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RUSH: TMZ has misquoted me. Imagine that. TMZ has listed me and a bunch of people as criticizing Charles Barkley yesterday. How in the world do you get there? How in the world does that happen? Grab audio sound bite number one. This is TMZ Hollywood Sports. The host, Evan Rosenblum, reporting about Barkley and his comments on the rioters in Ferguson.

ROSENBLUM: HeÂ’s saying that the real black people are not the looters, and the people out in Ferguson that were smashing windows. HeÂ’s basically saying theyÂ’re scumbags, theyÂ’re not real black people. It’s not just the Internet, though. It’s also guys like Rush Limbaugh, who have also been very critical of Charles Barkley.

RUSH: What in the world is this man talking about? Rush Limbaugh, critical of Charles Barkley? It was Barkley who appeared on the radio in Philadelphia the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Folks, a week went by after Barkley appeared on the radio and nobody even knew about it. The news did not escape Philadelphia. And, on Monday, my first day back after the Thanksgiving holiday, I saw the story, said, “Whoa, look at this, and I intro’ed it by saying, ‘Who is the one man in America who can say anything he wants about race with no blowback?'” And my staff said, “Hmm, who is it?” Thirty-second pop quiz. Charles Barkley.

I, criticizing Barkley? How do you even get there?

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