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RUSH: There are a lot of groups not happy with what Obama did last night, and it just amazes me. It really does. These groups are unhappy because Obama didn’t do what they expected, which obviously means Obama has been lying to some of these people in these private meetings with them.

For example, I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers (shuffles) a piece from one of my tech blogs. I don’t know which it is. I printed it out. It doesn’t matter. Oh, I take that back. It’s a Reuters story. “President Barack Obama plans to make life a little easier for some foreign tech workers, but Silicon Valley representatives are disappointed his immigration rule changes will not satisfy longstanding demands for more visas and faster green cards.”

originalNow, this Zuckerberg guy at Facebook was one of the spearheads. He formed a PAC and was raising money. I forget the name of his group, but he was out there, and he’s been on a different page of this thing from the get-go. He, as a representative of Silicon Valley, has been demanding more H-1B visas, meaning highly educated foreign students who become educated in America. The tech community has wanted more of those people to be granted permission to stay.

When Zuckerberg put together his group, it wasn’t about Mexican immigrants.

But it was.

Zuckerberg ended up supporting, inadvertently, what Obama was actually gonna do in the first place. But Zuckerberg and his buddies are acting surprised today, and it has to mean that when Obama was meeting with them, he lied. He goes to Silicon Valley a lot, does fundraisers in California, Hollywood. It must mean that he lied. I guess. He had to have misled these people for them to be mad today.

Which leads me to ask: Just how…?

Well, not “bright” are these people.

How could they miss this? How in the world can anybody paying even half attention miss what this was really all about? Let me stick with the story here, and I’ll explain what I mean. “In a speech on Thursday, Obama outlined plans to use executive authority to help millions of undocumented people. He also announced minor adjustments to cut red tape for visa holders and their families, including letting spouses of certain H-1B visa holders get work permits. …

“But tech industry insiders said the changes, while positive, were limited. ‘This holiday season, the undocumented advocacy community got the equivalent of a new car, and the business community got a wine and cheese basket,’ complained one lobbyist, speaking on condition of anonymity.” The lobbyist didn’t want anybody to know who he was because he knows that people like him get targeted for speaking out against the Regime.

“Instead of more temporary H-1B visas, which allow non-US citizens with advanced skills and degrees in ‘specialty occupations’ to work in the country for up to six years, the 200,000-member US chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers was hoping for measures to reduce the backlog of H-1B holders awaiting green cards. ‘If this is all there is, then the president has missed a real opportunity,’ said Russ Harrison, a senior legislative representative at the IEEE.

“‘He could have taken steps to make it easier for skilled immigrants to become Americans through the green card system, protecting foreign workers and Americans in the process.'” What did they think was gonna happen here! One thing that none of us have ever been confused about: There was no way that Obama was gonna increase the number of highly skilled, highly educated immigrants in this country.

That’s not who this was about.

That’s not who this has ever been about.

In fact, reasonable immigration would be about just this group of people, but it never has been. The Democrat Party is not interested in this group. Now, the Democrat Party will take donations from people who think Obama’s gonna ramp this up for them, but this is… I don’t know, folks. I’m trying not to say, “How stupid can people be?” because I’m constantly amazed at… I guess it’s ignorance that I’m thinking of here.

I really am. How ignorant can some of these people be, to not see what’s right in front of their face, and it’s not even being hidden. Obama has not misled anybody in public. Mr. Snerdley, have you ever doubted who are the primary targets/beneficiaries of Obama’s amnesty plans? (interruption) Have you ever been confused about who Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are talking about when they talk about amnesty? (interruption)

“Not for one second.”

So how in the world do these wizards of smart in Silicon Valley get bamboozled or mislead into believing that Obama was gonna increase immigration from MIT, or from Harvard or from Yale, or University of Mumbai, whatever? (interruption) Well, they gave him money. They raised money for this! Now, they’re being very, very guarded in their expressions of surprise and shock and discontent.

Some of them are not even being named, ’cause they know the Regime goes after them. For instance, here it says that the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers “and technology companies want spouses and children to be excluded from employment-based green-card allotments, thereby increasing availability for other foreign tech workers seeking green cards.” So these people are say, “Screw the families!”

Obama replies (impression), “No, no! We’re not gonna screw the families. We’re gonna unite families! Families from all over the world are now gonna be able to come here and get together, on us.” Obama doesn’t care if these people ever learn to read as long as they can spot the (D) on a ballot. If they can do that, mission accomplished. On the other side, we have… (interruption) Well, I don’t know.

By the way, there is gonna be amnesty, too.

I mean, this is dipping a toe in the water. This is 4.5 or 5 million people. There’s still seven million to go. (interruption) I’m telling you, this is just a test. Well, it’s a little bit more than a test, but I guarantee you Obama’s gauging reaction here. I guarantee he’s measuring what kind of push-back there is, and so far there isn’t any. He’s gonna assume… This doesn’t take any wizard of smart to figure out.

All you have to do is be honest and admit what kind of guy a liberal Democrat community organizer is. Obama happens to be that guy, and therefore we can predict easily in advance what he’s gonna do, and what he wants to do, what his motivations are, what his objectives are, and everything about it. Right now Obama is measuring: “Is there any push-back to this?

“Okay, I have just blown up the Constitution. I just fired a BB gun at it. There are holes in that Constitution,” and he’s looking to see if anybody is gonna pick it up off the floor and try to take his BB gun away from him. If he doesn’t see any of that, I guarantee you he’s gonna make these next two years filled with exactly this kind of thing and exactly this kind of rationale. “Hey, I’m trying to do a great thing for America but Congress won’t cooperate with me! So I got no choice. I gotta do it myself.”

He won’t care if his approval number is at 30%, 27, it won’t matter. He’s never gonna be on the ballot again. So it’s plain to see. And the next shoe to fall I think could be Iran, but it might be the remaining seven million immigrants that Obama did not grant amnesty to last night. I mean, how we gonna pick the five million that get it? Who’s gonna tell the seven million, “Sorry, not your turn”? How we gonna decide this? They may already have that out.

Anyway, the anchor at Univision, a guy named Jorge Ramos, he’s got this figured out, and he’s not happy. He joins the tech buddies in being unhappy, but for a whole different reason. “Univision anchor Jorge Ramos described Obama?’s executive action on immigration as paying a ‘debt’ to the Latino community. In an interview with Fusion colleague Alicia Menendez, Ramos denied that Obama had kept his promises on immigration.” Obama hasn’t even gotten close to keeping his promise on immigration in full because he had pledged to take action in his first year, and he didn’t do it until his sixth year.

Jorge Ramos went on to say that President Obama must do more. And he’s still leaving out six to seven million undocumented aliens that need help. Asked whether Obama had kept his promise, Jorge Ramos said, “Well, not exactly. What President Barack Obama promised during 2008 was to present during his first year in office immigration reform. And that would have applied to the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. … He?’s going to benefit more than 4 million people in this country, the undocumented parents of US citizens and legal residents. However, that would not include another 6 to 7 million undocumented immigrants in this country.”

This guy wrote to TIME magazine yesterday in an e-mail, and he claimed credit for this. He said the Latino community is who had pressured Obama into doing this, and he said, “It?’ll be a triumph for the Latino community… It?’ll demonstrate our newfound power. This is not something that we got; this is something that we fought for.” They’re viewing this as a debt that’s being paid, a debt that is being repaid. Now, what must you believe if you look at what Obama did last night as paying a debt, tell me, what is it? (interruption) Well, I don’t think it’s that. Yeah, they got him elected. I don’t think it that at all.

I don’t think Jorge Ramos is talking about election payback or anything when he talks about how Latino people are owed a debt. I think he’s talking about the fact that California used to be Mexico and that Arizona used to be Mexico and whatever else, and I think the debt that they’re talking about goes far beyond Obama’s first-year promise. I think the debt involved, “Hey, you have been using Hispanics to pick your fruit, to take out your trash, to wash and drive your cars, to cut on your lawns, and it’s gone on long enough.”

They get paid, they do, but it’s menial work that real Americans won’t do. How do you think the Hispanic community reacts to that? A guy like Jorge Ramos, when he hears people support amnesty because there are jobs that Americans just won’t do. Well, what does that make the jobs that we Hispanics are doing then, dirt jobs? I’m telling you, it offends ’em. It offends the hell out of ’em. (interruption) Well, I don’t care if there’s some jobs Mexicans won’t do now because they have risen above them and those jobs, central Americans. That’s not the point. The point is when you hear a guy start talking about how Obama owes them a debt, let me put it another way.

I think the Democrat Party has realized they have — what’s the term? — they’ve maxed out with the black population. How much better can they do? They get 93% every election. Okay, that’s done. We got that, we own it, it’s time to build on that. And so up next are the Hispanics, and the Democrats are going to treat them and corral them the same way they did the African-American community.

In essence, what Hispanics have been doing all of these years, when they’ve been doing jobs that are beneath Americans, it’s been the equivalent of slavery. You mark my words. I’m not saying Obama’s gonna tell them. This is going to be the activist impetus for the immigration activist groups. And it’s now gonna become a matter of dignity. That’s what this debt being repaid really gets to. This is only the beginning, I think. We’ll just have to see. Time will tell.


RUSH: Show Low, Arizona, one of my all-time favorite city names, Show Low, Arizona. This is Bill. Bill, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. This is a real pleasure, highlight of my life.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Obama gave us a gift last night that he didn’t know he gave, and the only way to get the word out is to talk to you, and the world listens. All of the illegal aliens have to sign up, and they have to pay a fine, and —

RUSH: Wait wait wait, wait. Did Obama say that last night?

CALLER: Yep. They have to sign up and pay a fine, and a few odds and ends. Well, eventually the conservatives are gonna get control of the government, and we have the list of five million aliens, and all you have to do is send the bus around to deport ’em. We know who they are and where they’re at, and they’re bank accounts will have been drained by Obama paying the fines and taxes.

RUSH: (laughing) Bill, do you think the Republicans would do that?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know, but the only way that the Republicans are ever gonna know this is to listen to you, because they certainly wouldn’t listen to me.

RUSH: Yeah, but they’re not gonna round up the five million that Obama —

CALLER: But they’ll have the list.

RUSH: Yeah, but even —

CALLER: They’ve been saying for years, well, we don’t know where they’re at and we don’t know who they are, can’t round ’em up to deport ’em.

RUSH: Bill, Bill, the Republicans aren’t going to deport anybody.

CALLER: Well, I know that, too, but it makes ’em nervous thinking that they might.

RUSH: So what? Okay, so they’re sitting there — (laughing).

CALLER: Well, if they think that they’re gonna get deported, do you think they’re gonna sign up?

RUSH: If they think they’re gonna get deported? No. In fact, I don’t even think they’re gonna be able to round ’em up to collect the fines.

CALLER: Well, probably not, but it’s just the idea. If they’re stupid enough to sign up, they should be deported.

RUSH: Stupid enough — Bill — (laughing) — the world’s listening. If they’re stupid enough to sign up, they should — here’s a guy looking at it with humor. You gotta admire him. The guy’s trying to laugh about this ’cause sometimes that’s all you can do. But look, I have to admit something, folks. And I know that you’re probably gonna be mad. I didn’t watch it. I couldn’t. I knew what he’s gonna say. I had my advance word. We knew what he was gonna say, and I knew that I was gonna have a transcript of it, and I knew that people are gonna be sending me e-mail expressing shock and outrage.

And so I read it. I didn’t even want to turn on cable news last night. I didn’t want to hear a syllable about this. It’s almost like I was in a state of denial. If I don’t hear it, maybe it isn’t really happening. I know, I know it happened, but did Obama with announce a collection, a fine… (interruption) Did you watch it did? Well, did he mention signing up and collecting fines? (interruption) Okay. Okay. Okay. That’s Schumer’s plan. That’s not gonna happen.


RUSH: All right, look. Obama’s not gonna make anybody pay a fine here. What he was talking about last night — and I knew this was the case. I know the Schumer bill inside out. I’ve had that bill presented to me. I’ve had them present that to me, and I’ve had them say to me, “If you call it amnesty you’re gonna kill it ’cause it’s not amnesty,” and they spelled out what it was

There’s gonna be this magical ID card that everybody’s gonna be given, and they’re gonna have to get in line. “They’re gonna have to come out of the shadows, have to sign up, have to admit who they are and have to pay any back taxes, and they have to pay any fines, and then they go to the back of the line and so forth. If they do all that, fine and dandy.” This is what’s been presented as the Gang of Eight bill.

My problem is I just don’t believe… I mean, this may be what they pass, but then next week they’ll come right back and say, “How could we not include the right to vote in this. I mean, look at what all we’re making them do! Many of them have been paying taxes for years, it’s just unfair that they can’t vote,” and it’d be amended and changed. They’d just concoct some scheme to get the thing passed, and then change it to what they really want it to be.

So I know what the Gang of Eight bill is, and it does require that, but I don’t think Obama was talking about collecting fines last night. There’s no way. (interruption) Right. Now… (interruption) Well, they’ll pay back taxes again? (sigh) I just don’t believe any of it. All I know is he’s not gonna make ’em pay a fine. He mentioned a fine last night but he was talking about the Gang of Eight bill.

Let me put this in perspective so we do not lose track here, lose sight of what’s actually been done and what’s happening. Obama legalized over five million illegals, but it may be not totally correct to say he legalized them. What happened is he essentially told every law enforcement department in the country to not pursue them. So they are the beneficiaries of prosecutorial discretion. Their crimes have been ignored.

Now, what Obama is trying to say is because he’s decided not to prosecute them, that that makes them legal — and that, he doesn’t have the power to do. That is what is unconstitutional about what he did, because prosecutorial discretion does not allow a prosecutor (in this case the president) to write law. It doesn’t permit the prosecutor to change a law. Congress writes them. They don’t enforce them.

That’s the executive.


The executive is choosing not to enforce this law, the deportation law, on these five million. But then Obama went further. He’s claiming since he’s not gonna prosecute ’em, that means they’re not breaking the law anymore. It doesn’t mean they’re not breaking the law. They’re still in violation of the law. They’re just not being prosecuted for it. It’s a huge difference.

He’s talking about giving them work permits. If they can get work permits they’re legalized, and he can’t do that. He cannot give them benefits. That is spending, and that has to originate in the House of Representatives. So none of what he’s did last night is in any way, shape, manner, or form constitutional. But the supporters don’t care because to them this is not about that. This is payback!

Everything Obama is doing, you must understand, is considered payback from one victim group to another victim group who think they have been wronged since the founding of the country. They have been victimized, discriminated against, whatever. They have been impugned, they’ve been laughed it, they’ve been made fun of, they have been discriminated against, whatever. This is payback.

That’s why somebody like Geraldo can run around and justify this on the basis that, “Well, this is only fair. The law doesn’t matter. The Constitution doesn’t matter. This is about feeling good. This is getting even with people.” That’s why Jorge Ramos is calling this just the beginnings of a debt that’s being repaid. These people aren’t concerned with any of the constitutional aspects of it or the law in any way, shape, manner, or form.

Obama said as little as he had to say in terms of specifics. All he wants is the flood, the future Democrat voters, and the ensuing chaos. There is something like this every week. Now everybody’s waiting on pins and needles for Ferguson to drop. When that drops, people will forget about this for a minute to see what happens in Ferguson. Then after Ferguson there’s gonna be something else that happens, ’cause there always is.

There’s always a crisis. There’s always a crisis that creates chaos that requires federal involvement and intervention. Obama said with his deal, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. That’s what this deal is, quote/unquote. With this deal you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law? I’m sorry, but he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do that.

If you are accused of — let me think — anything. Let’s say you’re pulled over. You’re a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you’re pulled over, and you got 20 pounds of marijuana in your car, and the cop is a big Steelers fan and decides to let you go. He decides, “I’m not gonna pursue this. I have bigger crimes to deal with.” So the running back on the Steelers gets back in the car and heads on to the team plane to Philadelphia to play a game.

It doesn’t mean that it’s now legal to carry 20 pounds or 20 ounces, whatever, of marijuana in your car. It just means that you were not prosecuted. For that marijuana example to be analogous to what Obama did, the cop — after stopping the player that had 20 pounds of marijuana — not only would let him go, but would pay him for it or some such thing, or let him go out and get more.

Obama did not make anybody legal ’cause he doesn’t have the power. Well, he might have, but he doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do that, and it’s not a fine point. This is not matter of argument, constitutional or otherwise. It’s not a narrow point. It’s glaring. What he did last night is not permitted. But nobody’s stopping him, so here we are.


RUSH: You know, all these new arrivals, these new legals, they’re gonna expect benefits. They’re gonna expect, I mean we’re bending over backwards here. Look at the attitude they’re gonna have. I mean, they’re gonna have a lot of expectations. Let’s put it that way. Obama’s creating expectations. They are a preferential class now, and they are going to understand this.

You know, our previous caller had a point. I mean, at some point if these people come out of the shadows and sign up, they are going to, for the first time in their lives, be known. The government is gonna know where they are. The government is gonna know who they are, and in the wrong hands, that might not work out well for ’em. And if I were these people, I’d be very worried. Obama has shown he will lie to anybody.

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