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RUSH: It was hard to tell last night just whose leader Barack Obama is. I mean, I’m watching this, it’s surreal, and it’s almost like a dream. Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion? I mean, it’s curious, the alignments this president makes, the allies he makes, the enemies he has. And last night his allies — and you could see them dancing and cheering all over the world. I mean, in your head you could see ’em cheering and dancing all over the world.

And at times last night it sounded to me like Obama was speaking as a victorious leader, if not a foreign invasion — you see, I know what’s going on here, so it was tough for me to watch this objectively. I know exactly why he’s doing this, and I’ve been saying it for six years. So I can’t say anything about it that you haven’t already heard, and I hate being redundant. I really do hate repeating myself, ’cause it shows a lack of creativity, but when it is what it is, what can you do? The man thinks this country needs to be taken down a peg or two.

He’s not alone. Many people in his party and many people in the leftist movement believe this country has been artificially and unfairly and unjustly a superpower. Too rich, too powerful, too whatever, and we need to be cut down to size. It’s his view that this superpower status and all this prosperity was achieved on the backs of… pick your favorite minority. And it’s time now to pay back. He’s never gonna admit that. He would never, ever, unless he slips up someday. But it’s there for everybody to conclude, if you just listen and if you just learn what liberalism is.

And, by the way, the reason I keep pounding this is because I think the solution to this is found in understanding this. You know, we have all these commentators on Fox, we have all the columnists everywhere, everybody’s throwing their opinion out there, and then that’s it. And people are frustrated by the lack of action. Okay, we know there are a lot of people, the majority of people disagree with it, yet it happened. As a caller said yesterday, why is the country so paralyzed in fear one guy? Well, there are obvious answers to that, too. But the fact is the paralysis is there. You can complain and moan at the commentators who may be right, may be wrong, but even the ones who are right, then what?

Okay, so you watch Fox, and you watch five or six commentators get it right, and then the next day nothing’s changed. So my focus here is always oriented toward having this understanding, this disagreement that we have with Obama on policy and have it mean something. Have it mean something towards affecting change. Anybody could sit here and tell you what’s wrong with the country. Anybody can sit here or anywhere else and tell you what they think. But how many are doing anything? Everybody thinks somebody else should be doing it. That’s not a criticism, by the way. I’m just observing.

So my point in trying to get to the motivation behind this is, I think if many more people than do understood the motivation, there would be far more than just disagreement with this. And the disagreement is all over the place. I mean, even some Democrat senators are not happy, some Latinos are not happy. Do you know the tech community is miserably unhappy today? They didn’t get when they thought they were gonna get.

These idiots, I cannot believe these idiots actually thought that what Obama was talking about all this time was increasing the H-1B visas. These idiots didn’t have the slightest idea what this is about, and now that they’ve got it, I’m reading my little tech blogs today, and you can’t believe how many of ’em are disappointed. After all the money they spent, after all the support they lent, and they get nothing, they get bupkis? They were never gonna get what they want. They were lied to. They were misled.

So welcome to the club. These are otherwise smart… (interruption) Yeah, they… No, I’m not kidding. They really thought that when Obama’s speech was concluded, they were gonna be able to keep a lot more Ivy League grads, a lot more high-tech engineers from MIT, from foreign countries, this kind of stuff. And Obama’s not touching that because that’s not what immigration reform is about to him.

It’s about providing a current and constant underclass, a permanent underclass for the Democrat Party. This thing last night was about many things, and one of them is one-party rule. This was about creating however many millions we’re talking about here new Democrat voters last night. Here you have all these different groups. The Chamber of Commerce is not happy. What did people think they were gonna get here?

I am sitting here, and I literally am stunned looking at and reading the reaction. Well, no, I’m not stunned. I’m really coming to the conclusion that we are surrounded by genuine ignorance in far many more places than you and I would like to admit, and I’m not talking about stupidity. Anyway, this is why I continually focus on the “why,” on the motivation, because I think that’s one of the best teaching methods.

I think giving people the reason why something has happened would wake them up. You have a lot of low-information people and half-engaged people who think this is fine ’cause it’s fair and because we’re being nice people, nice to the poor. “We got a great country! If they want to come to our country to get rich or to get safe, well, fine! Who can turn them down? How do you oppose that?”

But that’s not what this is. There isn’t any compassion to what Obama’s done. Obama’s not overflowing with compassion. Obama’s overflowing with anger. Obama’s filled with rage. He doesn’t like certain aspects of this country, and he’s taking advantage of the power he’s got to do whatever he can to change it. It’s almost a punishment. It’s not as though he has a different utopian vision of America.

I don’t think that Obama thinks America as a Third World country is an improvement. I don’t think that’s what he’s after. I think he thinks we need to become a Third World country because, in his mind, we’ve created Third World countries. We have kept people in Third World countries. We’ve stolen from people in Third World countries. So it’s about time we paid our dues.

I think this is part and parcel of what inspires him and motivates him. If you read Saul Alinsky, you can’t help but conclude this. If you listen to some of the community organizers that are out there talking today, that’s the only conclusion you can come to. Well, if you’re gonna open the floodgates to the Third World, what are you gonna get? It’s not that Obama thinks everybody being equally miserable is fair, because he’s never gonna be miserable.

He’s never gonna be subjected to any of this.

He is never going to be affected or impacted by any of this.

He’s always gonna have multiple layers of personal insulation from all of the policy initiatives that he implements. He’s not gonna be affected or impacted by any of it, and neither will many of his buddies. So, anyway, this is why, ladies and gentlemen, I look at all this and try to explain the motivation, because I think therein lies the key to enlightenment or opening up the minds of many who otherwise wouldn’t be enlightened.

There’s a risk in it, too, obviously. There’s a risk in that. If you are good — if you are a good communicator, and you clearly spell out what the motivation is — some people are just not gonna want to believe it and they’ll automatically reject it. So it carries risk with it. But nevertheless, it seems to me the best route. So it’s a long, roundabout way of asking for your understanding as I am repetitive time and again with some of these things.

But I really did.

There were times in this speech last night that I really thought I was listening to somebody speaking from the standpoint of conquering hero, somebody who has conquered this country, somebody who has conquered this country and is now defending and speaking up for people who don’t live here, as though they have achieved some kind of victory. I thought, “Imagine what would happen if just for a week, Obama worked as hard for Americans as he does for illegal aliens.”

Just imagine if he cared as much about the unemployed, taxpaying citizen of this nation who cannot get health care as he cares about those who are not citizens. I love the irony. I love this. Obama is claiming that our immigration system is “broken.” This from the guy who refused to enforce the immigration laws for six years. In fact, he even sued the state of Arizona for attempting to, essentially, create their own replica of federal immigration law for the purposes of protecting their own state borders.

Obama sued them, and then claims that our immigration system is broken! It isn’t broken. It’s just it is not a set of laws that are being enforced. There are a lot of people today, as I said, who are not happy. The tech guys are not happy. The Chamber of Commerce is not happy. There are some Democrats that are not happy. Of course, the left will say, “Well, it must have been a good speech if everybody’s unhappy.

“If he made everybody mad, there must be some really good things about this.” I throw that old-saw analogy away.

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