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RUSH: Steven in San Jose, California, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting, too. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Sure. Hey, Rush. The liberals always say, “If we’d be nice to the terrorists, if we’d understand them — understand their grievances, empathize with them, be nice to them — they’ll like us.” Wouldn’t that same technique — as you’ve been pointing out all morning — work with us? But no matter how nice we are to the liberals and try to appease their grievances, they’ll never like us.

RUSH: Well, that’s an interesting question. Let’s break this down, because explaining this is gonna be maybe splitting some hairs. But I’m gonna do my best, ’cause we were discussing earlier, the Republicans are probably as guilty of this as liberals are in one sense. The Republicans are afraid that if they criticize Obama, the American people are gonna hate them — that if they shut down the government, even after winning landslide elections, the American people are going to be hate them and call ’em out.

So they’re gonna be nice to Obama, and they’re gonna support amnesty so they can show all of these people that they don’t hate them, because the left is out there telling everybody that Republicans hate them. They’re telling women that Republicans hate them, and they’re telling Hispanics that Republicans hate them, and anybody else that cares to listen they will tell that Republicans hate them.

Republicans, rather than react with common sense and say, “How utterly ridiculous,” act on it and try to do things to prove the Democrats wrong. “No, we don’t hate you! Look at us, we’re for amnesty. No, we don’t hate you! This War on Women? No, no. Why, we even marry women. We’re not the ones that abort our baby girls.” It never seems to work. Never seems to work. But for the left, it does.

It works every time they try the ploy. They constantly keep the Republicans on the defensive with this, and they’ve convinced the Republicans that they are hated. They’ve also convinced the Republicans that any criticism of Obama is gonna send these precious independents (that are voting for Republicans in droves) running right back to the Democrats who are, what? Mean-spirited. Extremist. They’re some of the meanest, most caustic people in politics.

Yet the independents are gonna run to them with open arms.

It’s a trick.

It’s a lie.

Now, on the terrorist front, here come the liberals, and they really do believe that the terrorists hate us because it’s legitimate. They believe terrorists are bombing us because they’ve got a legitimate grievance. We have supported the enemies of terrorism — Israel, to be specific. They really believe, because they are good people, that if they convince the terrorists that they, too, dislike America, the terrorists will then leave us alone.

I am convinced that that’s what drives the left on this. I think one of the reasons Obama runs around apologizing for this country is to be on the same page with our enemies, because he thinks that’s gonna mollify ’em. He also has the added bonus of being able to rip the country, which also serves other purposes that he has. You might find a contradiction here because it is true. We have bent over backwards to show every minority — civil rights, feminism, unions — this.

The people that have been bitching my whole life about things still are. No matter what’s been done to mollify ’em, no matter what — and there have been legitimate efforts to make repairs. A lot of them. The grievance industry has succeeded in getting a whole bunch of legal and policy changes, and it doesn’t seem to matter. They’re still running around today acting like nothing’s changed since the day this country was founded. Now, that’s all political.

Never being happy, never being satisfied is the recipe for always getting more. Folks, this is human nature. Sadly, it works with way too many people. I think in this case where the left actually employs it, they find common ground in the fact that the people they’re trying to mollify basically agree. It’s just like the Iranians today. The Iranian foreign ministry issued a release or a statement ripping the United States for its inherent racism.

If you didn’t know it was the Iranian News Agency, you would have assumed it was Obama. You could have assumed that it was Dick Durbin or John Kerry or any of these other Democrats. You can’t tell the difference, except we were told the Iranians are the ones that said it. Back during the 2012 presidential campaign, I couldn’t tell the difference between what Ahmadinejad was saying about the Republicans in America and what Obama was saying about it!

Now, to some that’s a controversial observation.

It’s controversial ’cause it happens to be true, and it’s one of those things that you’re just not supposed to say. But when the Democrats employ it themselves and you think they’re going on the defensive, the commonality is that America is the problem. They really believe that if they forge a relationship with enemies of America on the same basis that the left forms relationships, they can mollify and show these enemies that we’re on the same page and, “There’s no reason to attack us, bud!

“I mean, there’s no reason. We got as many problems our own country as you do.”

Hell, folks, there was a ChiCom guy that came over here. He was appearing somewhere at the State Department. This was during the Obama presidency, the first term. I’ll paraphrase this and I forget the exact details, but it’s a human rights conference on the way people are mistreated around the world, and the US delegate stood up and actually said to the ChiCom guy, “Now, we understand we have no moral authority to preach to you because we have a horrible human rights history, too.”

Now, the ChiCom guy was not mollified. He was ticked off! He was insulted. Because they don’t think they violate human rights. But this State Department Obama guy stood up and tried to forge common ground with the ChiCom by telling him, “Hey, you know what? We do it, too, and we can’t really preach to you about it and so we’re not going to.” He thought the ChiCom guy would love him and embrace him and say, “Hey, we made a new friend!”

Instead, the ChiCom guy said, “What the hell are you talking about, bud? You’re telling us that you’re as bad as we are? Screw you! Your problems are not our problems. Who are you to say we violate human rights? Screw you, buddy.” So this State Department guy didn’t know what to do, ’cause he thought he had just forged a relationship. I understand the way the left does it and tries to get away with it.

I understand the common ground or the area of commonality, and that is America is the problem in the world, and they reach out to people who share that view and try to forge relationship, even our enemies. They think on the left that if they acknowledge that they have the same view of America that the enemy does to one degree or another, they can mollify the enemy, even though they see what it does to the Republicans.

They don’t see that they’re doing it to themselves, because they’re good people.


RUSH: My memory, sometimes even I marvel at it. It was 2010. It was Michael Posner, who was the assistant secretary of state in 2010, and he admitted to a ChiCom representative that we also were violating human rights with Arizona’s new immigration law. And he admitted that we had no right to preach to them, so he wasn’t preaching to the ChiComs about violating human rights. And to show that we’re all the same and we’re equally good, why, even the US violates human rights.

I’ll never forget it. That’s two years into the Regime. That’s the second year into the Regime, I’m doing everything at the time in my power to try to convince people who they’ve just elected, and that was just one of many examples that I remembered and tried to cite.

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