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RUSH: One of the five St. Louis Rams players who came out of the tunnel “hands up, don’t shoot” this past Sunday has spoken at a miniature press appearance in Earth City, Missouri, which is where the Rams’ training facility is. Tight end Jared Cook. And here is a portion of what he had to say. This is actually yesterday when he made the presser.

COOK: It was a perfect example of a peaceful protest. If anything should have been said about it by anybody, it should have been an example of a way to peacefully protest and peacefully get your point across without tearing up your neighborhood. Why would we come at the police in a disrespectful way when we work with the police in the communities all the time? Why would I disrespect a group of men that we have complete respect for in the community that help us every day?

RUSH: Okay, so he clearly believes that coming out with “hands up, don’t shoot” has nothing to do with the cops. He’s making the case here that, why would we insult the police? We weren’t insulting the police. We were peacefully protesting. We were peacefully getting our point across without tearing up the neighborhood. It had nothing to do with the police.

We’re told that feelings matter, and the police feel as though they were disrespected. The police feel offended. And feelings, we’re all supposed to deal with that, right? I guess not here. But you run out before your buddies in uniform, “hands up, don’t shoot.” “No, we’re not disrespecting the police. Why would anybody think that?” Let’s play a game here. Let us assume he really means this, ’cause I think he really does. I think Jared Cook really believes that this was in no way intended to disrespect or offend the cops. It was a peaceful protest.

What was he protesting with “hands up, don’t shoot”? So my point is, who is telling these people what happened? Because that didn’t. “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen. But I don’t know that these guys know what really happened. And there we have it, truth losing once again to power, you see.

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