drive-Bys are just coming down on Goodell again like it’s brand-new.

Yeah, Uber. Maybe Don Lemon — maybe — and the sports Drive-Bys on Goodell.

Now, as to what Chuck-U Schumer is doing. Very quickly, I think Chuck-U and the Democrats in the Senate are not totally happy with what Obama’s gonna do, ’cause it’s only five million. They want the whole enchilada. They want all 12 to 15 million illegals legalized. So Obama’s gonna take care of five million of ’em on Thursday night, and Chuck-U’s trying to pressure the Republicans to ignore the Tea Party and me and join him for the rest.

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