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RUSH: Let me add one thing. I want to remind you people of something. I should have mentioned this the past couple of days. But, you know, I say so much that it’s impossible for me to remember it all.

I remember on this program during a particularly heated moment on the whole subject of illegal immigration, I had a call from a really angry leftist who was thinking I was a typical racist and bigot, so forth, and I said, “You know what? Let me ask you a question. How about this. How about the Republicans write an immigration bill that gives President Obama everything he wants with just one proviso: None of the illegals who will be granted amnesty can vote for 20 years.”

I said, “Do you think that Obama would sign that?” And I answered my own question, there’s no way, because this is all about registering new Democrat voters, permanently dependent Democrat voters. That’s what the Democrat Party wants to do. The Democrat Party isn’t uniting families and all that. The Democrat Party wants to be your daddy. The Democrat Party wants to be your mama. The Democrat Party wants to be your boss. The Democrat Party wants to be your brother and sister.

The Democrat Party will be everything for you, if you just vote. You don’t have to learn English. You just have to learn the letter D on a ballot. If you can do that, we’ll give you citizenship. But, what do you think Obama would have done? What do you think Chuck-U Schumer would say?

Let’s say, you know, Chuck-U Schumer brings my name up in the Senate the other day, I’m out mischaracterizing this, I’m calling it amnesty, it’s not amnesty. And Chuck-U Schumer’s all worried that I’m intimidating the Tea Party caucus in the Senate and the House. I say, “Okay, I’ll call Senator Schumer.” I say, “Senator Schumer, let’s go to dinner.” He says, “Okay, we’ll go to dinner.” I say, “Look I’m ready to throw in the towel. You know what? I can see the numbers, and I can see, Senator Schumer, that you’ve got ’em. So you know what I’ll do? I will submit, I’ll agree the Republicans put together a bill that gives you everything you want. The only thing that I think is fair and that I want is that these newly legalized illegal aliens cannot vote for 20 years.”

And if there is even a syllable of opposition to that, then we would expose the Democrats for what they really are. And it is not that they are humanitarians, and it’s not that they are very compassionate. This is all about registering new voters, because if it were about everything else they would readily agree that newly legalized — and we’re not talking citizens here, folks. We’re just gonna grant them amnesty from prosecution. They’re not automatically citizens, can’t vote. But let’s make sure they can’t vote for 20 years. And I guarantee you there’s not a Democrat in the Regime or in the Senate that would support that. Don’t doubt me.

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